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  1. 2 of the 6 places I viewed on saturday are now under offer.
  2. There! You see! You are trying to apply reason and logic where it is not applicable.
  3. Gordon eats 250m on is cornflakes. Its barely even pocket money to this government.
  4. I have turned bull. Not because I want to or because I think its a good thing, but because I just cant ignore the evidence anymore. All the logic and reasoned arguments in the world add up to precisely sodall when it comes to the housing market. This is why we had HPI for all those years when simple common sense said it was impossible. And its also why we have it now. The UK housing marker simply isnt reasonable. It defies reason. It defies logic. And it absolutely will not stop.
  5. He writes for the guardian. What do you expect?
  6. No. Demand (and value) for property is based on the availability of credit. If there were NO mortgages, the average price of a house would drop to something like that of an average car.
  7. Using the Ferrai analogy, just because few can afford them, doesnt make them cheap.
  8. Shelter dont want affordable housing in the sense those on this forum do. They want affordable housing in the newlabourspeak "Thousands of 1-bed shoe box luxury apartments built on an old arsenic smelter next to sink estate that will cost £350,000 each" sense of it.
  9. I doesnt matter if most landlords maybe wont turf you out. The fact is it could happen. At least when you own then they have to have a reason for kicking you out. I dont buy all this "Renting is so much better than buying" stuff. If thats the case, then why subscribe to a site the complains about how expensive it is to buy? Surely if renting is so wonderful then theres no cause whatsoever to wish for a crash.
  10. No, check the Nationwide index. Its almost at 10%. You do know Nationwide dont you? Its the source of the chart on the front page of this site.... the one that hasnt been updated for quite a long time.
  11. Property is not just about investment. Its about having a home with security. Renting does not provide any security at all, you can be hoofed out in 2 months for no reason whatsoever, even if you do pay the rent on time every time. At least if you buy a place, they have to wait until you default on the loan before they can try and kick you out.
  12. This is the kind of thing that gets me about this site. The fact is that house prices are on track for a double digit year-on-year increase and you have people who not only claim that the market has only stagnated but hurl insults at anyone who dares suggest otherwise. Plus ca change.
  13. If I had a penny for all the people who said that when prices went up again in 2006, I'd be able to buy Kent for cash.
  14. This whole bull trap thing is wishfull thinking, just as the whole "prices will fall by 50% in 2005" thing was wishfull thinking. Its not happening guys. Face the facts.
  15. You know, I heard all of this during 2004 and 2005 and 2006 and 2007, during which time house prices shot up and I got priced out of many an area I could previously have afforded. Prices didnt even get close to 2005 levels at the bottom of the crash. So I'm still priced out of areas I could have afforded in 2004. Your insistence that its really a bear market is just the same as the typical HPC view for years, during which time we had double digit HPI. To hold that view despite all the evidence to the contrary is ludicrous. Look back at some threads from 2004 when people were licking their lips at the thought of the massive 50% crash of 2005 that never happened. In fact, its beyond ludicrous. Its pitiful. Your explaination above is a deus ex machina. It doesnt ring true. Not when prices went up by 1.2% in january. Which is the worst month for prices. What do you think will happen in spring?
  16. Its still 9 viewing per hour per agent. With 2 agents they are are doing 18 viewing per hour. Even if I was unlucky enough to hit peak hour, I dont imagine they had much difficulty doing 100 viewing that day. So lets say they did another 100 during the other 5 days of the week. Thats 200 viewings in a week. And you think thats grounds for being bearish?
  17. Yes saturday, because they arent open sunday and I work for a living. I was talking about TIME of viewing not day of viewing.
  18. This is not 2007. In 2007 there was piles of stock on the market. Now theres barely anything, just a few leftovers to pick at, and people are paying. They are buying. Prices are going up. Almost 10% in the last 12 months. House prices are dictated soley by the availbility of credit. This, if nothing else, is the lesson of the last two years. And the government will do anything. ANYTHING. To ensure that credit is cheap and available. Including just plain old printing money and handing it out and consequeces be damned. House prices are priority number 1 in this country. Children can starve on the streets, thats fine, just so long as house prices go up, people will be happy. You think the correlation between Labour's share of the polls and house prices are co-incidence? Of course not. People will vote for the government when house prices go up, and for someone else when they go down. Everything else can go to hell in a handbasket. Houseprices are the only thing that really matter to the vast majority of people in this country.
  19. Except I dictated what time I would be viewing. I imagine the others did too.
  20. I went out viewing houses yesterday. Very depressing stuff. You still cant get much for your money and in fact, in the area I was loooking, I'd say theres no change from 2007 prices...... And stuff is selling! In fact some houses are selling before you get even arrange a viewing. Estate agents so busy they are doubling up on their viewings..... One EA was frantically ferrying people around. Dropped one couple off then picked us up..... lead another 2 couples following in their cars behind us..... then dropped us off and picked up another couple and off he goes again, like the pied bloody piper..... phones ringing off the hook in the office..... Sorry chaps, but the truth is that in this country, people would rape their own grandmothers if they thought it might make houses go up. Crash off. Boom ahoy. I'm now a bull, because to be bearish after what I saw yesterday would be perverse.
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