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  1. I dont disagree with you but I do know a little bit, I also obtained recent Grant Thornton assurance report for review of their vault.
  2. I have used free six month storage at https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/ Just holding some to hedge against global recession/pound tanking.
  3. Not more of a philosopher my-self but I can see where you are coming from.. My viewpoint is purely economical, when consumers cut-down on spending (which is a massive driver of economy), recessions do come knocking.
  4. Wow interesting ... usually there is a floor on rates for most variable rates etc (existing mortgages). Would be interesting to see how Japaneses lenders market.
  5. Very fair point - no one knows how it will play out but I expect massive QE - money printing exercise across the board which might take us to another 12-18 months easily.
  6. Takes time .. no one can control the timeline of the upcoming recession, best you can do is to prepare for it...
  7. I think it will be in conjunction with global recession with millions losing their jobs and will be worst effected. I expect 1929 kind of great depression.
  8. Crash is coming but probably 2020 us the year of reckoning and it wont be nice for anyone.
  9. Sweet sweet but this seems massively over-valued at £800K
  10. Not sure if it is, stating a recent example: My colleague who bought her house in 2016 for £400K, had to remortgage and the valuation has come up as £380K from her lender. She has made sufficient payments to retain her 90LTV but had this conversation with her just now and quoting: " I think house prices can fall further - I am going for a three year fix but now and I am not spending on big ticket items to save money for my remortgage in 2022, I was planning a holiday to Florida with family this year which would have cost £5K but I don't want to spend money if house prices are falling so we will just do something locally" There is a massive correlation house prices to consumer spending re the wealth effect.
  11. The debt bubble is quite dangerous now, I expect fall more than 20% are coming but the question is how central banks will deal with it. I think another massive QE coming along with negative interest rates which can mean kicking the can down the road meaning much much harder times ahead.
  12. Its a known issue in the industry for the last 4-5 years. Other banks such as Barclyas and Societe Generale are laying off staff - again this is public information.
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