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  1. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-9800479/amp/Chancellor-Rishi-Sunak-braced-increase-bill.html Parking this here! What has poor dishy rishy done?!
  2. If I had a pound for every person who tweeted that on twitter in the last 6 months I'd be a very rich man indeed!
  3. I know a few new entrants to bitcoin who bought at the top end and now have buyers remorse.
  4. I must admit had to think about the link. But could it mean free money obtained by private banks instead finds it ways into share buy backs and dividend payouts leaving less money sloshing around to lend for home purchases?
  5. You've got me confused now whats so different to how property log and property lion calculate regional asking price data to yield substantially different results? Did propertylion not report the opposite this morning? Sorry I'm failing to keep up!
  6. Rishi Sunak says financial services deal with EU 'has not happened' | Business News | Sky News Surprised nobody else has picked up on this story. But the forum title seems quite appropriate to insert here. I heard a figure somewhere potentially another ~90k banking jobs now at risk.
  7. Isn't there a lot of hoarding of containers in supply chains causing price increases? A bit like the TPM market since Microsoft enforced a minimum security level for a Windows 11 upgrade. A lot of scalpers have been buying up the market and drip feeding them back to the market at higher prices. Cynically, it wouldn't surprise me if there are alternative powers at force here.
  8. We should be thankful that debt is cheap to cover the increase in living costs! </sarcasm> But your point is more an outcome of excessive money printing and stagnating pay.
  9. How much is pretty well though? I tend to agree with @phantominvestorpretty well means we would all be doing it. The market would then find an equilibrium with pay and benefits.
  10. Just received this on topic email from H&L: Inflation, interest rates and government spending – what’s the latest? | Hargreaves Lansdown (hl.co.uk) Cannot agree more with some posters on here be we are in extraordinary times. I vaguely remember reading somewhere long ago, after the 2007/08 crisis, the next crisis will be the collapse and bailout of governments. I believe we have arrived at this point since global debt is now somewhere in the region of 350% GDP. It could be new national currencies or a global currency are on the way shortly, which make a start to a new beginning. Out with the old in with the new.
  11. @TheCountOfNowhereIs that really you?! 😂
  12. I would argue that rentier capitalism has been the foundation of the United Kingdom's economic policy from the 1970s onwards. But agree since, "taking back control" crony capitalism is on the rise and is destined to be the UK's new economy for the foreseeable future.
  13. And once the distraction ends all eyes will be on the government!
  14. Perhaps @warlord you should spend your energy pointing to a country where capitalism has worked favourably for the many. And we can then compare and contrast with leftist economies that haven't been sabotaged bythe west.
  15. Judging from the response maybe it could have been better put. It was a generalised jibe at the hypocrisy of anti-corbynites. I've nothing against consuming the piece of steak you've cooked. But I do prefer my steak medium cooked rather than too well done.
  16. yeah! Everyone wants free money but nobody wants to vote for socialism. The irony.
  17. I thought the furlough scheme ran through to september
  18. although it sounds like an oxymoron, I think they are expecting the government announcement this evening to be a 4 week delay to restrictions from June 21st into late July.
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