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  1. jimmy2x3

    Ireland Redux

    ireland has never recovered fully from the crash yet. not even close. most of the country is still less than half the bubble price. i have family all over ireland and none are close to getting back to where it was. just as an example an uncle moved to avan, bought a house for 110k in a small town (bailliborough) 9 years ago it was valued at 27k 3 years later today hes selling it for 38k. this is not uncommon. dublin may have recovered but most of the rest of the country has not. they overbuilt there and there is property everywhere empty and abandoned.
  2. jimmy2x3

    I think the wait is over

    interest rates will need to rise if usa keeps its slow push upwords, less money can be loaned and more chance of people avoiding the hassle of btl and just sticking the money in the high interest accounts again. so i still think nthing major happens untill the rates rise, however it will be a monumental crash, one of epic poportions. in the 80s as long as you kept your job and knuckled down a bit you still made the 10% plus interest rates, now with the bubble prices even a couple of quarter percents will have the over borrowed squealing.
  3. will that have been the same brexit that destroyed jaimie olivers buisness as well, you know the one that hasint happened yet. brexit the go to blame game for all buisness f(uk ups
  4. surely there is one council out there that is willing to take a chance, removing patking charges, leasing its industrial and commercial units at guy on the street start up prices not the stupid prices that stifles anyone but the big boys. dropping rates right down. opening up a market in the centre. i bet they would do really well, the increase in buisness and jobs would bring money in from other ways. instead they just want to squeeze the populance as far as they can and then a little bit more and when it all crashes around them blame the central government or a recession.
  5. if you say so, but i find much better value in a car that i own for a year of pcp payments than one that i hand back in 4. the old chestnt," nothing is for free" comes to mind.
  6. people wouldnt rent cars if they could afford to pay 2-3k for a second hand one. its the very poor that are first in line for a new car as its just a monthly contract, in my street its all those on the crappiest wages that have the new cars. compounding their poverty and no diffrent from mobile phone contracts instead of sim only ones, provident cheques and 69% interest rate credit cards you cant get out of cause you missed a few payments and no-one will let you transfer to a cheaper one. people who rent stuff are just poor and kept poor in a loop of poverty.
  7. they aint showing the real undateables though, just ugly and oddballs and quirky people. real undateables are too fat to leave the house, to dirty and unwashed , as thick as pig sh!t , as social as a turd on the breakfast table. real undateables wouldnt get within a mile of a tv show, many sit all day for years on dating sites with the same 10 year old scanned polaroid photo and answer every bit of chat with a one word retort. "ok, yeah, lol, what, how, ehhh, no" without any kind of real interaction beccause their personalities are that of an ape.
  8. jimmy2x3

    Israel vs Iran edging towards war

    oil use is starting to drop around the world, this drop off will continue. cars that did 20mpg in the 90s now do 3 times that and the same goes for planes, trains and other automobiles. it has been the growth in asia that has kept the use up. but all this is about to change. within 20 years most private cars on europes and americans roads will be electric, even trucks are being made electric and planes and trains. this will cause massive shifts around the world with electricity producers taking the power and wealth from many oil producers. all this is starting even now to cause a over capacity in production only being held back by sanctions and war in some oil producing countries. if these problems were solved oil would drop so low that most expensive extraction countries would crash and burn ie uk and italy and canada. mexicio but then creep to other onshore and easily processed countries.
  9. jimmy2x3

    Israel vs Iran edging towards war

    america is a exporter of oil. why is it allways bad america wanted to steal it?
  10. jimmy2x3

    School debt.

    local athorities are suffering from labours largess. corbynestic economics in a recession solution. tell em they gotta work till 65/67 like everyone else, force out the lazy like anyone else, stop all those on full pay stress leave, cut wages into line with the rest of the country, get rid of high cost double admin, get rid of high cost private companies. of course what the councils want instead is to raise allready over burdened council tax which effects the people they claim to want to help more than others, and a free hand to charge everyone for everything they allready pay for ie car parking, toilets and anything else they can think of. the councils want to no matter what keep their uneconomical system and expect the public to pay for it and use the threat of closing librarys while still giving everyone up to the big wigs lots and lots of money.
  11. jimmy2x3

    School debt.

    when some head teachers are paid more than the prime minister when even the deputy heads earn more than mps when they stopped janitors doing jobs and dont have inhouse handyman to do things like change lightbulbs and touch up paintwork and instead hire in large outside contractors for everything at large outside contractor rates. when they farm out the cooking and cleaning to private companies. when they have pay and conditions for staff in the top 10% pay bracket and the best pensions in the country (yet still are first to complain) when they close perfectly good older school and pfi new schools costing millions yup some schools run into debt.
  12. jimmy2x3

    Official tenant fee ban 1jun 19

    this will make a huge diffrence in the value of having btl for the passive landlord especially. lots buy these btls as an investment and do a hands off approach, the estate agent makes a chunk of its fee from its crooked fees to the tenent. They fees now need to be placed on the landlord To landlords that manage their own properties this wont alter to much. but to those that have full agent service including repair and maintenace this extra cost will be disasterous. The fact that these type of landlords are generally older or foriegn or large investors will hit home quite bad, why cling on with prices dropping or stagnating at best for very little return now. best to sell up. this will flood the market in coming months. half these landlords probably last visited the property when they bought them, they are nothing more than stocks and shares and a diversification in their portfolio. when the price drops or the value is not there they run and run first, infact they often get out ok because they beat the rush for the door because they have no emotion tied up in the investment.
  13. i reckon they have been selling for the last 8 years when he first nearly went bankrupt. drip feeding the market for years. how much they will be left with ive no idea but they have certainly had a long time to make contigincy plans and securely syphon cash out the buisness legally. so anyone thinking they will end up with nothing is wrong, however its not going to be anything like fergus made everyone assume it would be.
  14. jimmy2x3

    North West Highlands

    Oh and skye is a horrible olace to live. 1. It attracts a certain type of annoying incomer with the dreams of looking at the mountains. Think ex teachers and self rightious posh hippies from down south that think they are coming to a place where no-one should work to destroy there image. Think anti windmill campaigners, anti house builders, ex community councillors. 2. The locals of which there aint many left are clinging onto their heritage but anyone with any get up and go just got up and left allready. So you end up with a load of lazy crofters living off the house plots they sold to the incomers in the boom years who have now spent their money and are skint. 3 lots of old retirees, see number 1.
  15. jimmy2x3

    North West Highlands

    I live in the area you mention. Prices in this area are one of the most expensive in scotland outside of edinburgh. The cheapest building plot available just now is 50k. Some as high as 100k. Houses around the 250k mark are everywhere. Argyle is a bit cheaper than lochaber and skye and kyle area a bit cheaper as well. Oban is quite cheap or in otherwords fort william and area prices are a lot higher than oban. Skye has dropped quite a bit and slowley over the past 6-7 years. But it needed to it got plain silly there, but once they dpend a year or two up there they are begging to sell and anothet dreamer comes along to buy from them. Further up the west gets a bit cheaper along into caithness and sutherland and over by the black isle. Some of the cheapest property in the highlands can be found on isle of lewis and the uists. Though nice areas they are bleak and remote and dont have the same lanscape benefits like lochaber does. Ardnamurchan is cheaper but thats because its quite a remote place you can be 60 miles away from nothing more than a couple of villages. Sounds fun right? But after a while the poor weather, poor services, distances to anywhere becomes a drag much like in skye.

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