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  1. "She's taking on water captain, she's taking on a lot of water. Get the lifeboats ready." "Sorry, first officer, the lifeboats have been moved to an offshore tax haven. Are you a good swimmer?" UK budget deficit widened unexpectedly to £8bn in October https://www.theguardian.com/business/live/2017/nov/21/uk-borrowing-deficit-public-finances-hammond-bank-of-england-business-live
  2. It's just another GLORIOUS week in Brexiworld: Seat on the UN supreme court given up. EMA going to Amsterdam, EBA to Paris (loss of 1,000 jobs and millions in funding together with all the jobs that rely on supporting them). Third cabinet member resigns in a fortnight. Offer to pay EU increased to £40 billion. Admission that the ECJ will continue to have a say (so we will have to follow the rules but have no say AT ALL in making them). The amount the average person will have to pay out for goods etc has gone up by more, due to inflation, than the personal average contribution to the EU membership. NHS facing crisis point. First incoming unicorn shipment cancelled. Teacher morale at all time low. Councils facing a cliff edge, cancelling non-statutory provisions and making staff redundant. Crops rotting in fields. Reputation in the world damaged. Winter is coming...
  3. Total annual cost to each British household of EU membership = ~£300 Total annual cost (so far) to each British household because of Brexit = £400 Net cost of Brexit - before the worst bits have happened = £100. How can we spend that on the NHS? Will Brexit lead to us having to take money AWAY from the NHS Small change to Jacob Knees-Fogg and Nigel Garage and BoZo but significant for just about managing households up and down the country.
  4. Britain has got into the quitting spirit now. You just feel the influence draining away in every sphere: No British judge on world court for first time in its 71-year history https://www.theguardian.com/law/2017/nov/20/no-british-judge-on-world-court-for-first-time-in-its-71-year-history "The decision to bow to mounting opposition within the UN general assembly is a humiliating blow to British international prestige and an acceptance of a diminished status in international affairs." Taking back Losing control - one day at a time
  5. I was expecting consumers to move away from the EU products as the tariffs make them more expensive and buy the Japanese, US, Chinese, etc alternative. So the imbalance balance of trade with the EU reduces and we develop an imbalance of trade with the rest of the world (whomever we have free trade agreements with basically). You aren't seriously suggesting we are going to trade with the whole world on WTO tariffs are you? That would completely destroy sectors like agriculture and a lot of UK based manufacturing.
  6. We won't have a trade surplus with the rest of the world if we stop buying the stuff from Europe because it has whopping tariffs on it will we! We import more than we export - end of. You can stick tariffs on things if you like, but other countries will simply do the same - making our exports even less attractive. Net benefit for the UK - zero.
  7. Priceless! If we can't succeed when trading on equal terms with other European nations, how will we manage when we are at a disadvantage? Not to mention the wonder of "Global Britain" (sorry, or was that last week's Brexit positive marketing attempt?) The answer - run away and hide! And where pray tell with this 5% bounty come from... out of the pockets of the UK consumer!
  8. I'm surprised the number is so low (and it wouldn't surprise me to find out quite a few haven't declared their interests). Both my local councillors are landlords and one owns most of the local high street. The MP is from a farming family that own thousands of acres and let it out to tenant farmers to work. We are speeding back to the 1800s with such velocity I expect to see top hats in everyday use within the decade.
  9. 1) We send the EU £13 billion. For a country of our size / wealth we should be sending them £17 billion. If it helps you, it's like applying a discount coupon when you are buying something in the supermarket. The cashier says that'll be £10 and then you hand her a £2 off coupon you clipped out of The Spectator, they then ring up -£2 and you only hand over £8. £13 billion per year = £250 million per week (UK gross contribution to the EU) 2) THEN... the EU sends the UK some money for things like CAP payments, grants for social programmes in deprived areas, money for education schemes, etc. This amounts to £5 billion per year in direct public funding AND they also spend money on the UK private sector (i.e. they may directly employ UK companies to implement programmes, build things, etc). £13 billion - £5 billion = £8 billion. £8 billion per year = £154 million per week (UK NET contribution to the EU). If you divide £154 million per week by the number of households in the UK (27 million), the cost works out at £5.70 per week. So, for the price of one McDonalds meal deal per week per household (one of the luxury burgers, not the chavvy ones) the citizens of the UK get the benefits of free trade with the world's biggest free trade area. https://fullfact.org/europe/our-eu-membership-fee-55-million/
  10. Well whaddya know - surprised it's not higher actually: One in seven councillors in English rental hotspots are landlords https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/nov/20/one-in-seven-councillors-in-english-rental-hotspots-are-landlords
