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  1. yes everywhere will be the netherlands but on steroids. one of the biggest problems was hilly towns and cities which many are, i mean you cant expect a 78 year old to ctcle up a 12 degree 2 mile incline (well some would manage just fine) but an electric bike removes that problem completely. One of the problems with electric cars in cities is having parking spaces with plug in points, this will be removed with an electric bike. councils have also got more and more aggresive and money grabbing on car owners this will encourage people to dump the car and get an electric bike also. it will reach a tipping point and i can see a road tax being put on a bike in the end.
  2. you an others dont get it im sorry to say. because you fail to understand that the obstacles that we have now to mass use are going to be removed. did you not read te article? government are going to change an adapt cities for bikes, the bike and walking will be the priority not cars. another couple of posters mentioned carrying shopping, these electric bikes allready have small trailers that can carry the weight of an adult or whatever your shopping or tools etc is. as i stated people will object they allways do to change or new things. the newest ebikes have 3kw batteries and can travel 400 km on a single charge. and at up to 30mph. people are just not getting it. but you will because its going to happen no matter your objections which im pretty confused to understand. of course there will be other modes of transport and this wont change, however their use will vastly drop. they use is allready happening in coutries where motorcyle use was vast like thailand and india million of petrol bikes and tuck tucks all being removed and the electric equivelent replacing them. electric motorbikes are making a strong appearance in the uk and other eu countries. but the ultimate change allways comes through legislation. and that legislation is starting to happen all over the world.
  3. Electric bikes and trikes are set to revolutionise the whole world. covid19 has been the catalyst for this revolution and its happening so fast and worldwide that its going to in the very near time completely change how the world operates. At some point cars and trucks will be banned from large areas of cities and towns unless at certain hours for work reasons ie supplying stock to shops or delivering construction materials. the rest of the time the bike will be king. cities all over the world and it ill happen in less than 5 years. the car peak has arrived and gone, ebikes will destroy the motor trade, the public transport trade, and all the vst economy that goes with it. the change will be so severe that it will crash the economies all over the world like nothing has ever before. Electric bikes aare now being made that can go much further on a charge than a car even your standard electric bike is capable of 100 miles on a single charge and avaiable to buy today at less than £1000. I dont think most people jnow how much this is going to change the world, it will be as big a change as the age of the motor car. short distance travel will change forever, and short meaning under 50 miles. the losers will be wide and vast. from taxis to the london underground to buses to car manufacturers/retailers/repairers/fuel stations/tyre compaanis/parts manufacturers the list goes on and on. personal cars and mostly vans still have a place in the world but it will be a vastly reduced space. but the loss in revenue and jobs is going to be a bigger shock to the world economy than covid19 has been. maany world economies will collapse, wars started and all because of the electric bike. and in a very short space of time perhaps 5 years at the most. https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/14/21258412/city-bike-lanes-open-streets-ebike-sales-bicyclist-pedestrian
  4. i love the long drives as well. the best i did was from isle of skye to perranporth in devon in one shot. it was through the night and it was in a van, the old style citroen dispatch and better yet had my wife and son in the 2 front passenger seats. they pretty much slept the whole way and never complained so just kept going and going the van was running on fumes i was panicking the last few miles looking for diesel but saw nowhere open at that time of morning. done fort william to london many times up and down the country i love it.
  5. i believe the hire car buisness works like this. at least for the smaller buisnesses. you buy car at discont, yom then squeeze as much as you can out of customers often by crooked and underhand means. ie low hire price but when you turn up they find some obscure excuse to insist you must take out their extra damage waiver insurance. then once your off with the car you then have to deal with a gaunlet of potential swindles when you bring it back. like an extra charge you find on your cc bill for filling up when you filled up next door to the place when you bring it in, or the repair to a scuffed wheel you can never recall scuffing, or a crumb that appeared outta nowhere costing you an extra 60 quid valet fee. and this is how that buisness works its dirty and its underhand and they are all at it because its here that the staff make their bonuses and the hire company makes its bills. once held for 6 months to a year thhe car is sold on its never kept any longer, and the payment they recieve for it covers what they paid for it with the heavy discount. so essentially the car cost them nothing and a manufacturer offloaded a big chunk of cars lying outside its lot without destroying its brand new vehicle price. the car companies need to sign a contract that they will use them before selling them on, they get em cheaper than the dealers get them. once used its now a secondhand car not a bew one so it dont matter what it sells for no. so really what a hire car company is in general is a a way of putting new cars into the market cheaply. this is why there is 400.000 cars sitting outside renault factory just now the hire car market has collapsed with covid.
  6. yes which is why this recession is coming so fast and quick and why the government is holding everything up it can. people have no savings, they spend on what bills they can afford each month not what they can save to buy. half the country is maxxed out and on the edge. when furlough stops half of them are going directly to the dole queue.
