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  1. AI is allready fast eating into many unskilled grunt and shift jobs, but that not where the real job loses will occur. Many think its these jobs that are most at risj but its actually the skilled jobs that are far more at risk. like lawyers and accountants and teachers and even doctrs. Software processes will destroy far more kobs than mechanical processes. look at accountancy software, we are not too far off book keeping and somple accounts being fully automated, this work for small to mdium buisnesses will make up a huge chunk of accountants workload and newer accounts packages fully integrated with HMRC can now start to do eveything without the need of an accountants imput, cash books are disapearing helping this along. zoom with automated lecturers will change learning forever, All will be on line it makes sense, why trubdle off to a big central building to look at someone when you can do so from home. This will also affect massively on student lets. even doctors will do most of their work via zoom, specialist and emergency will be the only time you visit healthcare facilities, much of this ill even be automated. law is even being automated such things as conveyancing and wills etc has been been for years and more and more is going the same way. council work been automated all the time. a 1000s diffrent jobs dying with each new improved piece of software. So people allways start with the car wash or checkout analogy when considering automation but most of that stuff has been automated years ago. the biggest effects will be felt when the so called white collar jobs start to be automated after all most of it is repetitive standard form filling tasks ripe for automation software
  2. less industry specific article about it https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57302790
  3. https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/uk/news/breaking-news/new-whiplash-rules-and-tariffs-published--insurance-industry-reacts-247808.aspx
  4. the tories have learned, why sort out labours overspending and get the wrath of the population in doing so. so they might as well just leave the economy in as bad a state as labour usually do and then when labour get in it will be them that need to close all the stuff down and tell the nurses they cant get a pay rise. Iys a genius move, they are beaten labour at their own game.
  5. yup exactly as i was explaining. many people spend their lives accumulating and never reap the benifit of it, they might as well be poor. a lot of people are like this only obtaining that big house by sacrificing there life. they become mean to themselves and others, their children grow up with less life experience than the kids off the estate. they forego all the little things and joys for the big thing which they often never reap the benifit of in the end. a life not really worth living. if anyone here is like this please stop. take days off, take your kids to the beach, to the cinema, stop penny pinching your life away. find the balance because if you dont you are creating a life of penury of your own making and for what? to impress the inlaws or neighbours that will just resent you for it. and then be hated by your kids Dont wait till your dead to treat or help your kids or friends out do it while your alive.
  6. i agree, too many forego a lot of nice things about life, but many of those are them that got into the mortgage trap. i see it all the time, the people in the private houses often forego little treats to show the new car and private house when infact its the constand little treats that make life better. here comes the ice cream van, sorry kids i know its a hot day but heres a cheap choc ice from the freezer. why buy a take away pizza when we can make our own. we will go to the beach instead of the funfair. its this kind of thing. im not saying its not nice to go to the beach sometimes, but when there its nice to get a fish and chips. many many so called middle class basically either spend everything on the house or save to spend everything on the next house. i think the people in the council estates though appearing poorer actually have a beter life because they dont scrimp and save so much to achieve that home or new car on finance they enjoy things as life goes along much more. And not only that many in the council estates actually earn more than these aspirational middle classes stuck in a status loop of debt and waiting on the inheritance.
  7. its the fault of the banks and lies squarley at their door. The banks control the economic ups and downs and over the past 30 years with the rise and push for more profits the only way this has been achievable is by taking more and more from the population. this has been done by giving every increasing loans by playing with the affordability figures, the more they loan the more profits they make. This created vastly more profits at the detriment of society as a whole, and still this wasint enough, so the net schemes have been to keep the people that paid and were near paid down the loans that comtrolled them and kept the profits coming in by offering equity loans on the built up assets. And the people jumped at it, of course they jumped at it. the banks constant increasing of the loans on houses became more important than the peoples jobs. having a job is like standing in treacle you keep trying to get ahead but the faster paced house price inflation caused by the banks persuit of more profit by issuing greater loans for the same assets over time prevents you from getting on the ladder. This has destroyed the country, its made slaves out of the population who now just like some crazy logans run comedy sketch fight each other to be the next victim. The irony is that in the end you are actually far better off not playing the game at all, if you have fed into the massive loans for houses you are now owned by the bank, they control you, they make you go to work, they dictate when you can buy a pizza on a saturday. for those not in the game they can sleep easier and retire sooner. And who really benifits in the end, well desperate kids that want to be the new victims on the banks hampster wheel. Dont fall for it people that mortgaged house and shiny pcp car outside your neighbours door is not a sign of wealth or success its a sign of slavery. your far better finding a way to live cheaply and saving for a cheap house abroad or a campervan to live in. dont let them control you. And how will it end, well housing has become the economy, thats why the government and everyone has been doing everything to prevent the collapse, they have sacrificed savers and economic growth, they have giving tax payers money to hold the whole sorry mess up. And to keep it going, to save the country from complete economic collapse they will continue to destroy any wealth you might build. But the amount of money has been sucking so much gdp out of the economy into loans fr housing that its now affecting vast parts of the rest of the economy, discretionary spend has collapsed, there is less and less to spend as housing hoovers up more and more of income. So the end is when there is not enough left in the economy to withstand the debt mountain created by housing loans no matter what new schemes are invented. And when it happens and it will there are 3 things you dont want to be holding. 1. uk stocks and shares based on uk assets. 2. property of any description. 3. sterling. so the moral of my little story is, dont be a mug, dont play the game, and dont feel any sympathy for the losers when they all start crying about how they are ruined cause they never had any for you.
