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  1. I believe those companies and individuals seeking furlough should be jointly responsible for paying back those costs via additional taxation on future earnings.
  2. I like how they us the word BOOM rather than hyperinflation!
  3. Are you for real? I suggest you speak with an accountant on your grand idea and see how far that gets you. You cannot just transfer an asset to a limit company without a buy sell which means 1) the ltd co will still incur 3% stamp duty costs even below the 500k threshold 2) the ltd co will need funds to purchase the property either via a business loan or capital investment. Shares issued on creation of the company is usually £1 since the company is deemed no value at time of creation. As a director you can personally invest more or seek a loan to fund capital but this would need to be returned at some point by the company. Which means the company requires an income ( i.e. rent) and therefore taxable on profits. Lastly, you presume future buyers would want to buy shares in this ltd co. Good luck with that!
  4. The inflow of stocks in the last 5 months suggests market makers believe we are headed for more inflation or possibly a new greener market economy with far reaching return on investment.
  5. Sorry SJL I cannot see IRs moving to 10% in my lifetime. I agree it would create far more affordable housing but unfortunately far less market investment. Rightly or wrongly, there is a desire for the economy to evolve investments into future greener technology. Private Individual investors should be at the heart of this. A stark change in interest rates would create economic sea change pushing investors to hold cash for safer returns via saving accounts. We would still have the same societal divisions as we do today, since most high to loan mortgage holders would be trapped in negative equity. I would prefer interest rates move closer to 2-3% in the short to medium term and money supply (private debt) brought under control. Limiting the power of banks to create money would make house prices more affordable for vast majority and without the consequential impacts to investment markets. Like it or lump it we still need the latter since it encourages competition and growth in GDP.
  6. Maybe I am being cynical but it sounds like an ideal way to siphon more tax payers cash without checks and balances for cronyism. Those workers being undocumented masks any proper paper trail.
  7. +1 the usual market ramp, followed by a quiet retrospective downgrade
  8. Get yourself a buying agent and let them do the legwork. They can source properties that don't go to market in the usual way and can work a negotiation strategy in your best interests. But if you ask me you're mad to buy in a frenzy. You're jumping into the arms of satan! 😈 Good luck with that.
  9. Its the largest investment you'll make in your lifetime. I would at least want to view it twice and mull over it for at least a week before offering a fraction of my bitcoin. You want to see the turkeys in Oz. They crowd on auction day to have a competitive bidding war against shillers.
  10. Haha it would make my life more interesting if i were an EA. I would be giving away properties at least 15% below asking. I've been there myself. Just saying, there's no point pushing water uphill; if it happens it happens. But make sure your offer is in writing. They have a legal right to do the same. The vendors are most likely to take advice of offers from the EA, regardless if you make contact with them directly. Putting a letter through the door may encourage the vendors to prioritise you. Let them know your family situation and why you want their home. You need to convince the vendor and usually the EA that you are the right person. Things like no chain, finance sorted or cash buyer works. The EA is incentivised to get a number of offers to find the best price. That may take some time. Now they have your offer they can tell other prospective buyers they have offers already and push for a bidding war. To catch a thief you need to think like a thief!
  11. Honestly, your strategy reeks of desperation. What is your urgency to move or more importantly own when we have a biggest shortage of housing stock coming to market due to covid? Not knowing your situation and if you are desperate to land something ASAP, then usually a timed offer above asking price does the trick. Reading the narrative though, I say you may have blown it. Try not to let your emotions drive your negotiation strategy.
  12. Or quietly cancel aided by subterfuge. BoE is just an extension of Whitehall.
  13. Does make you wonder whether their plans to incentivise home ownership is purely to dump their rental stock at the top of the market! The ramping has gone an extra mile of recent bating the young with FOMO. Its like a last chance saloon for the Tories; almost like they know what's coming!
  14. As of November 2020, the MPC has announced QE purchases totalling £895 billion, equivalent to over 40% of annual UK GDP. The vast majority of these purchases have been of UK government debt. At what point does the BoE say enough crack for the addict and instead opts for the blunt interest rate rise to do the job?
  15. I think its coming and I hope it arrives sooner rather than later. There is a definite "europhia" about which signals the top. A lot of this has been provoked by continual government intervention and investors running to protect their savings. House owners, crypto and tech stock holders will suffer the most in the next downturn in my opinion.
  16. Although I am vast number years off my retirement I've drawn a similar conclusion for now also. But each to their own as they say.
  17. It works! I've rented for the last 15 years. Sold a home (before kids) and moved my savings into stocks 10 years ago. Continued to aggressively save across tax efficient investments like ISA and SIPPs. But I also have a taxable investment account as well. I started pretty poorly in the early days. Initially, during the first few years I netted only the equivalent of HPI/annum. But I have been extremely lucky since then. Experience teaches you, seeking value, hedging risk and holding, yields the best returns. I could buy a nice family home outright but based on experiences so far it is less likely to be financially sound. During the last taxable year I netted 8 times what I pay in rent. I also feel I've learned greater investment knowledge and socio-political awareness than if I wouldn't have and like to think I'm far less susceptible to BS. House prices will become affordable again. They have to! But I am also prepared that they may never do so in my lifetime. We will all eventually die on the same capitalism treadmill. My best investment is to ensure I make the most of the life experiences while I can.
  18. @TheCountOfNowhere I follow Property Lion on twitter so I'm always interested in those informative market tweets! Its a shame twitter is a little restrictive in its reach. Only, reaching more people outside this board would make a greater impact. A possible opportunity to refocus talent and energy on an informative "Property Lion" portal for those first home buyers looking to time the market and benefit from discounted properties?! Either-or, spend time in the garden enjoying the sunshine; mental health is far more important! Like it or lump it, we are on the precipice of sea change in this country, brought on by the ruling class encroachments on rights, freedoms and privileges. We can change it but only as a collective force. Dinner calls, enjoy your time off!
  19. Deserves its own thread away from the distractions.
  20. Cannot rate this more than enough. If you've got 1 hour of your time its well worth the listen. Incredible accusations of fraud on the british people by UK government staffers and the establishment.
  21. Here is 3 words: Help to sell
  22. 6) Cannot holiday abroad unless you own a 2nd home there.
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