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  1. Dont know if i should be sharing this info but its kind of doing my head in thinking about it. Today i was informed that i have been selected to take part in emergency planning for a training excercise in a martial law implementation in Portadown. An infra structure of 250 people are involved in my area boundries,interlinking in county borders, this is throughout the british isles. Date to follow and it will be for an intensive 2 weeks working alongside Goverment Office and HMF, Police ,and Fire service. This is not optional, this is a must attend at all accounts, theres 3 others i know of and all had rellevent millitary roles within Nucular Biological Chemical instrutional training, this has come out of the blue and coupled with mass ordering of auto inject atropine serum and heavy drilling for all in hazchem codes and major incidents training,im wondering if things are worse than anyone thought viable. People with bad eyes have had to bring in a detailed perscription for monacle attachments for their gas masks. They have plans for us all im sure, 28 DAYS LATER.
  2. Ive done some close protection work whilst in the army FP, but alas with whats coming i think my current skills as a paramedic just might be needed more.................TAKE COVER...........
  4. Kind of, but im really surprised theres still money being lent out for them, monies are tighter than a ducks arrrse around here. Whos the lender ill forward my failed perspective buyers who sound very similar to these two,but didnt secure a deal at 115k , maybe a north an south risk in possible/ongoing drops.
  5. Firstly im glad your mot came back clear, just take things a bit slower if you can, easier said then done in todays society. Secondly this is true about depression and suicide, and financial situations are a massive burden coupled with other elements this can push joe bloggs over the edge and as above shows.......you have a cause and effect. Casualties aplenty are coming our way on suicides,and this is not on, we should not skit people when they are so low that the way out is to take their own life,but we do, empathy in general is dying in todays lifestyle, its all about number 1(not everyone) but its a comman train of thought. Ive not got enough digits on my toes and fingers to count the suicides ive attended, all pathetic cause....theres a news item kicking around on the intranet about a bloke getting mowed down in a hit an run in broad daylight in states.....people all going about their bussiness ignore this crumpled body splayed out in the middle of the road, cars driving around him like a discarded bag of rubbish. We reap what we sow i guess, but yes as you say...a lot more to come.
  6. Lol, lived through the last one, although i was in the army at the time. I wont be homeless or pitched from piller to post, and as a paramedic ive got quite secure job prospects, but i do have empathy as light hearted as your post is to me i reckon that this will ring true for a percentile of the nation, calls for suicide watch and overdoses are a comman wee hours of the morning call to the ambulance service. Ill winds are blowing cgnao, and your in the drivers seat in pole position for a lot of your pre-empts are coming home to roost. Me yep i guess i will get down at some point during this,but i wont be alone and it wont just be due to calling the market wrong. PPS im just so proud as youve posted on my thread, albeit to predict my demise, good on ya wee man.
  7. The main flaw with this is im a on a mortgage with 84k still in house. Nextdoors sold for 150 last aug,and it needed work, mine was valued in feb slightly higher in a falling market,at at 115 now in 4 months im feeling the g force of my original price gathering speed towards me, im not after big gains, i just dont want small loses, but the above idea sounds good in theory...thnx.
  8. To the two who are gonna buy now, i know of a little 3 bed semi...orp..front an f/r gardens..integ garage...recently renovated, its in my little shitty town of barrow in furness and its my house. 115k gets you your own little castle, go on av a punt, you know you want too.
  9. Ive drop the price 25% from market value in feb, its too little too late, people want it at current price but cant get mortgage if ftb,er or if taking step up ladder from terreced then they cant sell their own.....honestly there is no money on offer around here....none what-so-ever. Yes even with 10-15% deposits.
  10. Yep there will be comparable drops both up and down the ladder, but with the probability of negative equity at both ends of the market we will find a stalemate situation as no transactions will proceed, as mortgages will not be released by the lenders, its this situation that a lot of folk i know dont take on board.
  11. I dont think i will sell, there is no money for the area from lenders,these geographical ares go down fast in a crash, average income circa 15k, retail and care, its the death of another northern ghost town.
  12. Does not surprise me if they close,worst sales ethics ever seen, sent many a person into a lifetime of debt through underhand sales techniques.
  13. Correct it isnt...but i want to eventually move up the ladder, dont fancy a hefty negative equity wieght to offset first. This is looking a possibility.
  14. A few months ago i said i was putting my house up for sale....trying to sell before any major corrections...but ive not had a sniff...i orignally put a 10-15% reduction on a then current markey value.....but nada....another 10% off loaded recently...and a few ftb,ers snapping around who wanted to buy...but struggled to secure mortgages for 115k for three bed semi that im selling. Things are so feckin bad here now in Barrow in Furness, there are no sales going through. Our largest EA in Furness is Pooles Townsend in Barrow, and i know that they need to make 18 sales minimum a week to stay afloat...and these are your run of the mill northern terreced houses, circa 60-70k, and ive been informed for the last 4 weeks there has been 12 confirmed sales. Going off this info im resigned that i missed the boat to make any gains from my property and as fast as its going down still, i may be looking at negative equity in a couple of yrs. Stagflation my ****,wish id listened a bit more to the old STR,s on ere when i joined a couple of years ago.
  15. too true, it wont be up for long......total under pinning required me thinx.
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