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  1. The OP is talking about moving to Germany , not the UK , please keep up .
  2. Just got hold of another price for a 33.3g sterling medal (part of a 36 medal collection) originally sold new in Oct 1973 for £5.00 but bought in early 2008 for £8.50 . So , according to the inflation calculator : £5 in 1973 would be worth £48.55 in 2008 yet was sold for £8.50 .
  3. Bin there , done that :-) , so many times it's embarrassing .
  4. Just went through some of my boxes and found the 1981 Royal wedding collection of coins . I have the original invoices . As an example of inflation protection the original purchase price from Spink 0n 23.09.81 was £25.00 plus £3.75 vat (at 15%) total £28.75 . I paid £7.94 each (16 in set) in early 2008 . Edit to add: Per the inflation calculator at My link they should have cost me £90.85 each to keep up with inflation .
  5. Here's not a bad set . My link From this set I only have the 20 Balboa (the big one in the middle) . MIne weighs 130.9g .
  6. and you watch it get split :-) There will be a flood of single Pinches "Mountbatten Medallic History of Great Britain" medals coming onto Ebay in a month or so . Each will be opening at around £26+ plus post . I'm happy to be wrong though :-) Can't be too many of the 1970's collections left intact . Maybe ;
  7. This cured my current PB problem . I'm on FF v3.0.18 (Olde I know) . My link
  8. I was going to suggest this Ebay auction (now ended) but I thought the opening bid of £1990 was too high . My link I was amazed it actually sold . Last time I saw this set was in December 2009 and it sold for a total of C: £1050 in 4 x 25 coin auctions .
  9. and we have an obvious winner . kilham wins with his valuation of £5000+ My link and it still has nearly 4 hours to run . Well done . I thought there would be less interest today after the silver price dropped 49p a Toz .
  10. Regretably I can't answer your question . Not my type of coin but richyc had some pre-1947 coins (50% silver) for sale recently by the kilo at 50% spot . I have know idea whether that is still the case . Just thought I'd mention it . HPC link
  11. ..... and in the Ebay market stakes we currently have .... richyc in the lead with 4200 (the price at the moment ) , followed by newbonic at 4500 , who is closely following by DS at 4600 and trailing at the moment , but gaining fast , is kilham at 5000+ .
  12. Lot's of monkeys . Use Firefox . Get the Greasemonkey addon from : My link When installed you'll see a monkey face at the bottom right of Firefox . Then at propertychimp to greasemonkey from : My link Then go to http://www.houseprices.co.uk/ , do a search , and it will now look like this : Simply roll mouse over the "Fetch" on the left and watch it update with all previous sales .
  13. Allowing maybe 20g for the steel blades on the knives I'll guess about £4600 . Good game :-)
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