  11. Yep, £350 million a week was and still is a lie. No two ways about it - designed to mislead.
  12. I know BTL is a big part of the problem (I was just being facetious). The FT article (google the title if you don't have an FT sub) is worth a read as it identifies a number of factors - it's not going to be as easy as "taxing BTL out of existence" to fix the housing market - although that as one measure among many would be a good place to start.
  13. It's funny how they don't realise that affordable housing and BTL are related. One has prevented the other from being possible. (Spoiler - bet they do realise ) Also, the FT debunk the myth that the UK can build it's way out of the housing crisis: Hammond’s housebuilding budget fix will not repair market https://www.ft.com/content/20b3046c-cab2-11e7-ab18-7a9fb7d6163e "A similar thing happened in other European countries, notably Spain and Ireland. “After about 2003 [the boom] became more about rates and money,” says Kieran McQuinn, a research professor at the Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin." "Such favourable treatment of property in the legal and tax systems, and the ready availability of cheap credit and government support, did more than just nurture a long house price boom. They created behavioural effects that no econometric house price model could capture" The penny is starting to drop.
  14. The thing about the UK is that is perfected the rentier economy - over 1,000+ years of monarchs, ennoblement and aristos! If leaving the EU was all it took to overturn this I would have been a paid up member of UKIP and carrying Nigel Farage's bags for him.
  15. The EU invented the financial system? I think you'll find they look on in awe/disbelief at what the British & Americans do on that front!
  16. As an addition to my earlier post... If the margin of victory had been large - say 10% or even 20% - then if would reasonable to argue that Russia (or anyone) would have struggled to influence the final result. But with a margin of victory as small as 3.8%, it's conceivable that the balance could have been tipped by an external actor. BTW, the UK government are currently trying to get info from Facebook to establish if there has been Russian interference via that channel. Why has nobody asked for this before now?! http://uk.businessinsider.com/uk-government-pressure-facebook-russian-interference-twitter-brexit-2017-11
  17. Obama stood on a stage and gave his opinion as the leader of the USA at that time. It was clear who he was and what he represented and it's still entirely possible what he said will be true. We won't know until we actually start negotiating trade deals. Certainly Australia have said they are putting the EU before the UK. We don't even know the scale of the interference from Russia and what form it took. You say "a few hundred racist tweets" but how can you be so sure they weren't running campaigns on other forms of social media - including forums like this? In the US elections, Facebook ads have been traced back to Russia (they even paid for them in Rubles) but some of their campaigns are very subtle (they are not directly pro-trump - they simply attract a specific segment of the population to feed them more propaganda later) some less so, directly promoting rallies for Trump, etc.
  18. 70-80 years(ish). All you need to do is press their buttons (furriners, benefit scroungers, immigration) and they roll over like kittens.
  19. Yeah. Tories get tough on builders. http://www.theconstructionindex.co.uk/news/view/tories-buouyed-by-construction-donations Dream on!
  20. The way things are going the Telegraph, Sun, Express, etc will probably start blaming Ireland for the upcoming Brexit catastrophe. The saddest part is, some of their brain dead readers will geefully swallow it!
  21. Part of the beauty of the new "sovrintee" is that you get a choice of right wing think tanks controlling your government. Liam Fox (the sole permanent member of the board of trade - all hail the supreme leader) has his own preferred Atlantic Bridge. Boris Johnson likes to spend a bit of public money on his favourite - the "Institute for Free Trade" - an organisation who like their Brexit as hard as it comes. It's a wonder they have time to listen to The Will of the People™ with all these other influences!
  22. That's not entirely true - I'll bet NI will be well looked after (well, the DUP supporting bits anyway).
  23. Sounds like a make work programme for the legal profession. Unless they think that people with £1k up their sleeve sleep on the streets in tents for cheap thrills?
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