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  1. Yes rates are higher now. I took the plunge of buying a house last year with 15% deposit. The fixed 5 year rate was 1.99% (the best at the time 1.91%), now the best you can get is 2.64% so £80-150 per month more on a typical mortgage.
  2. Fair point but credit in market has just increased so the upside of gold is diminished in my view atleast for now.
  3. Well to invest elsewhere, as an example one of my friend invested in equities by selling his gold about a month ago and has literally doubled the money. I dont doubt there is a bubble there but cant see it deflating for atleast another month.
  4. I am thinking to sell gold holdings, have quite decent returns. Is it a good time to sell? Has gold reached its peak for 2020-2021?
  5. Seems like a bigwig perhaps a government is dumping gold, probably US. I would still expect PM to go up regardless!
  6. Yes thats what I gather has been happening....
  7. So over the last two weeks, I had discussions with various Chartered Accountants on bounce back loans, while these are being used by a lot of businesses on a geniune need. I found that there still are a lot of small businesses that have taken these money purposely either to not pay back deliberately or to recycle these back to property. One friend of mine who is an accountant, told me that approx 10. of his small clients who are aspiring to be first time buyers have only taken these loans to help with the deposit of their first property. I am HPCer but its quite possible that this bounce back loans, actually bounce back property to the dismay of a lot of us here....
  8. I was brought up with the fact that I need savings for atleast three months at all times. And I try to make sure I maintain that level of savings at all times... I am in my early 30s Dont think most young people are brought up that way in the developed world.
  9. Same here, I have been buying since $1300/ounce and think it should go up & up. How much I cannot ascertain but $3K would be a good return.
  10. According to them gold should have been above $2000/ounce since 2018.
  11. I personally think only way is up for Gold but these Kitco news is biased in every window for a very very long time.
  12. I think he means by larger landlord = already made shit-tons of money in the credit boom
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