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  1. when i was a kid, i opened a savigs account at the small town local building society. i recieved a book that marked my inputs and outputs of that account. it was 1984 and i remember clearly that i recieved about 1% over the annouced inflation rate of the time. by about 1987 this changed i started to notice that my interest rate was lower than what the inflation rate was being announced on the bbc. from that point on it has never got back to a point where being a saver actually meant you gaied something. from that point on savers subsidised debters ie mortgage holders. from that point on whatever government was in charge decided that they would steal the money from savers and give it to debters by way of low interest rates on your savigs. Now we are at the point where you are paying 3% for your house debt but inflation rising at 9% hence making that debt less every month. while savers have to watch their money get less and less. governments have stopped talking about this, infact they avoid the subject when brought up. the truth is the economy is completly build on debt and savers are the enemy of the economy. the only hope is to get rid of every penny you have and join the game. most of us are here because we didint join that game and suffered the consiquences.
  2. people are writing off taiwan like it couldnt defend itself? taiwan has the latest and best air/sea/invasion defenses on earth. if china wishes to take its chances half a million chinese will be drinking the salt water before a single boot hits the sand. the only way china takes taiwan is to nuke it and then its not worth anything to anyone
  3. but airbnb is a buisness, it takes a significant amount of time an effort. infact for most the effort wouldnt give them minimum wage, they would often be far better spending all that time on a minimum pay job. Renting out a property also creates a lot of time and effort. i very much doubt many can get £5000 per year from each £100k OF THE value of their property. infact i know this definetly not to be the case. 5% for all that hassle? and you cant even achieve that? i get more than that in my ISA and i dont need to do anything. if you own the property outright without a mortgage then there is a far better return selling and just sticking it into a fund or feeding it into a isa accout this might take you a few hours work a year. if you have it on a mortgage even at these low interest rates its doubtfull that your rent will even cover your costs, ie insurance, repairs, interest payments, thats not even considering voids, damage, defaults ect. So this is why the mass scramble to airbnb, its the last throw of the dice for the indebted buy to let. its basically buying a job with great risk. And everything depends on prices rising, profits, effort, your pension, the whole reason to do it in the first place, because retal income of any kind dont cut it. Thats why airbnb and most landlrds are just people with poor buisness sense. They are mostly people that have/had good credit ratings that the bank said yeah sure we can loan you 200k, because they never had the real brains to start and run a proper buisness. So its simple the people on the hampster wheel need to earn more and more from their buisness to pay the higher and higher costs ie higher interest rates and repairs ect. when if they really had any brains or money they would get more return from some ftse dividend stocks. airbnb is a nightmare for most. And when iterest rates rise? its going to be a nightmare for everyone holding that asset class compounded and leveraged and stretched. in the end we all hold and buy things at the wrong time, btl are about to find that out
  4. its a house price rise, upon a house price rise on top of a house price rise for 25 years. reminds of a paramid, less and less people in each layer up with prices higher and higher.
  5. wind and solar are fatastic. eco energy that is under no-ones majority control, unlike coal or nuclear. in the future vast amunts of properties will have solar and wind wherever they can taking the consumer away from the clutches of companies. The bit people dont understand is that the journey has only just begun, you cannot stop it and you cannot talk about it as if there has been a failure to reach the end game. we are in transition changing the whole way we use and store and make energy. Consider why scotland though often 100% wind supplied are going to increase their wind capacity massively. when even now scotland often produces far in excess of need and spends allready about 200 days a year completely on renewables energy production. This is to balance out the network, to have the least amount produced as the maximum amount needed. this extra capacity will be turned into energy storage for sale across the world in the form of hydrogen most likely to run ships and planes etc. scotland will become a new energy powerhouse from wind power and is allready supplying over 10% of englands electricity needs needs. So this is the plan and its being enacted everyday. A friend of mine spent 7k fitting solar on his roof and garage now from march to october he produces mre power than he can use, infact hes getting an electric car to use this excess. within 4 years he will have saved enough to pay for it and it will all be free going forward. this is how the future will look. The problem is how to supply enough during the winter, luckly these are the months with greater wind which helps. this is where hydrogen will come in, hydrogen aquired from excess wind and stored. if anyone doubts what i say, im sure many will then just take a look n the site gridwatch. this will show you and likely suprise you at how much we allready get from wind, some days its over 40% allready in the uk just now as i type its over 55% of the uks electricity produced by wind. hardly the useless waste of time that many think is it.
