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  1. This is beginning to sound like a conspiracy theory... The bubble is doing just fine elsewhere. And if it looks like popping how could anyone apart from maybe Ireland realistically blame it on Brexit? For instance, our trading relationship with the US will be unaffected (or may get better).
  2. Is that the best you've got? Come on - weak brained attempts at personal attacks are like meat and bread to me
  3. We are simply copying the behavior of the Brexit camp - they thcreamed and thcreamed until they got a referendum
  4. And you know what - the working week in France is 35 hours! And they get a minimum 36 paid days leave vs the UK 28. Outperforming us with less work Too many avocados and iPads in the UK I reckon... or maybe it's the EU holding us back?
  5. The entire Brexit ShitShow™ reminds me of toddler behaviour ( We have a toddler in our family so feel able to accurately compare). Someone asks the toddler what they want and they ask for something impossible, to become a fairy for example. You tell them they can't do that, but they could dress up as a fairly, but that is met with foot stamping and tears. Then you offer a range of alternatives and the crying and foot stamping persists. At no point does the toddler want to compromise, or come up with any sensible suggestions. Eventually you just ignore them and do what you were going to do in the first place.
  6. France: growth exceeds forecasts for third time in a year. Poor France, shackled to the EU and eurozone. Sadfaces all round.
  7. And this is the country that can go it alone? Don't make me laugh - two days of light snow and the UK is on it's knees: UK is running out of gas, National Grid warns https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/mar/01/uk-is-running-out-of-gas-national-grid-warns-freezing-weather National Grid has issued a warning that the UK will not have enough gas to meet demand on Thursday, as temperatures plummeted and imports were hit by outages.
  8. The reason they can't see it, is because many on here were the talking heads... Now the FT is reporting that senior Tories are making preparations for another General Election - they know the turd is coming down the pipe faster than they'd hoped...
  9. You can't help making stuff up can you? My original post was "it's often cheaper to move to a bigger house with all the "deals" than pay for an extension".
  10. Don't forget Jamie Oliver closing a whole bunch of restaurants (and one micro chain of his going into administration), Prezzo cutting 100 outlets and unemployment rising again...
  11. That's just it - it's not global. Not this time. Undoubtedly there will be a global crisis at some point, but right now, the US and the Eurozone aren't hurting. The UK is.
  12. Yes, but this is not exclusive the UK, whereas the current downturn seems to be. The UK is something like 7th highest in Europe for household debt. Why aren't Dutch builders and retailers struggling I wonder...?
  13. It might not be cheaper in every case, but when the builders are sorting you a low IR mortgage, buying your present house part-ex and have already fit the new house out with a shiny new kitchen, etc. it might well be.
  14. Before the Brexit vote wages were rising faster than prices. After the Brexit vote prices were rising faster than wages. Not to mention the increased job insecurity if you work anywhere that exports. You don't splash the cash if you're not sure you'll have a job. And then... UK unemployment rises at fastest rate in almost five years https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/feb/21/uk-unemployment-rises-at-fastest-rate-in-almost-five-years
  15. See my post above - it's the inflation wot done it guv. Of course, people and companies have been hanging on by their fingernails. Brexit pushed them off the ledge.
  16. Utterly astonishing that Maplin still exist at all. They should be a giant warehouse, a slick website and a bunch of people who hand parcels to couriers.
  17. Seriously - my neighbour has run a small (4 full time employees) building company that specialises in extensions and garage / loft conversions for 30 odd years and said he's never had so little interest. He is starting to panic and has hired a marketing firm - but the problem is - in his own words - "neebody's got any money" and he also spotted that because the builders are starting to get desperate, it's often cheaper to move to a bigger house with all the "deals" than pay for an extension... The UK economy is a basket case.
  18. Remember when the "Remain" campaign made dire predictions about the UK economy? Remember when everyone laughed because the predictions didn't come true a few months after the vote? As inflation works its way through the system against a background of near-static wages, consumer spending is falling. Since Christmas I've heard from two local builders and a kitchen fitter that they've never been so quiet (usually when they tap me in the pub looking for SEO tips).
  19. I think the EU would be a lot more receptive to a "bespoke" agreement from the UK if the presentation was different. Johnson, Davis and Farage just rub everyone up the wrong way and their rhetoric makes EU officials reach for the nearest treaty. If someone like Starmer was sent and opened up negotiations with an admission that we were the junior partner, but one that wants to retain links with Europe and limit the economic damage on both sides, we'd have more of a chance. In any case, Corbyn is not in power... Yet!
  20. I think it's traditional to do best of three. We've had two already...
  21. Yes, which is why "Canada plus" is the only deal they can realistically get, given the requirements of the Conservative party. I'll bet the "plus" she has in mind is an attempt to get access to the EU markets by the City.
  22. Tell the Conservative party how you did it, they are still not able to move on.
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