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  1. You don't need the EU for that kind of stuff, the UK was leading the way! Cash for ash scandal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renewable_Heat_Incentive_scandal (Guest starring Arlene Foster - friend of TM and Brexit luvva)
  2. I'm really surprised nobody is taking me up on my "put your money where your mouth is" (a.k.a. Roll of Patriots Brexit profit / risk share via HMRC. After all, so many leave voters seem confident that government forecasts are bunkum, surely they want their fair share of the Brexit bounty?
  3. LOL! Rees-Mogg is like a Viz caricature of a Tory politician. I really hope they pick him as their next leader. Boris could be Chancellor.
  4. They were always going to be woeful. Just like the implementation of Brexit is and was always going to be woeful. When you can't even state your objectives how can you possibly plan to implement them? Brexit was the equivalent of jumping in a taxi and saying "take me somewhere else". As the driver drives he keep asking you where you want to go and you keep telling him "anywhere, except where I came from". And all the time the meter is running.
  5. It works according to its objectives. You need to know what they are and understand it's history (and the history of Europe) to comprehend how it is a success. (The fact that there are a significant minority of British citizens arguing to stay in it is surely proof that it has achieved some of it's aims).
  6. Yes, but not having figures puts you in a weaker position. It starts to look like there are no recognised, credible measures that would show Brexit as a "success" after 10-15 years. Maybe there are - you should probably tell David Davis and his department if there are though. We are now through the looking glass, as a government minister rubbishes the forecasts that his own department are producing and in fact (as other commentators here are choosing to) attempt to say that no forecast is ever right so ignore them all. He is saying that the Tories are paying for huge swathes of highly trained and paid people to produce numbers so he can ignore them. Why continue to produce them... because you like wasting money?
  7. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone in the UK has a plan* about anything Brexit related: Dutch urge Gove to spell out post-Brexit fishing industry plans UK environment secretary told by Dutch fisheries minister to set out proposals after department missed Christmas white paper deadline https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/jan/30/gove-criticised-for-lack-of-post-brexit-fishing-industry-plans * = have our cake and eat it does not constitute a plan.
  8. Just answered your post in my reply to Lambie. GDP is simply a measure of economic performance that is widely accepted. Surely Vote Leave or Leave.EU have created their own reliable economic index and have impact reports at hand ready to show how much better our quality of life and standard of living (two different things, I know) will be after Brexit? Just post them up and we can see how living on WTO rules for a decade will affect the average UK household. If you don't have any other figures, I'm afraid it just looks like you are trying to argue for something (Brexit) that is going to knowingly deliver pain and misery to large chunks of the UK population, with nothing more to back it up that gut feel.
  9. Yes, but it's unfortunately the globally accepted yardstick of country economic performance. Sorry, but it's true. I don't make the rules. And the trouble is, when you are the hook for almost 2 trillion of debt and have issued government bonds, etc you need the rest of the world to have faith that you are a growing economy. Again - in an ideal world we wouldn't be almost 2 trillion in debt and be chasing growth. But there we are. P.S. If you have a comparable report of Brexit scenario impact created using a "happiness index" or whatever - don't be shy, post it up!
  10. To be fair, he could have listened to anyone with half a brain who voted remain and told Brexiters they were in for a big disappointment back in June 2016. Even Leonardo Da Vinci couldn't square a circle, so there was little chance of an ex GP, an ex journo and an ex Pob impersonator being able to keep all the different Brexit factions happy and deliver on their referendum claims.
  11. That pesky EU, hitting the highest growth rates since 2007. But that's OK, because we all know economic growth is bad. Maybe Theresa could make that her next election losing slogan - "Vote Conservative, for lower growth and smaller wages". Yes, it would probably sit well with the retired, well fed Home Counties typical Tory voter! Eurozone: EU economies grew at fastest rate in a decade in 2017, latest figures show http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/eurozone-economy-growth-2017-fastest-gdp-eu-currency-financial-crisis-a8184806.html
  12. It's the old "I don't like the smell of facts / experts" defense. Invented by a famous leaver, and tried and trusted by Brexiters up and down the UK ever since. No projection is perfect, but this is coming from a government department, and the government, like any large organisation need to work and plan based something - blind faith isn't enough. Based on our current anemic growth rates, 8% growth could be all the growth we get over the next 15 years, or the lion's share of it in any case. Plot that against a background of falling real wages (unless GBP is suddenly strengthened by a lack of growth compared to similar countries) and all that imported crap we love like energy and food could would become increasingly expensive. Not to mention our government's ability to service £1,800billion of debt.
  13. That is a ludicrous analogy. The only way your comparison would work is if the HDP calculation was across all UK households. In which case, your kids moving out has zero net effect. Your additional time is the bathroom is offset by them clogging up other bathrooms that were previously not heavily used. More seriously, can you point to a period of no growth (or recession) in the UK where those people left in work got to work fewer hours and have more leisure time? Sure, the ones who don't have any job will have loads of time, but also no money other than what the state sees fit to give them, which contrary to popular belief, ain't much.
  14. If any of you have young children, it's never too early to start talking to them about the dangers.
  15. Nice try. Except just as now (where real wages are actually falling) you will be working the same hours for less money, or working no hours for no money. The only time in the 20th century when people got fewer hours and a less money is in the 70s when unions were at their peak strength. What happens now when there are fewer order is they simply sack 10% of the workforce and make the remaining 10% work harder / longer.
  16. Congratulations! You win the Project Fear prize! (awarded weekly to the first attempt to dismiss unsettling evidence that God's own Brexit will not be 100% glorious with cries of "project fear"). However, I can imagine that the average Brexiter would feel the same. I propose the following. Those true blue patriots who voted for Brexit and still back it can be registered with HMRC on a the "Roll of Patriots". When the Brexit dividend comes to be paid - and Mr Johnson assures us one is forthcoming - they are first in line for a juicy bonus. However... if the "dividend" turns out to be negative, they can contribute cash, assets or labour to make up the difference. Those who are retired and have no cash could forgo medical treatment or pass the bill to their children. I call it the "money where your mouth is" plan.
  17. Yes, if that divided EU - on the cusp of breaking up according to the Brexiters- can get agreement in 2 mins on something the UK cabinet still can't agree on after 18 months, we must be in really bad shape. But you probably knew that!
  18. Well, at least we know why "Double D" Davis lost those impact reports down the back of the sofa. Now the latest cabinet report lays down how the UK is all out of options. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jan/30/brexit-would-damage-uk-growth-says-leaked-cabinet-report Executive summary (because I know we are all executives here): Leave with no deal and go WTO = 8% contraction over 15 years. Comprehensive FTA with the EU = 5% contraction over 15 years. Stay in EEA = 2% contraction over 15 years. Negative impact on almost every sector, with industrials (chemicals, cars, aviation) worst affected. Worst affected regions = North East England, West Midlands and NI. All scenarios pose threat to London's status as a financial centre. Ooops. If only we'd known it would be like this before the referendum.
  19. Hive minds do not "conclude" dear boy, they merely argue with themselves until they run out of resources. Like consultants, only cheaper.
  20. At last - first sight of the mythical "Brexit dividend"! May won't last until, well, May.
  21. He's going to have his cake and eat it. The rest of us... not so much. The UK has been stitched up like a kipper...
  22. Nah, that's not about it. That headache is stopping you thinking: Americans spend THREE TIMES MORE per capita, in order to live FIVE YEARS FEWER. And it's the magic of the market that makes it happen. P.S. Theresa May suggests UK health services could be part of US trade deal http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/theresa-may-donald-trump-nhs-us-trade-deal-brexit-torture-a7548156.html Watch out below...!
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