  8. PCP is often people that cant afford to pay for a old car, in nearly all cases i know the people that got new cars on pcp were those that couldnt muster up the 3 or 5k needed for a decent secondhand runner after there 1k car gave up. lots are young mothers that faced with a 700 quid repair bill have no money and then find out for £199 down then can have a new status symbol to go with the contract iphone, converse trainers and £40 skye contract they absolutely insist they cannot live without. i lost 2 friends trying to talk them out of taking on these contracts, in a fb post i had them all ganging up on me when i said i thought it was a bad idea. angry and very annoyed that someone would say such a thing to a poor struggling young mum. now i just let them get on with it, give them the thumbs up. ps: they actually think im poor cause i drive an old car and have an old phone and stuff like that, because i do not join in the status thing. when the truth is i could by and sell dozens of them all together. nothing to see here carry on say nothing.
  9. this is all too much administration, too much spying, wayy to much technology needed, just a nightmare. solution. ficed road tax per vehicle per year, based on average loss of taxes from fuel duty. you want to have a car you pay the 2k per year road tax and drive where and when you want. anything else is over complicated unfair nonsense,
  10. the answer is not more keeping the people down with rent. council or otherwise. the answer is to give more people the oportunity to break away from being rent slaves. This can only be achieved by selling cheap land to those that dont allready have a bought or mortgaged property. and then allowing diffrent types of property to be placed on this land from traditional homes to static caravans and factory built homes basically whatever the person can afford at the time and then improve as they progress in life. this is the answer not more people sucking rent outta them. those that work will then progress while those that dont wont, at the moment the workers and the non workers appear to live in the same homes that aint right.
  11. in my town, the council houses are 100 quid a month cheaper than the HA homes. same houses.
  12. after a year experincing life without work, the thought that going back to the daily grind is filling me with dred and depression. Life without working with a wage being still paid is pretty good albiet restrictions on travel and general intrests but still its been an insight into how life is for those that dont need to pay the bills and drag themselves out the door to do stuff they rather not do. I think there is going to be a massive amount of reluctance to go back to life before covid, many just accepting early retirement or that a change in lifestyle is the way forward. covid has allowed many to jump off the hamster wheel and they are very reluctant to get back on it again. we got problems ahead
  13. after reading all the comments i have come to this conclution. 1. wibble is full of hate and rage at men 2. wibble wants all men to suffer because some woman do by a tiny minority of men 3. wibble needs to learn more about equality and less about misandry 4. wibble is one of the problems with society and must immediatly stop thinking this man hate. it will destroy. i read nothing but acceptance by men and compassion here about the plight of woman but this was not enough for wibble she wants revenge, she wants blood. im glad to say woman are as tired of feminists as men are.
  14. this goes on everywhere. basically if its not called haddock or cod its not haddock or cod. any chippy selling haddock or cod will highlight and point out they are. any selling basa or some such thing will just call it fish and chips. in reality there is nothing actually wrong with the alternatives in most cases its just you expect it to be haddock or cod. The problem is actually the cunsomers fault not the shops. simply because people want everything for nothing these days. they have got the home bargains and iceland mentality. thats why they still sell 2p a piece chicken nuggets and sausages with 15% floor sweeping meat. The shops sell it right along side the better quality stuff but so many just dont care they only see the price. And its not just in fish and chip shops this is happening. next time you buy an ice cream cone check its dairy or non dairy, if ts dairy the vendor will proudly display this. you wont see this advertised in mcdonalds how you think they can sell ice cream so cheap? by using non dairy is why. when ost good ice cream vans will use dairy. same goes for the flakes, often cheap imitations to cadbury is used. and why do they do this. once again people want just the cheapest product, they dont want to pay the higher costs, they think your ripping them off. Then the same happens with all kind of products, like the cafes that buy in cakes and pretend they make them themselves, the steak pies that are full of just gravy. The truth is you want to eat good food you need to pay for it, some guy with a sign that reads 2 fish and chips and tea only £10 down the seafront aint giving you cod, mcdonalds selling mcflurries for 1.19 or grabbing a litre of soft sciip out of icelands freezer for 1.29 is not gonna be hagen daz is it. its just common sense. so the rule is you want good food you need to pay more, you need to be alert to cheap food being fobbed off as the same good quality. its all another case of too good to be true.......
