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  1. Strange statement to make there, can't really get my head around that. OK Estate Agents are not the UK's favourite profession, but the UK's worst scum? I think I would put rapists, paedophiles, murderers and the acid throwing yobs in the scum bracket, certainly wouldn't put anyone in the scum bracket because of their profession.
  2. Almost identical to my situation and views, I'm 48 and I shall be doing the same. No point in trying to play catch up in a rigged game that rewards the feckless.
  3. Every week, I get email updates from agents with a list of properties "suitable" for me. They always seem the same to me so today I checked back on the first one I received from them (October 2016) and out of the ten houses on there SEVEN have been on there for TEN MONTHS, and between them, not ONE PENNY reduction. Area is Fetcham & Leatherhead Surrey. Stubborn lot around here.
  4. Me too, really cracked me up that did!! :-)
  5. Good ones listed their Rocketman, making my Malbec taste better already
  6. I would never consider one of these combined rooms, it HAS to be a separate kitchen with a door and a good extraction system. Cooking smells get everywhere and I don't want furniture and clothes stinking of food three days after I have cooked it. Fenugreek can hang around 2 weeks after cooking, it needs locking up in its own room!!
  7. 'tis true I feel, I have been looking around my area in Surrey for the last 14 months and there are reductions in many cases and property is just hanging around. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/44127609?search_identifier=21b1c66adad9c215fc44da79a2ff1518#HBf6zCP6pSAplbxK.97 This one has just had a 23% reduction , more to come around here hopefully.
  8. This is where I stopped reading.
  9. Nope, you are just spot on with your posts Count, it is rife around here some of the crap that is on the market. (me, renting and waiting!)
  10. What's the drive covered with? Shag pile carpet?
  11. I live 2 miles from that property, I drive past them all the time, characterless and depressing in my opinion. Give me an Edwardian Villa over that any time, and at a 10th of the price.
  12. Like the OP, I also grew up in the area, just over the other side of the common on the Pollards Hill estate (which is not a nice place). I am astounded at how much they want for those new houses, in an area that had not a lot going for it, and is tagged on to one of the largest council estates in europe The St Helier Estate. Not that I am being a snob because growing up the St Helier was by far a better estate than Pollards, but, like all parts around South London outskirts now, it really has gone down the pan. Definitely one of the best bits of kite flying I have seen in a long while.
  13. It most certainly is, no lucky investments for me though, I would have more if I hadn't invested in certain things like the stock market and gold (I sold ALL of my physical gold in July 2005, around 500 ounces, what a complete plank!)
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