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  1. Headline in the telegraph 'First time buyers receive 27k boost'. In other words houses will increase 27k in asking price. Jesus wept.
  2. Is durhamborn still around? Just wondering if people still feel that deflationary collapse is still on the cards?
  3. Did Kevin say he was born in 1985? He looks like he's in his mid 50s. Suppose that what working 100 hours a week does to you.
  4. Do you know if most public sector pensions have unlimited index linking or not?.
  5. Just wondering what How do you think insurance company's will do in the next cycle? I assume they have low input costs?
  6. While i want this to be true, why does the BOE need to raise rates when the pound is rising against the dollar at the moment?
  7. I thought the tax payer is not on the hook though?. The pension protection fund is paid for by all the other companies that have defined benefit pensions schemes not the government.
  8. There are lots and many of them are US based.If you have an online share dealing account you need to get a W-8BEN form (hargreaves etc have one on the site to print off and send back in) and get it sent in ready.That way you will be able to trade the US based ETFs etc.Things like URA a fund of uranium miners and COPEX a fund of copper miners should be great buys in the next cycle.FCG a fund of natural gas suppliers should also do very well.Iv actually bought a few FCG the last couple of weeks even though i hope/expect to get them cheaper later because they are already very cheap I'm with cavendish at the moment. Got a bit of money in a vanguard life strategy fund. Will take a look at some commodity/resource funds though. From what you are saying though if everything pans out the way you think it will then staying mainly cash is ok if looking to buy a house at somepoint?
  9. Thank you. Something to have a look at. Mainly in cash at the moment.
  10. Instead of buying individual stocks is there any good resource OEICs or investment trusts to have a look at?
  11. So will there ever be another proper recession? or QE to infinity?.
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