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  1. Sky News says: ":: Review ordered to study planning laws and "fix problem" of "land-banking". The Chancellor threatens compulsory purchases if necessary to get projects off the ground." "Review ordered"... "threatens compulsory purchases if necessary" Well, I guess it will turn out they won't be necessary after all.
  2. Of course, there is always one who falls for it.
  3. Ah, but because the crunch arrived a whole twelve months later than was forecast, everything is invalid and Brexit will be a tub-thumping, fist-pumping, hive fiving success. Or something. Personally, I blame the EU. We ate our cake and then when we asked them for more, the dirty scoundrels had the temerity to refuse.
  4. Don't call us, we'll call you. Tell me, do you fall for it every time?
  5. Yep. We got our way when it was done properly: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/16/britain-got-its-way-eu-brexiteers
  6. A large majority of Tory voters. There wasn't any political party (a proper one, with MPs and everything) that was majority leave. That's because it's a very silly idea that will be impossible to implement without crashing the economy. Phil knows that, and so do the majority of MPs.
  7. Almost half the parliamentary Tory party is pro-Leave, that number is much higher across Tory voters (61% in favour of leaving)! "These very same people" are the ones who created the problem and now the ones entrusted to solve it by unravelling 30 years of their own policies. Let me know how that goes
  8. People in Britain have had enough of experts. We don't need any more I think.
  9. The EU has agreements to fish in Faroese & Norwegian waters but not Icelandic: https://ec.europa.eu/fisheries/sites/fisheries/files/docs/pages/2017-agreed-record-eu-faroe-islands_en.pdf https://ec.europa.eu/fisheries/sites/fisheries/files/2017-agreed-record-eu-norway-skagerrak-pandalus-04-2017.pdf
  10. Probably because there are so many more of them than the Quitters these days. Plenty of ad hom attacks on me and other Remainers earlier in this thread. Back when it was a red, white and blue Brexit and "we won, get over it" was still a popular catchphrase.
  11. Something about his argument smells fishy, and if you ask me, kzb has fallen for a UKIP red herring As an aside, perhaps "Brexit parties" could be a thing. All the Brexiteers gather around at each others houses eating Yorkshire puddings and watching obscure parliamentary sessions, cheering when anyone says something positive about Brexit. Very Brexity.
  12. Fishing accounts for less than 0.5% of UK GDP. If it doubles, or trebles it's still almost insignificant. Even if our fishermen have the run of the entire world's oceans it won't cover the losses from manufacturing & finance / other services.
  13. Exactly. As one lie becomes exposed ("There will continue to be free trade and access to the single market") another is wheeled out to replace it. It becomes a game of "the answer is Brexit, now what's the question." On a related note, I know that Corbyn is a Eurosceptic, but Labour appear to be thinking along the lines of "disaster socialism". If you let the Tories blunder deeply into this, eventually things will get so bad the majority would vote for them out of desperation.
  14. If only the EU was to blame for Grimsby's woes then your post would have had some kind of point. But... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-20330148 "The heyday for the trade lasted about 20 years but the reliance on fishing proved to be a problem for the town as the trawler fleet contracted during, and after, the two decades of the Cod Wars. Iceland started extending its territorial limit around the island to exclude foreign vessels from the water it claimed as its own. The limit was extended on three occasions between 1958 and 1976, each time forcing British fishing vessels further offshore. The limit was finally extended 200 miles off Iceland. This led to confrontations at sea between the Icelandic coastguard and trawlers from Grimsby and Hull. Several ships were even rammed as trawlers continued to try to fish within the new limit." Oh dear - Iceland (not in the EU and often touted by Eurosceptics) stopping the fishermen from Grimsby from nicking their fish! How very dare they https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cod_Wars Just a closing thought - perhaps there isn't a lot of use for a long-range fleet, when they don't have the right to fish anywhere long-range. Oh, and next time, don't believe everything the people who have a vested interest in something tell you. Toodle Pip!
  15. Services don't have tariffs agreed by the WTO, but they are subject to "non tariff" barriers - i.e. you must show compliance with the appropriate legislation / agree to be bound by a special court / hold an appropriate licence. An example of this is access to Eurozone clearing. Unless you have a license you can't play. Services are not covered by WTO rules. You have to negotiate access to a market for services on a case by case basis. So in the event of leaving the EU on WTO rules we would have no access for export of services to it until we had negotiated another agreement.
  16. I think you forgot... a large number of MPs, some large Conservative party donors, and members of the British establishment* from your list. This might help to understand things a little. * Who don't give two shi*s about house prices, but do care about land prices.
  17. It's a mystery to me as they don't seem to have been investing in infrastructure and have only been giving the public sector survival rations. To be fair, and as that chart shows, Labour were doing reasonably well (by Labour standards) up until 2008 when the whole financial crash kicked off. They were of course complicit in that - but I'll laugh in your face if you suggest the Tories would have been any different!
  18. And what is your timescale for this? UK citizens have only had the right to live and work elsewhere in the EU since 1992. There were tens of thousands going to Australia and NZ (the "Ten Pound Poms") from 1947 on. These are ex colonies of the UK for goodness sake! P.S. Only 2.8% of the total EU population are resident in a member state other than the one that issued their passport.
  19. Flagship Government housing plan fails to deliver a single home in three years http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/housing-starter-homes-budget-philip-hammond-a8066571.html "A flagship government programme to deliver 200,000 discounted new homes to first-time buyers is yet to see a single one built. The 2014 Starter Home initiative was touted as part of “a major push” to help people on the housing ladder, but officials admit delivering any properties under the scheme remains an “ambition”. What next? More promises. Less action. It's worked for years so why change now.
  20. A last Brexit has given something back to us. A new adjective... Brexity Either hypocritical or low brow, not very classy or reliable. "Do we have to meet in Wetherspoons?" "Its a bit Brexity..." https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=brexity&defid=12187085
  21. Yep, seeing a noticeable rise across the board on most of our food shops.
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