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  1. Posted 17 hours ago "On the contrary, it's good that these t0ssers are pooing their pants. It means that is actually happening" what a sad attitude to life I feel sorry for anyone who wishes ill on others
  2. This just makes common sense and is what dare I say it the older general have being doing for years. It is only in recent time that having a load of debt has been considered normal. As soon as I bought my own place I paid off the mortgage asap it is common sense It is good to see that others have woken up to economic reality
  3. The 9 Elms area has been hugely over-developed in the Home Counties prices are still rising
  4. Why do you care about what cars people drive? get on and enjoy life it is too short to worry about what others do with their own money.
  5. I find the vitriol hard to understand. many here have said they have no desire to ever buy a home for many reasons. So if all the landlords disappear where will people who wish to rent live? I have met tenants who are scum as you so eloquently put it in a previous job.
  6. Awful people who are just being rude to someone from behind the safety of a pc screen - no different to little kids on Fb at school but as they are adults they are just sad pathetic scum
  7. AI will ensure than millions are driven into poverty. Huge numbers of job that used to be done will disappear. There will be mass unemployment on a scale never seen even during the 30s depression. Driverless cars will put 10000s out of work, driverless trains already on DLR and will expand, pilotless planes are a step away from a drone, robots will do many operations, there is a prototype machine for laying bricks which can lay to within 1mm accuracy and can work 24 hours a day. Amazon now have a test shop which has no staff. 2 local gyms near me have no staff with monitoring by video. I
  8. No NHS - no benefits, poor medical services, very few could afford a car, holidays were in Margate, yea that was so easy way back then
  9. So with zero evidence you have decided what happened Do you also thinkl tnhe US govt was responsible for 9/11?
  10. How is the saved if there is a massive recession?
  11. But the jump up is from what were the lowest figures in history the number available is still ,lower than any time before 2007 This does not seem to me a huge change especially when you consider the huge number of new homes built in Croydon recent years Prices may drop as the number of new homes is ridiculous but the drop will tend to be on those new homes which will still be unaffordable to normal people not the 2nd hand market bit but they will not return to 2007 levels sadly The only thing that will reduce prices I think will be a massive UK recession whi
  12. How do you know this have you been an estate agent ?
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