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  1. 59 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    Thanks for the comment.  I appreciate it.

    I've said the main thing I am taking from this is that fact the housing market is on it's knees.

    At some point they'll need prices to correct ( nominally or in real terms, I have no idea which ) to get it moving again.

    Purpble Bricks share price collapse today says to me I am right, I've been thinking about shorting rightmove for a while based on UKPL findings and I am going to do that tomorrow once my trading account allows me to.

    Big thanks also count. This months PL data is again very interesting.  I wouldnt worry about the trolls. They are still very much asleep.

  2. 3 minutes ago, moonriver said:

    Looks like being with Octopus will save you a fortune now.

    Didn't they take over one of the failed companies recently?

    I just heard EOn have taken over Igloo energy who I was with and we have been put on a variable tariff, but guaranteed until March 2022. They haven't said what that rate is though. Dread to think!

    Wonder when these huge fuel price increases feed through, if there may be some people regretting buying those over large, "hard to keep warm" houses?

    I am off to look to buy a new warm fluff onesie. 😄

    I got shifted to octopus from avro 2 weeks ago. Avro were very good to me price wise. Never had a complaint. I can imagine being shifted onto a variable pricing will be eye gougung

  3. Bp and CNA. Bp pay to hold ~5% currently but I am expecting a 3Q surprise.  No divi with cna but with sector consolidation and now debt free I expect this will change now very shortly. 

    Have started buying a green energy now also. Have a look at EQT. They are early lifecycle so not for the faint hearted.



    We all have different strategies but I've planned for stagflation so i've bought into utilities, energy, food, commodities stocks and REIT which have a history of maintaining yields. Strategy is to reinvest dividend aiming for 5-10% capital gains. Rinse and repeat. I'm also speculative on green tech and energy stocks. I'm holding cash buffer outgoings for 1 year.  Any active income outside this goes straight into my share/isa accounts. 

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