  15. for a main house builder like persimmon etc yes. but for joe bloggs and a bit of hard work and common sense this can be stretched out to double. the problem is land, not just the cost of land but the hard cash needed to put down to buy it without a mortgage. if everyone is struggling to find 5% deposits then they are sure going to struggle to buy the land which will be a much bigger chunk of the build. thise that owned land not houses were the very biggest gainers of the last 30 years, chop an acre off the field every 10 years to build 5 houses on your 1000 acre farm and you can live in luxury. and that is what has been happening all over the country, farmers and landowners getting rich
  16. Completly agree with your points and why this is happening, but it is happening. The reasons are as you mention, cause and affect in action. im just very suprised it didint happen sooner, but the gloves are off now. Its not just rents either its all the other bills involved in having a roof over your head. Its hidden inflation to blame, everything thats important to good health and wellbeing has risen while discretionary items keep falling in price masking the real issue. This is the diffrent many fail to understand its the important life stuff you cant really avoid thus it has hit the people that paid their bills with little left over the hardest while the frivilous and discretionary spenders can carry on with abandon. But there comes the point where there is nothing left to take, all that can be took has been taken so we reacj the point where either desperation or anger at having nothing for your labours looks for new solutions. first it was flats instead of houses, then rooms instead of flats, then sheds for beds and hmos and hot bedding. now the choices are a campervan or narrowboat or as the massive hidden group of people living in their small buisness workshops and sheds etc This is where we are at now and as others see that the people doing this are living ok, they are saving a lot of money etc more and more are biting the bullet and joining in.
  17. campervans are selling, you can hardly buy a van just now. lot of young and older with no kids have moved into campervans. your going to here a lot soon about the millions of people living in vans quite happily paying nothing. it has now become a trendy and socially acceptable thing to do, it started with home holidays and many people realised that they can manage full time in these with a visit to the parents every couple weeks to wash the clothes etc. They are even pitching up in their parents driveways. we are going to hear lots and lots about this in the next few years as people like many on here have just decided to abandon the idea of high rents and un-obtainable mortgages for a mobile home of their own. if i wasint in a nice cheap council house i would join them.
  18. these places they are building are the worst properties possible, they are also vastly over priced. the ones they built in my village are the most expensive houses in the village, made mostly of wood where after 2 years could do with a stain before they start to rot. i cannot think of anything so stupid and expensive to buy than these. there is nothing affordable or good about them.
  19. its a number of factors. one of the main ones is the pension liability, the massive pay offs and the pfi legacy most f these were enhanced and increased under gordon browns watch. coulcil tax is now far to high a tax burden on the lowest paid, those that fall between inversal credits and the average wage and more specifically single households which is half the working population. for them council tax takes there tax burden above a high earner which is a terrible thing to do. The answer is a strapped on local sales tax, thus the more you spend the more you pay. ironically there was poll tax riots when the reality is the council tax is for all thise cant pay wont pay working classes a far worse tax
  20. ive said all along. i will say again and more and more are starting to realise. the way out of this covid nightmare is to get covid. nothing is as benificial or as good as actually catching this virus. this information is being supresssed or at least not highlighted or being put across in a twisted way to mask the facr. heres the stats. hardly a handfull of people have had covid twice since this pandemic started. lots try to claim they have but amazingly only a handfull of verifyable cases. catching covid just like catching the spanish flu protects you for life. im not saying run out and get it but for the 25% of the country that have had it and survived it. its not going to be covid on their death certificate. This has been proven in the SIREN report by public health england, also many medical journals around the world. the information is out there if you look but somehow its not being shouted from the rooftops.
  21. its like a episode of place in the sun in here, all telling of your 500k properties while average joe dont earn that after tax in 20 years work and saved every penny by living on turnips in a ditch. and then i realised there all up to their eyes in debt. leveraged to the hilt like a teenage bitcoin trader. or their parents ashes are still warm on the mantlepiece. carry on im heading back to my northern sink estate but least i can buy pizza on a friday
  22. i jave stated my case. i dont want to pay anythng for you to enjoy bbc programs. you wouldnt be to happy if i send you the bill for my takeaway pizza once a month would you yet you are doing exactly the same with the bbc licence making me pay for your enjoyment.
  23. na not having that, its not the nhs and it aint the army. its eastenders and gary liniker. if they want to have a public sector broadcaster then all it should be is a news channel and a education channel not anything else. and that should be paid out of general taxation. all the rest you want it you pay it, if zoe ball or gary liniker is your thing you pay dont make me if i dont want to.
  24. the whole point is that those tha dont wish to pay it shouldnt be harrased or made to pay for it. all those that love it can pay for it ive no problem with that. i hate how people that want it fully expect those that dont to pay for it.
  25. Anyone that thinks the bbc is right wing is plain and simple an idiot. A halfwit, A numpty, A buffon, A person of low awareness of the world around him.
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