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  1. Good for you I am mortgage free as well. I dont care so much since the stock market pays the rent 8 times over.
  2. Instead, many people voted for a tory party that has many truly awful people in its ranks.
  3. Yes it does. Where do you get a IO mortgage these days allow you to outlay less than 5% at an affordable interest rate?
  4. Housing sector and imputed rent is becoming a big makeup of UK GDP. Government are borrowing fantasy levels of debt to save the country since Brexit and Covid. Its all about making the government debt to GDP ratio look rational. Welcome to the Banana Republic of UK. Our despotic government is further evidence of that!
  5. I think we''ve discussed opportunity costs on another board.
  6. https://apnews.com/article/economy-gross-domestic-product-coronavirus-business-health-8f0e1c51128f4f7fc95f35ae9cea57c0 Surely interest rates have to rise. 6.4% wtf!
  7. Or more people wake up and realize its just more corruption/cronyism; call it what you will.
  8. 20 years ago FTSE was trading around 6000 average. But hey I wont debate you 7000 is the new 6000
  9. Now I don't want to suggest you have short memory but in May 2018 FTSE reached an "all-time high" of 7700. 10 years ago 6000 was considered top. I would expect this coming decade 8000 will be the new top.
  10. I prefer 2 cheeks of the same ****. FPTP promotes only a 2 horse race and any party outside of this has marginal influence in this current system. Electoral reform to PR would empower voters to select other parties at the ballot box and would have a greater consequence on government policies. UK needs sea change in human welfare policy and more conservative on fiscal policy.
  11. Quite agree! Continual education is the greatest weapon against fascism. Those who acquire large debts are most unlikely to think about societal change. Since they are trapped in a system of debt, they can’t afford the time to think.
  12. It pains me to say, the people got what they voted for! The warning signs have been there from the outset. Brexit was a Trojan for this government to introduce state fascism that Oswald Moseley would be proud of. Like Nazism, people have neither been listening or paying attention. Those continuing to subjugate opposition with soundbites like remoaner, wokist, antivaxxer, conspiracy theorist, labour are no better etc. continue to prepare the way for a totalitarian government!
  13. This is what taking back control meant, since Britain will now need to be Great again! Expect a bigger war machine and more foreign interference, greater state control and media manipulation. This is British imperialism mark 2.0, the stuff Nazism aspired to be! Good morning all!
  14. The "Broad church" or appeasing the right of the party.
  15. The left could do with a new party that challenges Labour's apparent leftist agenda. For me Labour are just another pro-establishment Tory lite party, currently. We need to shake the establishment to the core with capitalism for the many. Hmmm where have I heard that before....
  16. I think I may find myself rejecting all major parties and voting green at the next election but it feels pointless without proportional representation.
  17. My impressions were infrastructure investment was poor outside of Bucharest. In Timisoara there is some beautiful architecture but a visible lack of funding to keep on top of maintenance. Residential areas although lived in, still look like building sites. You could visibly see it is one of the poorer EU nations. They do get tornados. One had hit 12 months prior to my business trip and it still looked like there was a lot of cleaning up to do. That aside the people are lovely and welcoming.
  18. I believe those companies and individuals seeking furlough should be jointly responsible for paying back those costs via additional taxation on future earnings.
  19. I like how they us the word BOOM rather than hyperinflation!
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