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  1. Nothing funny about it. The predictions of the Treasury, the IMF, etc were based on Britain leaving the EU. Sometimes I am am slow on the uptake but I think it's safe to say we we have not yet left. In fact, it's only now, three months after the referendum that we even have an approximate date for the activation of Article 50! As for what shape Brexit will take, I don't think there is a living soul that knows that at this stage. All we have is bluster, hopes, dreams and guesses. Once May pushes the button, and we are close to the end of our two year negotiation window, come back and tell us how much of "Project Fear" you still think was lies.
  2. Was it official? I suggest you revisit "Project Fear" when Article 50 has been invoked and we are 6 months away from leaving the EU. I have the strangest feeling you may find some of the claims prescient.
  3. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment, this is still (for now) a civilised country. But was it BBC who were biased? I mean, was it reported extensively elsewhere in the mainstream press? As for CCTV, etc. perhaps she did not make a police complaint. As an aside, she didn't last as long as Sam Allardyce!
  4. Turkey joining the EU now? You might as well have added "attack by Godzilla" - the chances of both are the same!
  5. I find it simultaneously both deeply sad and highly amusing that people keep voting for the Tories and expect them to "do something" about house prices. They are - and always have been - the party of the land owner.
  6. Brexit means Brexit... and "season controls" for seasonal workers I guess they will start getting the pickers from outside the EU - plenty of even cheaper workers available in Turkey these days who will be only too happy to come and pick British fruit and spuds, etc. There are plenty of sharp IT brains in Russia as well - that would keep a lid on expensive salaries in the UK. And all with none of those pesky EU regulations giving workers rights and whatnot, this could be a neoliberal checkmate on the indigenous British worker!
  7. Based on what I've seen in corporate IT over the last 20 years, any job that can be done overseas will be done overseas. The stuff that absolutely has to be done "on the ground" (like picking spuds or strawberries) will either be automated - if a solution is possible / financially viable - or dropped unless it's "mission critical". A good example is farming - if it's not economic to pick strawberries using British labour, they will simply end up growing less fruit and more of something else that can be harvested without the need for much labour. The problem in the UK is the cost of living. Since they are going to be trying to keep that high by not addressing the deep issues with the housing market, there is a limit how cheaply a Brit will work. If they can't compete with imported product (which will still be coming in, albeit with a tariff) they simply move on to something else. End result, UK exchequer loses the payroll tax, no new jobs are created (some are destroyed).
  8. I think it's fair to say you don't get the truth about Russia on any RT shows. For the truth about the UK, watch RT. For the truth about Russia, watch the BBC.
  9. That is more of a failure of aspiration! Everyone in the UK has the chance to study a foreign language, and the continent is close enough and cheap enough that "real life" practice is easy to obtain - if you want it that is. I don't understand how the same nation that can barely wash its face trading with the EU where there are no tariffs, quotas or regulatory impediment, will suddenly become an outwardly looking powerhouse that can trade across cultural, language & regulatory boundaries. Understanding the market for most products in China or India requires a far greater investment of time and money than the market for the same things in countries similar to our own like France, Germany or indeed Poland. Any UK worker could easily work in the Netherlands, Sweden & Denmark without knowing English, I worked in Germany for six months with only "schoolboy" German.
  10. So when do all the EU migrants leave?... you said: "Poof 97% ee euers dissappear as they cannot afford."
  11. This ended when European judges ruled it was legal for the UK to deny other EU nationals benefits for 5 years after arrival (this was in force before the Brexit vote): https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jun/14/uk-can-refuse-benefits-to-unemployed-eu-migrants-judges-rule IIRC this however does not apply to "in work" benefits. That's because most countries outside the UK are not stupid enough to operate "corporate subsidy" schemes like Working Tax Credits and just pay a living wage instead.
  12. It would seem that "benefit tourism" is not actually as big a problem as has been made out, and it also looks like Theresa May is a "sleeper" Leave voter. She was simply protecting her chances of becoming PM by giving lukewarm endorsement to the Remain campaign. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/sep/27/theresa-may-accused-trying-to-alter-immigration-report-before-brexit-vote 'They claimed internally that the then home secretary was determined to paint a negative picture of Britain’s relationship with European countries when it came to immigration.The exchanges suggested that May wanted to claim that “benefits tourism” was a serious problem, attracting immigrants into Britain. But the advisers said there was little evidence to support the assertion, suggesting instead that internal DWP figures might underline it as a “small-scale problem”. “My impression is that Conservative secretaries of state are determined not to admit this,” wrote one participant. Another said: “The home secretary is also deeply committed to the argument that free movement allows foreign criminals into the UK.”'
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