  7. absolutely. i know many people in the trade. what you can get though is a end of period knockdown. if you go to your dealer just tell em your not interseted but if you want to offload a car at cost at the end of a sale period to get in touch. See your dealers they get bonuses and diffrent prices from the manufacturers depending on sales. lets say your a ford dealer you will get a price depending on how many you sell in a month, if you sell 98 but need to sell 100 to get that deal then a dealer often will buy the last 2 cars temselves yet punt it out as a demonstrator or use it to give to customers while their car is in for repair. they might as well take these cars because in essense they are free because if they dont reach that sales level they gotta then pay a lot more for every car. So tell yer dealer to give you a call if he really needs to get another sold to retain his franchise deal, you will find he will and you will if your smart get it at cost. anyway thats not what i was gonna post about. not only are new cars overpriced due to credit, but the secondary market is just as overpriced. there is a large market for these cars at the 3 or 4 year mark this is where the adverse credit supermarkets dump them out to the less credit worthy. this is actually what holds up the second hand market and even keeps the price lower in the new car credit market. if this part fails then their will be the biggest shock in prices. this market holds the prices up. After this market car prices drop like a stone, and many of them are actually very good cars. 6 year cars are probably the best pound value cars there are many are low millage due to credit firms insisted on restricted per year milage so many have less than 50k miles and due to clauses ect most have been serviced at dealerships with original parts since new. this is the sweet spot for buying cars its also the point where mainly cash buys come into play and trust me most people cant afford to buy a 6 year old car but can afford to buy a new one, seen this a million times. they have £199 to put down and £199 a month, but they dont have £3k to buy one outright. As for the future i believe we are going to start seeing all ice factories closing down. Also the day of the garage and repair shop is going to be closing down as well, the future is plug and play parts that you could fit yourself due to hardly any parts in electric cars compared to ICE cars and for the rest you will have fast fit centres for tyres and shocks and brake disks etc. but you mechanic is finished and so is your franchised dealer its all moving online.
  8. i believe we need a scheme where houses are assesed if they can only be used as low rent properties and not the speculators airbnb project. we need to have diffrent categories of housing just like i cant sleep in my indusrial unit i shouldnt be able to airbnb oe high rent my ex council house.
  9. i believe we will see a massive hippy type ecology, population control, freedom, work is not the answer type movement. people are not going to accept the old ways. as long as it dont turn into some communist, liberal, left wing scary forced mindthink thing then im all for it. dead kennedys : holiday in cambodia
  10. as bleak as things seem i think we can actually take hope in the amount of people that require no treatment. i believe the figure giving of 10k was to stop panic and its 10x now maybe 20x that now. and thus the death rate is quite low when compared to the infection rate. the vestly more dangerous issue is what its doing to the economy, every single buisness in the country is been impacted with falling trade and the bills are just the same or even more. The next thing to happeb is a overwhelming amount of redundances and universal credit claims that will swamp the system. we are talking buisness people and self employed etc people in the main that have never been near a dole office in their life. it is starting to snowball very fast. On top of this problem we have a crisis in the government paid sector. all departments are starting to lose staff as staff become afraid to come in especially in frontline roles like teachers and burses and doctors and service assistance, estimates are 20% of government workers wont turn up for work on monday. the next crisis is in the financial sector this will have massive implications for years to come, many large companies are collapsing not just slower trade but collapsing. the biggest failures to begin with is anyone concerned in travel and tourisim some 1/6 th of our economy and 20% of our jobs. these companies are starting to lay staff off in the 1000s from british airways to edinburgh airport that put out a RNS saying that the dont expect any passengers for 3 months. thats not a slowdown thats a complete wipeout. my advice is get yourself 3 months of shopping, pay 3 months of bills upfront if you can and lock yourself in the house
  11. Beleaguered shopping centre owner Intu made a loss of £2bn in the year to 31 December 2019. The owner of Manchester's Trafford Centre and Lakeside at Thurrock, Essex blamed the loss mainly on a 23% fall in property values over the year. Earlier this year the company approached its shareholders to ask for more money amid a downturn in the retail sector, before abandoning the emergency fund raising because "extreme market conditions" deterred investors from giving fresh cash. In Thursday's results statement it said: "Our results are evidence of the challenges in our market, in particular structural changes ongoing in the retail sector, with some weaker retailers struggling to remain relevant in a multi-channel environment. This has led to a higher level of administrations and CVAs and has been exacerbated by the continued weak consumer confidence from the political and economic uncertainty in the UK," it said. As a result, the company's revenue fell by 9.1% in 2019, with more than half the change coming from Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) and administration processes.
  12. things are starting to get very grim, lots of buisnesses are going to go to the wall. couldnt have happened at a worse time for those that depend on the tourist trade, which will be non-existent this year. Last year was bad enough with very poor weather, this year will break lots. one of the major issues is that most tourist buisnesses have just gone through the usual 4 month close down where no or little money is brought in, and the season just starting to kick off, the chance to fill the bank accounts again to pay the bills and put a bit aside for the next winter shutdown. on the plus side ive enough ice cream to make 30.000 whippy ice creams so i aint gonna starve.
  13. same people would be telling you how clever they are. dafties in the extree. min 10 companies in diffrent areas is the golden rule. hes a victim of his own stupidity.
  14. correct. look at gas, used to be hailed as the cleaner wonder fuel for electricity. well windpower is now cheaper per kw than gas is. it just takes a long time to turn around a tanker. next year the uks last coal mine is closing. the move is full on removal of carbon producing fuels from the system. so if you want a slice of the new revolution because you never got a chance to invest in the tech industries and you were too young for the railroads. then the next step the future is the low carbon economy. get in while you can.
  15. 72% of deaths are males. italy death figures are 4.5% not the 1% thats been banded about. so a male has a 6% chance. see how the odds of death are stacking up. as most deaths will be over 50 now we are starting to get over 10% of over 50s males will did from this virus. dont be so quick to fill yourself with glee at the prospects of your hate target dying.
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