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  1. Hello, I am buying my first home which has been empty for the last 8 months. Unfortunately the water source and gas has been all locked up so I was unable to check if the heating and plumbing operate normally. I asked EA to unlock the water source and gas so that I could do some simple check (like flushing toliet or checking water pressure on thr first floor, central heating) however he said I will not be able to check those before completion. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Is this a common issue? Is the seller legally obliged to fix any serious problems discovered after
  2. Same happend to me. Ive done my research for surface, sea/river flooding prior to making an offer. There are multiple flooding maps from the goverment websites for that. But I couldnt find the same for groundwater flooding, which came out as high risk in our case.
  3. Yes. Ive checked altitude around that area. I also checked all the other flooding warnings that I could do online beforehand. The house is within flood zone 2 but there was no historical flooding. However I was unable to check groundwater flooding on my own so had to wait for the survey. The report warns about having high risk in groundwater flooding when the house is in flood zone 2. I think it will make the future buyers step back when I would have to sell it.
  4. I am a first time buyer at the end of a four chain, and Ive pulled out today. Mortgage approved and conveyancing ready to exchange but search result come out with groundwater flooding high risk which was totally unexpected. EA said that seller does not want to adjust the price at all for that reason so I've withdrawn my offer.
  5. This is very close to where I live. It is actaully horrible place to live as the bar on the ground floor is always packed with drunken loud lads and they scream laugh smoke all evening/night long. Selling the flat must be a huge scam IMHO.
  6. Great news!! We may be able to see a negative annual change % in 2 to 3 months!
  7. No I don't. The number for the last months are not matching anyway. the total recode count is 215032 in the file. That's significantly lower than what it should be. It should be around 350000. Probably the land registery's data is not reliable source for this kind of analysis.
  8. I imported the 2017 data set from the link to my local DB and ran some quick queries with no location filter. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/april-2017-price-paid-data Downloaded the data set in "Yearly file: 2017" section in the following link. https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/price-paid-data-downloads The transaction for April look incredibly low, probably it's because the data for recent months are filled months after? I am not completely sure about it. The general query looks like this: select to_char(deed_date, 'YYYY-MM') as month, roun
  9. This report is really smelly. I feel it is massively tailored. For instance, 'average time to sell means' nothing when only good properties are being sold, because recently I saw massive amount of properties have been re-listed by new or even the same EA after being not sold for many months. Of course the 'date listed' are all reset. Evil. 'Average stock per agent' is really not useful when it includes 'sold STC' without any indicator. How many of that are sold STC and how many are not. I didn't want to believe Rightmove is biasing the market report but now I am more than certain they are
  10. 8% this year. Btw anyone knows how to check if I have been paying more tax than I had to? I have been a full time employee for the last 8 years, and now wondering if I could get back any money. Do I need to hire an accountant for it? Is there any no win no fee solution?
  11. Dunno why mine looks different. What's the options you gave for that?
  12. I've just created one for you. You can create the chart here http://hpc.soboru.co.uk/
  13. It looks flat but it has actually fallen considering the inflation. But I want to see REAL fall soon!
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