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  1. Dead Spider

    Any Reason Why I Shouldn't?

    The OP is talking about moving to Germany , not the UK , please keep up .
  2. Just got hold of another price for a 33.3g sterling medal (part of a 36 medal collection) originally sold new in Oct 1973 for £5.00 but bought in early 2008 for £8.50 . So , according to the inflation calculator : £5 in 1973 would be worth £48.55 in 2008 yet was sold for £8.50 .
  3. Bin there , done that :-) , so many times it's embarrassing .
  4. Just went through some of my boxes and found the 1981 Royal wedding collection of coins . I have the original invoices . As an example of inflation protection the original purchase price from Spink 0n 23.09.81 was £25.00 plus £3.75 vat (at 15%) total £28.75 . I paid £7.94 each (16 in set) in early 2008 . Edit to add: Per the inflation calculator at My link they should have cost me £90.85 each to keep up with inflation .
  5. Dead Spider

    Silver Noob Need Some Advice

    Here's not a bad set . My link From this set I only have the 20 Balboa (the big one in the middle) . MIne weighs 130.9g .
  6. Dead Spider

    Silver Noob Need Some Advice

    and you watch it get split :-) There will be a flood of single Pinches "Mountbatten Medallic History of Great Britain" medals coming onto Ebay in a month or so . Each will be opening at around £26+ plus post . I'm happy to be wrong though :-) Can't be too many of the 1970's collections left intact . Maybe ;
  7. Dead Spider

    The Future Of Property Bee

    This cured my current PB problem . I'm on FF v3.0.18 (Olde I know) . My link
  8. Dead Spider

    Silver Noob Need Some Advice

    I was going to suggest this Ebay auction (now ended) but I thought the opening bid of £1990 was too high . My link I was amazed it actually sold . Last time I saw this set was in December 2009 and it sold for a total of C: £1050 in 4 x 25 coin auctions .
  9. Dead Spider

    Silver Noob Need Some Advice

    and we have an obvious winner . kilham wins with his valuation of £5000+ My link and it still has nearly 4 hours to run . Well done . I thought there would be less interest today after the silver price dropped 49p a Toz .
  10. Dead Spider

    Silver Noob Need Some Advice

    Regretably I can't answer your question . Not my type of coin but richyc had some pre-1947 coins (50% silver) for sale recently by the kilo at 50% spot . I have know idea whether that is still the case . Just thought I'd mention it . HPC link
  11. Dead Spider

    Silver Noob Need Some Advice

    ..... and in the Ebay market stakes we currently have .... richyc in the lead with 4200 (the price at the moment ) , followed by newbonic at 4500 , who is closely following by DS at 4600 and trailing at the moment , but gaining fast , is kilham at 5000+ .
  12. Dead Spider

    Btl Really Is A One-Way Bet

    Lot's of monkeys . Use Firefox . Get the Greasemonkey addon from : My link When installed you'll see a monkey face at the bottom right of Firefox . Then at propertychimp to greasemonkey from : My link Then go to http://www.houseprices.co.uk/ , do a search , and it will now look like this : Simply roll mouse over the "Fetch" on the left and watch it update with all previous sales .
  13. Dead Spider

    Silver Noob Need Some Advice

    Allowing maybe 20g for the steel blades on the knives I'll guess about £4600 . Good game :-)

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