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  1. More info https://nearlylegal.co.uk/2019/04/the-end-of-section-21/
  2. Assuming you're in England or Wales the deposit had to be protected within 30 days of receipt either by the landlord or his agent. Even if he returns all of your deposit so he can serve a (possibly) valid S21 notice you can still sue him for non-protection and I believe you have six years from the date by which the deposit should have been protected.
  3. Perhaps a low stress option would be to sue him for lack of deposit protection using a no win no fee lawyer who specializes in such cases but wait until you've left first.
  4. What is really needed to give tenants security of tenure is to abolish the "Section 21" notice (a notice of at least two months which a landlord may serve on a tenant that he requires possession of the property). There is no defence to a correctly served notice and a Court is bound to grant a Possession Order which allows the landlord to have the tenant evicted. Ah! Just saw a red van outside - I wonder what the postie has brought today. Hopefully not the above mentioned.
  5. It is quite a difficult legal process to do yourself but there are "no win no fee" lawyers who will do it for you and take a cut of the winnings. You can make a claim up to 6 years after the date by which the deposit should have been protected. Nothing the landlord can do now can prevent you from being successful although it may reduce the amount of the award if he protects it now. In any case you are guaranteed a minimum of 1 x deposit (max 3 x) in addition to getting the deposit back.
  6. Ah yes, ship. https://forums.landlordzone.co.uk/forum/residential-letting-questions/1038495-has-the-buy-to-let-ship-sailed
  7. Puter still says no. Sometimes I just hate all this technology.
  8. No go. This site can’t be reached The webpage at https://www.daventryexpress.co.uk/news/residents-of-woodford-halse-to-consider-legal-challenge-over-claims-of-poorly-built-new-homes-1-8511998 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
  9. You are correct that it would be a replacement tenancy and therefore the 6 months rule would not apply. This proposed new AST is to your disadvantage. If you let the tenancy become a Statutory Periodic Tenancy then you will only need to give one month's notice assuming you pay rent monthly and the landlord would still need to give you two. Nobody has to do anything to make this happen and the landlord can't prevent the SPT from coming into effect as soon as the AST ends. If he sells the house the new owner will be your landlord and the tenancy will continue as it is.
  10. Here are the last 12 months figures showing the latest ones just released by the ONS. Month RPI YoY% CPI YoY% Aug 2016 264.4 1.8 100.9 0.6 Sep 2016 264.9 2.0 101.1 1.0 Oct 2016 264.8 2.0 101.2 0.9 Nov 2016 265.5 2.2 101.4 1.2 Dec 2016 267.1 2.5 101.9 1.6 Jan 2017 265.5 2.6 101.4 1.8 Feb 2017 268.4 3.2 102.1 2.3 Mar 2017 269.3 3.1 102.5 2.3 Apr 2017 270.6 3.5 102.9 2.7 May 2017 271.7 3.7 103.3 2.9 Jun 2017 272.3 3.5 103.3 2.6 Jul 2017 272.9 3.6 103.2 2.6 Aug 2017 274.7 3.9 103.8 2.9 Note large rises in RPI and CPI over the last month. Pound just shot up to $1.327 and 1.109 euro.
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