  6. Shareholders of banks been losing money for many years, they have been terrible investments. And now finally after over 10 years of no dividends and falling share prices and values the people that invested in the banks get a chance of a little respite from losing their shirt then the knifes come out against them. Every shareholder wishes they never invested in them so the left wing nonsese of big fat cats nicking all oor money holds zero water its complete nonsense, infact they have lost a lot of money. most pension funds have been hit by bank shares crashing and dividends stopped as well, even unison and other unions who publish the anti bank nonsense to its members then quietly invest there own pensions in the companies they claim to hate. god help us someoe finally makes a return for their investment, though for most it will take many years to even get their money back. And then there is the small point of the jobs they create and wealth for the uk. quite frankly this coutry would be completely on its ares without the finiancial services sector and the money it brings. so if yu want your granny to freeze carry on hating uk success
  7. thank you mr putin, you have just showing the west that we need to arm ukraine to the teeth, that we need to spend much more on weaponry, arms and cyber threats. that we have been foolish and lax while you plotted and started forcing your neighbours back under your control. Thank you we have learned.
  8. we are really off to the races with inflation. https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/breaking-uk-petrol-prices-hit-26223063
  9. anything bought in aberdeen in 2019 has falling, not a shed or a mansion has risen in the worst 3 years of property drops ever seen in aberdeen. wishfull thinking on your friends part and plucked out the air figures are not hard cash in the bank. i suggest your friend puts his house on the market for the price he mentions and see what happens.
  10. its not really the bankers though, banks are still worth only a fraction of what they were in 2008. shareholders are still underwater and many will never see their investments back. This is the work of the government who have spent beyond their means and are now paying it back by fleecing the savers by diluting their money.
  11. most peoples jobs are valuable, especially the ones that pay the people that you mention.
  12. i guess people didint get the jist of my post. i was being ironic, i like yourselfs feel royally fcuked over by interest rates on savings lower than inflation creating the situation where we are paying for peoples debt, where we not only pay for their debt many then after paying off their debt have to rent that property from them. i cant understand why have the country aint rioting about this situation. As for a house, i believe its the biggest control mechanisim of the government, its used to turn the country into dilligent obidient slaves, so we savers actually pay there debt while they have to run around stressed to cover the rest. housing is also used as a means of extracting other wealth you might have after the banks and government take their bit the second tier controllers come to slice up the rest from council tax to water rates to telephones and all the rest considered neccesary bills. And finally if you have anything left the credit agencies come a calling as the third tier of wealth extraction wave new sofas and kitchens in your face. So this double edged sword makes a mug outta both sides of the equation. i can only conclude the real power lies in not falling for any of it at all, and perhaps as we sit here complaining about not owning a house we are infact in the best position of all. get a campervan or live in a travelodge or shift about it makes it far harder for them to steal your life.
  13. how does it feel to be handing 7.5% of your money to pay other peoples mortgages each year while you rent their homes.
  14. its companies like this that keep the west from starving, what have you got against success? most of the pension funds in america have shares in these firms so thats who benifits ordinary people like teachers and nurses by there pension funds, god help they never made money and you ouldnt retire comfortable
  15. if russia do invade i think they are gonna find ukraine very prepared for them, its not gonna be a walkover and when they win the ukrainians aint going to bow down and accept them. even the babushkas are packing machine guns. i can see the russian people rising up against putin
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