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  1. Almost as unbelievable to say you cant leave your own country , you are under house arrest, hug your granny etc
  2. I think lockdowns will be ongoing, seems the UK like Israel is a test country
  3. Well, i have taken the opportunity to sell as I think the market will crash and wanted to get on before "the spring rush"..... My place has compromises as I am splitting a propery.... and i thought would be hard to shift....it appears not! insisted on asking price and got it!
  4. I definitely think a dating HPC could work! Yes I am fussy and I never did rule out builders etc, my ex was one...but as I say...the chippiness/ resentfulness comes through after a while and makes is very difficult to have a relationship
  5. its only going to get worse when the youngsters of today in a decade plus dont know if they are he/she /it/all/none etc......
  6. all credible showing sentences, force and name of accused . Not just sexual, but corruption too
  7. I have a very interesting document leaked about the volume of police officers accused of crimes against women and children including rape and murder...very disturbing
  8. Thank you, I would love to meet a decent guy. Yes i would prefer them to be successful only because I know how it effects mens ego if the woman is very successful. I have always gone with my heart but sadly it backfires as the guy has not been successful and ultimately becomes resentful. I am sure there are guys out there that would not be but I have not found one!
  9. Its not about having ones cake and eating it ...to be honest alot of men are chippy and dont like a successful women, thats just the way it is more about whether a woman has time for a relationship. I certainly had time but it was hard to find someone who could cope
  10. Its a shame I know a couple of younger ladies, well spoken/bred/educated great jobs. speak at least two languages just 30 and thinking of freezing their eggs! Think internet dating has made sex too readily available and guys seems to not want a relationship...sad really. In my days you used to get inundated with phones number from a night out and guys were alot nicer then...anyway....sounding old!
  11. I would like to add I am a self made woman in business and its impossible to find a male in the same situatioN! Internet dating has been a major factor in this I believe
  12. Just confirmed my thoughts that the murder in Clapham incident could well be a false flag to rush this through ahead of world wide protests...lets face it nothing is beyond them. Problem/Reaction/Solution
  13. It will be interesting to see what happens on Saturdays world wide Freedom march!
  14. Im wondering if this is a false flag to stir up hate against the police, lots of women sadly get raped/kidnapped/murdered and we hear nothing. There was a woman recently beaten badly in public toilets and nothing said. Theres a big freedom march next week and just something about this just doesnt sit right.
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