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  1. No, the figures for non-EU net migration have always been much higher. As far as I am aware the student population appears in both non-EU and EU migration figures. P.S. Are you aware that anyone arriving from outside the EU who studies in the UK and is subsequently offered a job is allowed to stay and automatically granted a Tier 2 visa?
  2. I shouldn't be surprised that you can't accept that the word majority has but one definition.
  3. I see. Sometimes a majority is the bigger number. But in cases where it doesn't suit your argument, the bigger number is not a majority. Doubleplus good, Brexit means Brexit comrade!
  4. I do hope that is ironic? You surely remember that DA WILL OV DA PEEEPLE spoke from the heavens with a 51.9% to 48.1% "majority"
  5. Excellent - you concede that the majority of immigration to the UK is from outside the EU and that we had control of all along Good to see the penny finally drop as you desperately try to shift the argument to some other point. Keep up the good work - although the only person you are fooling is yourself.
  6. "‘Hard as it is to say now.. I look forward to a United States of Europe, in which the barriers between the nations will be greatly minimised and unrestricted travel will be possible'" "We must build a kind of United States of Europe.. The structure of the United States of Europe, if well and truly built, will be such as to make the material strength of a single state less important.. If at first all the States of Europe are not willing or able to join the Union, we must nevertheless proceed to assemble and combine those who will and those who can.’" - Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)
  7. I don't think I'll get over it. Oh wait... yes, I feel better already!
  8. Maybe because the majority of immigration to the UK comes from outside the EU? This from "migration watch"... Do you see now? Home Secretary Theresa May could have easily reduced immigration by cutting non-EU immigration - that the government had complete and total control over all the time. On top of which, there is a whole slew of EU legislation that allows you to record all incoming migrants, ensure they have enough money to live on and boot them out if they fail to find work after 3 months. Home Secretary Theresa May also chose not to use this legislation to control immigration. Looks like someone might have sold you a lie chief. Maybe you can get your money back if you take it back to the shop quickly.
  9. I'm split - I'm just about to sign the lease on an office in Leiden, so by Jan 2018 I'll have a foot in both camps.
  10. The only people who still believe we could function under WTO rules are the swivel-eyed brexiloons who read the Daily Telegraph / Daily Mail from the comfort of their Parker Knoll. It would be devastating in the short to medium term for the UK economy and no political party would want to be the one in charge when it happened, destroying their reputation for decades if not all time. Plus, we've made absolutely no preparation (changes to ports, more customs officials, computer system changes) and don't even get me started about the NI border... In short, it's a pipe dream that won't happen (which is why it was such a poor "bluff" and nobody in the EU believed it for a minute).
  11. Cor blimey, for people who profess to be doing this to take back control, the leave voters don't like the taste of parliamentary sovereignty on their cornflakes in the morning!
  12. "Project Fear" they called it. Fall in employment rate spells end of UK jobs boom Official figures reveal drop in number of people in work and pay rises lagging behind inflation https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/dec/13/fall-in-employment-rate-spells-end-of-uk-jobs-boom "After an upswing stretching to 2012, the Office for National Statistics said the employment rate had fallen by 0.2 percentage points to 75.1%."
  13. He could have said the same thing at any point from June 2016 until the present day!
  14. I think you are giving her way too much credit. From the off, people thought that the general lack of preparation and organisation from the UK was part of some kind of "long game", like bluffing at poker. However we are long past the point where that is a credible option. The own goal snap election, Davis' embarrassing mess over the impact assessments that never were, the mixed messages about the divorce bill the pointless Florence day trip and whole NI border snafu just make her look deeply out of her depth. She isn't in control, she is merely at the wheel. May was a second rate Home Secretary, and she is a third rate PM. David Davis would struggle to hold down a job in an estate agent's office.
  15. Er, the article I posted was about the UK starting trade talks with the EU. The talks about the post-EU trade relationship now won't being until March* and we are leaving the EU 12 months after that. This nicely creates extra pressure on the UK weakening their position. Also, don't forget that the EU haven't agreed a transition period yet - May has said she'd like one, that's all. * = Which makes May's dash and total capitulation to get the "divorce arrangements" agreed all a bit pointless. The UK contingent were hoping to get things moving in January.
  16. Well done David Davis... Brussels rules out early Brexit trade talks Diplomats say EU irritated by Davis comment that divorce deal is only statement of intent https://www.ft.com/content/674623ac-df1e-11e7-8f9f-de1c2175f5ce "EU countries have toughened their stance on Brexit, making clear that talks on a future EU-UK relationship will not begin until March and insisting Britain will stay fully covered by EU rules during a transition — while losing its voice within regulatory agencies — after it leaves the bloc in 2019." I think the EU can smell blood now!
  17. Er no. "High flying" was in a quote about the London job market from the MD of a recruitment agency. He was talking about his agency. The headline was... Employer confidence slumps to a five-year low, research reveals Nice and big so you can see it this time
  18. Local Government Association say "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" 'Urgent clarity' needed on EU funds, councils warn https://www.local.gov.uk/about/news/urgent-clarity-needed-eu-funds-councils-warn
  19. First Double Dunce Davis was caught running his mouth on TV and now May has been caught "not being open"... German minister suggests May not being open with voters about UK paying 'Brexit bill' before trade deal finalised https://www.theguardian.com/politics/blog/live/2017/dec/12/almost-all-potential-brexit-outcomes-will-leave-uk-worse-off-says-us-thinktank-politics-live?page=with:block-5a2feab124e47405c4d736de#block-5a2feab124e47405c4d736de "The German government has called on Britain’s prime minister Theresa May to properly report on the results of the previous Brexit negotiations in her homeland. “You have to play and speak the same way as you do in London,” said Michael Roth (SPD) on the sidelines of an EU ministerial meeting in Brussels. He was “somewhat surprised” that what the British government said in Brussels was “a little different” to what was said in London. Roth hinted that May had given the impression that Britain only had to pay the Brexit final bill to the EU if there was a deal on a trade agreement. From an EU point of view, however, this does not correspond to the deal that May received at the end of last week in Brussels. It stipulates that the agreements on the final invoice will result in a legally binding withdrawal agreement which is independent of the trade agreement desired by the United Kingdom." Oh dear. People will elect Tories.
  20. I hope you feel better now. But spare a thought for all those poor electrons you just wasted! P.S. Turkey applied for EU membership in 1987. They still haven't been let in because they are not a good fit for the EU. No need to thank me.
  21. Yes, it was high flying until the possibility of a Leave vote in 2016, then plunged in July 2016. You're right, probably just a coincidence.
  22. The good news just keeps on coming today: Brexit: Employer confidence slumps to a five-year low, research reveals http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/brexit-latest-news-employer-confidence-drop-low-manpower-eu-european-union-uk-leave-a8104151.html "Employer confidence has slumped to a five-year low, prompting fears that the UK jobs market is “cooling off”, according to a new report. A survey of 2,100 employers by recruiter Manpower found that pessimism was “acute” in London because of fears over the capital’s prospects after the UK leaves the European Union. James Hick, managing director of ManpowerGroup Solutions, said the capital has been suffering from a “double-whammy” of poor confidence in firms and “flatlining” recruitment." Talking the economy down, tsk, tsk.
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