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  1. But it will bankrupt people. We should look at the dubious spending in whitehall for friends of friends, tax havens, dark money, land wealth, first
  2. Not necessarily about interest rates. There's the QT plan also. The Bank of England is bringing the curtain down on its £895billion money-printing programme after almost 13 years. The Bank said yesterday it would start unwinding the controversial ‘quantitative easing’ scheme launched in March 2009. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-10474335/Bank-England-calls-time-895bn-money-printing-blitz.html What will that do to the market?
  3. Don't bet your socks on it! Sunak plots post-Brexit ‘bonfire’ of City regulations after dozens of lobbying meetings with bankers | The Independent
  4. it will be a nice feeling as long as you can close the door to the banks as well before you hit 70. All the best!
  5. speed are you now using coke? asking for a friend
  6. The Ostrich effect you mean? But that only contributes to the problems the psychopathic establishment create for everyone else!
  7. Yup think you will be back in future to say you called it.
  8. Chancellor now bailing out the public due to boe inflation mismanagement. How long will this go on for I wonder?
  9. It was rhetorical. But whore''s drawers spring to mind!
  10. I agree with your statement but shouldn't the plan be to export more post-brexit? An increase ion GBP value won't help that.
  11. Its an emotional rather than legal decision to reimburse his costs at this stage in the process, since the solicitor has issued the final bill. It really depends whether you want use them again? He may try to reissue you a new or final invoice for services or fees not in the original quotation/contract but then would need to be able to justify this in a small claims court. I doubt he would bother if it is less than £100 since more than likely decision here would be to split the cost between both parties. In my opinion (and without an emotional stake in it) you are better to sit on your hands.
  12. As @SI1 recommended. But I would send my own qualified, preferably IEE, electrician around to provide a report. You can do this straight after offer is accepted. In the past I have provided an option for the vendor to fix any issues identified or deduct costs from the offer. But it depends how you word your offer.
  13. So the conveyancer has or planning to pass this cost on to you on their final bill ?
  14. Either way I think they will continue to raise interest rates to 1% by June-July before the markets tank and the fragile economy built on sand starts to sink. The question is then what do they do?
  15. 0.5 interest rate rise also. Why the market has priced this in already
  16. I honestly think it will be earlier than that. 2030 to be precise.
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