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  1. Insurance is far more expensive on newer cars almost double. Roadside assistance is packaged with insurance these days also.
  2. I've never quite understood the reasoning behind carrying out a credit and tenant reference and still taking a deposit. I mean if the tenant has a checkered past it does make sense. But there should be an option for either the tenant or landlord to take out insurance. In any business there is risk and that risk is mitigated by an appropriate insurance against that risk. Why should landlords be exempt of this. I agree it frees deposit money into the wider economy!
  3. Last year I questioned Nationwide's data on price earnings ratio: Dear Robert, I have recently read your HPI report and was most intrigued by the last graph in the report, "UK House Price to Earning Ratio." Could you please help me to understand the calculation and particularly the reference point used for the UK average/median wage? Only, based on the assertion of the current UK average, the price earnings ratio I calculate would be closer to 7.2 times median wages and well above the 6 times quoted. I look forward to your response. and his response... Thank you for your enquiry. It is the mean annual earnings that is used for the calculation rather than median. The mean is used as it is a closer representation of typical earnings for home buyers. The data is sourced from the ONS, using a combination of the Annual Survey of Hours & Earnings, the average weekly earnings index and Nationwide estimates. The average earnings figure used in the calculation is currently c£34,000. Kind regards, Robert Robert Gardner Chief Economist Nationwide Building Society In principal I have never trusted rounded figures. So with that answer I concluded it was fudged! I am now certain they do this to the HPI figure also and I would expect Halifax do the same!
  4. tep1

    Are We On The Edge Of A Great Reversal?

    @Mikhail I also share your rationale and have been advised similarly by an investment advisory service recently. Clearly smart money is moving from property maybe because it us at its peak for returns. There are now far better tax incentives for small investors in stocks and shares thanks to the previous chancellor and I expect more to come of the same in the coming budget.

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