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  1. I've become ever more cynical recently. I wouldn't discount it. The world has become a place where the roulette wheel is spun by the elite and they are entitled to their winnings, regardless.
  2. (80) Great Reset: Housing Shortage EXPOSED (2021) - YouTube He mentions II's buying up property and forcing up prices incl. Lloyds and Blackrock. Plus a wider agenda of future Feudal state.
  3. It would be political suicide for tories to cancel furlough and move employees onto UC. There would be a surge toward the left when people realise ow little and how to get UC is.
  4. Won't be long now; estate agents will be queuing with large discounts for non-chain buyers!
  5. Yes agree with the sentiment but why have a 2 tier system those furloighed and those on Universal credit i.e. self employed? Personally I have no intention of claiming either since I have saved vastly for a rainy day. It meant i had to go without on many luxury items like buying a house which now requires a hefty deposit. My thought has always been what if i am without work suddenly. Why don't others therefore seek responsibly to do the same?
  6. Its great to see the authorities taking action on the matter
  7. So plenty of overpriced property for sale. Consequently, the market is stagnating! If property was an affordable 3 times earnings, imagine how many more properties would come to market because people could afford to move. I know plenty around my way that have given up with a move and alternatively extended their properties instead.
  8. They really did that? Have I missed a trick!!
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