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  1. @TheCountOfNowhere I thought you took the red pill?!
  2. Michael Burry continues tweeting the same of late. This capitalism sh1tshow is truly run by lunatics.
  3. Wasn't "small-c conservative" Javid pushed by Johnson and replaced with the ready-made, super-loyal successor Wishiful Cunsak? Now Wishiful is taking on an enviable but perilous role of the most popular politician. Johnson needs a loyal lap dog not a successor. Am interested in your thoughts also!
  4. But all charlatans need a whipping boy. The question remains who is Mr Bailey's?
  5. While pretending that QE is not directly bankrolling the government. Pretending = lying = trouble.
  6. Fears money-printing bonanza could stop Bank tackling inflation surge (msn.com)
  7. In your opinion why are labour worse than the bad tories?
  8. Yeah as an investor you get paid to HODL! 😄😄 Both are now paving their longer term transition to the greener energy while benefitting from Oil for short to medium term. If you want to get really adventurous and have the time BP is a great share to day trade.
  9. And more yearly highs to come. BP and RDS have got a lot of catching up to do! Both good long term holds at todays prices. Buy the dips. I wonder how long before the bitecoin crowd get bored of treading water and come join us.
  10. Property boss says stimulus has made UK market ‘too big to fail’ | Financial Times (ft.com) Ft reporting on it now as well ! You only have to read the comments to get a sense of sentiment.
  11. Count - you took the red pill, now you wish for the blue instead? 😄
  12. Lol and the same for me. Very good information, am very thankful.
  13. or you could stick the 145K in a share fund or isa... Real world example: If you would have bought Bp shares just over 4 weeks ago at 198p/share you would have a yield of approximately 8% or 11,600 per annum. today they are worth 2.74/share or in other words a 56K capital gain. Not a bad earning wouldn't you agree
  14. I like your smugness. But lets check again in 8 years time and see whether my share portfolio has doubled again based on my returns over a similar timeframe and if your house price has halved due to punitive taxation measures introduced, as I expect either a CGT or land value tax on owner occupied homes. Let me continue to make use of tax free investing with an ISA i.e. I pay no CGT or income tax on dividends. Not only that there is no service costs for housing maintenance unlike owner occupied homes. Maybe I will put a bid on your home and still have enough to retire on! Have a good day sir
  15. Not sure I understand your strategy in this economic climate of taking on house price debt though. House prices will continue to decline in both scenarios, either default or forbearance. If a reset occurs interest rates will rise since the amount of serviceable debt declines. More than likely with the forbearance scenario, banks will eventually be provided with rights to take ownership. They will have no interest in holding property especially in a declining market.
  16. Insurance is far more expensive on newer cars almost double. Roadside assistance is packaged with insurance these days also.
  17. Last year I questioned Nationwide's data on price earnings ratio: Dear Robert, I have recently read your HPI report and was most intrigued by the last graph in the report, "UK House Price to Earning Ratio." Could you please help me to understand the calculation and particularly the reference point used for the UK average/median wage? Only, based on the assertion of the current UK average, the price earnings ratio I calculate would be closer to 7.2 times median wages and well above the 6 times quoted. I look forward to your response. and his response... Thank you for your enquiry. It is the mean annual earnings that is used for the calculation rather than median. The mean is used as it is a closer representation of typical earnings for home buyers. The data is sourced from the ONS, using a combination of the Annual Survey of Hours & Earnings, the average weekly earnings index and Nationwide estimates. The average earnings figure used in the calculation is currently c£34,000. Kind regards, Robert Robert Gardner Chief Economist Nationwide Building Society In principal I have never trusted rounded figures. So with that answer I concluded it was fudged! I am now certain they do this to the HPI figure also and I would expect Halifax do the same!
  18. @Mikhail I also share your rationale and have been advised similarly by an investment advisory service recently. Clearly smart money is moving from property maybe because it us at its peak for returns. There are now far better tax incentives for small investors in stocks and shares thanks to the previous chancellor and I expect more to come of the same in the coming budget.
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