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  1. Having always been self employed since 22 I tried my best to stop her working all the hours she did! but shes young (29) and "that's what you have to do" .... I do hope she learns. The roles she is applying for have 300 or so applications but she has a third online interview next week so hopeful....thank you . Also, her boyfriend hasn't worked for a few months as was a contractor in the recruitment industry and its brutal in that line of work, about 500 application for every job he applies for . He luckily got a pub job only because he knew someone, but there was well over a 100 people goin
  2. Sadly my daughter was made redundant today after 4 years of working 10 hours plus a day and often over the weekend, super diligent and not a day off sick. She recruited top grad at Russell Group Univs for a large consultancy. A friend lost her job in an estate agents (I know!) and another in Marketing is worried once furlough ends so will her job,
  3. I dis instructed them due to their complete ineptitude and demanded a refund of the management fee they took in advance. It gets better though (and worthy of an article in the Daily Mail!) because the tenant was from overseas and never moved into the flat and they had the only 3 sets of keys and at 'check out' 18m later it was apparent their staff had personally been using the flat knowing the tenant was never going to show! Given that legally the "tenant" has the case against them for this I cant really do anything about it but I cited this in my case against them! When last year they got
  4. I was suing their South Ken office last year but the case was struck off incorrectly. I recently resubmitted the paperwork and they didnt acknowledge the claim, so I was awarded judgement and bailiffs were instructed 3 days ago so I wonder if I will be getting one of their minis delivered to me soon! ?
  5. Wasnt sure where to post but as its the Foxtons thread thought I would say I am taking them to the small claims court !
  6. I noticed today on Foxtons site that when viewing a property for sale next to the price is a "make an offer' button!
  7. The regular weekly property roundup I get sent has just arrived...The Wilsons aka 'tycoon' even get a mention! More bulk opportunities in London as developers look elsewhere PropertyBrain Friday Roundup 13/01/17 A succinct weekly take on the London property market and a roundup of headlines from the PropertyBrain team. Subscribe to the Friday Roundup here: http://pbra.in/1Gli7UL
  8. Their model of getting instructions is to give the highest valuation, so it would be interesting to see if they would do this
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