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  1. Sorry. My source was FT and I can find the other article for degrees and diplomas. I stated that only a small portion of the immigrants are from EU ... (it's just 38% - their source is as always Migration Oberservation Observatory at Oxford) I found this rather surprising. What's then all the fuss about leaving EU in order to control immigration? Intersting is as well that everything seems to be planned well ahead of negotiations... And yes, of course not all migrants from EU have earned a higher degree but those who will come in the future will definitely need one because without one, they won't able to get in -> tiere 2. This won't be the case in Germany as for historic reasons, selective immigration won't even be a subject for the most right wing parties. UK gets it all right whereas Germany just simply can't. But don't worry, we're getting the same riots from working class. Ahen I say that Brexit vite was right, I think more in French. La révolution vient du peuple. BTW, German minister already speculates about a coming back of the U.K. as son as there will be a new left UK government. So doors won't be shut down definitely.... They never loose hope once they think they're right.
  2. Just my favorite. It not technical but nice. I am convint myself, the slow down is the beginning http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-10-07/u-k-house-price-growth-cools-to-weakest-in-three-years I would like to say *popcorn*
  3. Hey Rollover, I just wanted to put the link in here. I didn't read the article before But the parallels to My Kampf are just hideous. What's going on? Born people versus working people - I mean everybody is struggling. And on Hammond: he promises Tier 2 whereas May said last Friday this would not be an option and this is why Most EU migrants in UK would fail visa rules in event of Brexit
  4. No, it might be big companies listed in DAX helping to raise the capital (1bn.) http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/unternehmen/konzerne-sprechen-ueber-hilfe-fuer-deutsche-bank-a-1115553.html http://www.handelsblatt.com/my/unternehmen/banken-versicherungen/grosskonzerne-erwaegen-einstieg-der-rettungsplan-fuer-die-deutsche-bank/14654012.html
  5. Dear canbuywontbuy (interesting nick-name btw), the land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is not representative for Germany. These Länder (among them Saxony) suffer from high unemployment; people with higher degrees have left to find better jobs elsewhere and on top of this immigration rate in these Länder is very low: 2%. So objectively, there is no reason to vote for them. To be honest, I fear much more for other lander where suddenly cheap workers taking up jobs from local population will be available. Most immigrants don't have higher degrees and they won't bring the economic miracle Merkel has promised, it's actually estimated that the cost of their integration will be much higher than the economic benefits. And this pushes people to vote against Merkel. http://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/integration-kein-zweites-wirtschaftswunder-durch-fluechtlinge-14409618.html Even when people want other people to get out - there is always an economic argument behind. It's just the way we think. Don't get me wrong - last year, I have volunteered to teach German on my free weekends - but one of the members in my class flew in from Dubai. He was even proud of his cleverness. I kind of felt naive and even abused. I must admit, I stopped teaching them. It's not rational and I should have done better and get over it - but I didn't and I still don't. On the other hand, I was astonished when I saw the stats about migration in the U.K. from EEA. They don't take away as much jobs as I would have thought And if so, it's only jobs with higher degreees. That's a difference towards Germany where the poorest people fear immigrants with no education. Put differently, I think you can not compare immigration taking up lower paid jobs and European immigration with higher degrees towards the U.K.. In my mind, it's especially the lower paid jobs that must be prevailed for local population in order to keep social peace. In the U.K. nowadays everybody has at least a bachelor degree even if the job didn't need such a degree some years ago. In my mind this really throws working class out of jobs because of the difficulties of access towards higher education for working class. And I have quite a thought for my dear British friends in Southern France. People voting for Brexit did not even think about their fellows. My British friends are going to loose everything: they can't really sell their properties in Provence because the market is down, they can't exchange euros towards pounds because of the exchange rate and they will be thrown out in case of hard brexit. So I still wonder if the hole Brexit debate wasn't more a class fight among British - but I don't know?Actually I like to prefer to interpret Brexit like this because it's not racist. And I have told you about my own struggle with this. I don't want to be racist mpbut I don't want immigrants making a mock of my goodwill to help.
  6. Ok, Deutsche will be assisted - somehow..
  7. Thank you I might rather give you an insight into my perspective of British culture.. I was astonished to learn that the ultimate British (or English?) dream was to become a landlord. There is a hole mythical fairytale-like narrative about the landlord. The final stage of "moving upward" is to become the owner of 2,3 BTL? Becoming a home owner is just the first step in this process? I found that rather capitalistic. Germany hasn't had housing bubble for a long time; only 30% of the Berliners own their own flat. Rents tended indeed to be cheap! But this was until 5 years ago. Foreigners and investors came in and now, we've got our first bubble I have largely profited from this so I personally don't mind but gentrification hit most of my friends. Just take my parents: they discovered suddenly what is to be a landlord. Having those 2000€ extra money in cash every month doesn't bother them - to the contrary. I think of this just as a popular retarded understanding of the mechanisms of capitalism. It somehow changes society and this happens right now. British, French and German people like to own their own house. This is something everybody here and overseas has in common but it might have been less important in Germany because people bought and build their house and never resold it. They just kept it for 40 years without ever moving. France on the other hand (and I think of Paris in particular) is very different. You buy your first studio at the age of 24 and then you just climb up the ladder of real estate as in the U.K. by buying, renovating, reselling at least five times until you "made" it. Well, this has been the processus I'm the last 20 years at least. So there is not so much of a difference. Rents are really expensive though.
  8. Indeed you are right 16% extremist right wing is a lot - but the outcome is always a more leftist government. I lived in Berlin and the ex-communists die Linke got 16%. This was rather astonishing. What an irony, isn't it? I assume that the majority of the people are (still) on the left side. (This is subject to change, if more terrorist attacks happen of course ... October feast e.g. lost half of its visitors because of the fears of terrorist attacks.) Party of Merkel has lost as much voters as never before...
  9. As I am French and German I would like to add something. Honestly, I don't think they are scared. It's rather disappointment - it's a total political failure (of every politic in every country). This vote didn't come out of nowhere..l (And of course, brexit voters were right.) I think hard brexit means in the German interpretation actually sharp restriction to the markets. German newspaper reported that May didn't bother and preferred instead stopping immigration. As German politics always put the economy first, this is rather difficult to understand for them. I am not sure if this German interpretation is what she actually meant. .. but the order and the "but" suggested it?
  10. Well, populist German point of view is rather ... ... "enough of this transfer union!" Indeed, populist parties are attracting voters with these kind of claims... My point of view is rather different. U.K. and Germany have highly profited from the EU... Anyway, I totally understand brexit voters. What's good for the economy must not necessarily be good for the people. I wonder what will happen next if economy goes down. German newspapers like FAZ and Handelsblatt are making the forecast of a big crisis.
  11. 'My view is that if Germany goes down like Japan did in the 1990s (with even worse demographic trends), there is no way that the euro and Eurozone holds up. This will make the pound the safe haven currency in Europe,..." As fr as i can conclude, he bases his assumptions on the idea Germany might go down. But Germany just got 1.7 mio new inhabitants and birth rates are up yet again...
  12. It's fun to read the old postings. I could kill myself for not having bought in 2010. London was so cheap by that time! I remember in the aftermath of the crisis flats in mayfair being thrown after clients... I thought for myself about buying a 2 bedr in Mayfair. Today, it would be worth something like 2 or 3M.. Next time, the bubble drops, I'll buy as much as I can. Just as @ Aldi
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