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  1. Exactly, I dont understand all the moaning and complaining here about it. I thought the first rule when dealing with politicians was dont listen to what they say, watch what they do. They clearly are not targeting inflation, but are setting interest rates as low as possible to try and stimulate growth and, at the same time, inflate the debt away. Would everyone feel better if they just admitted that they were no longer following their supposed remit? What difference would that make? It's clear what they're doing - base your decisions on that.
  2. Why do you need the truth serum? I find the old adage about politicians stil holds true - You know they're lying / talking crap if their lips are moving.
  3. A frightening read. My only consolation is that I read in todays papers that Cyprus and possibly France are now looking at requiring bailouts.
  4. Do you expect her and the kids to eat the leather sofa and plasma TV?
  5. Well the 2 of you could stick £30k in index linked savings certificates, possibly get your parents and grandparents to hold some more for you as well. Then if it were me, I would wait and see if prices come down much over the next couple of years - I doubt they will go up and I doubt interest rates will go up either. The main level of inflation you are woried about when it comes to protecting your savings is house price inflation. If house prices stay nominally static and your savings certificates make 5%, or whatever inflation is, then you're winning. You'll also have a bigger deposit and can take advantage of better deals with a lower ltv ratio.
  6. Why is this, please? I thought EU citizen in any other EU country would be entitled to reciprocal healthcare arrangements.
  7. Well, alI can say is a very heartfelt "Thankyou" to the Sun and anyone else involved for getting this clown out of office before he could do any more damage.
  8. It must still be a bit more difficult that in Britain, people still seem to rate how big a house is by the number of bedrooms. If the (much more sensible) system as used on the continent of quoting square metres (or sq feet) were used, it would then be easy to set a price ie x m3 in such and such an area plus / minus a bit for this, that and the other.
  9. Eh? If they lose x in tax revenues because of strike action, then they must save x / 0,25 or 0,4 in salaries they dont have to pay.
  10. Eh?? So in one breath you say its a terrible idea, then go on to say that to beat a 6% mortgage as a higher rate tax payer, you need to find a savings account paying 10% before tax. And where can I find one of those, pray?
  11. Hmm not sure. My debt is losing value at the rate at which my income increases. My cash however, isnt losing value, at least the cash in the bank isn't, since i only intend to use it to pay off the mortgage. I accept that relative to the cost of living (food, energy etc) my cash is losing value at the rate of RPI - interest received in the bank, but my non mortgage outgoings are relatively small, ie personal inflation rate probably quite low.
  12. Its generally accepted that overpaying your mortgage is a good idea, especially if you jhave money sitting in an account earning 2% and the interest rate on your mortgage is 5%. However, how does this fit in with the factor of inflation eroding the capital? Obviously one good argument for having a mortgage is that you borrow the money at todays prices and pay it back in the future when inflation has eroded some of the value of the capital. I realise that the only type of inflation which erodes the capital is wage inflation but, given that wages should rise to a limited extent, by repaying a mortgage early, is one missing out on the benefits of future inflation?
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