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  1. I meant a year. But it is still like a mortgage, a grand per month.
  2. You just summed it up nicely what the EU gave to the once richer countries - exactly nothing. Less jobs, more people, more debt, net contribution to EU. In the meantime poorer countries takes all the jobs and the knowledge coming with it + they get some nice sum from the EU on top of it. Just a few points on the brighter side. 1. In these countries there is much less talent, they already have issues with available cheap workforce. 2. Salaries are skyrocketing there, 5-10% yearly while pound is going down. 3. There is still a slight disadvantage due to language. Th
  3. lol are you trolling? ALL new factories have been going to east europe for a very long time. Audi, mercedes, etc. ALL bank backoffice jobs are going to east europe. Look it up, jp morgan poland, morgan stanley hungary, etc. They've started there in 2004-2006 with the headcount of 1 after EU went east and by now there are tens of thousands of highly paid jobs there. And they want to double/triple the headcount in the forecoming years. These jobs are gone regardless of brexit. For the jobs staying here you have a lot more people competing, due to immigration from those coun
  4. http://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices_report.htm?location=london&lastyear=1 Which one is a lie then?
  5. They value the pay and conditions much more than a british person. For them 10-17 GBP per hour is like net 6-7 grand for the average brit - they will come in even when being ill. Also in their home countries it's like you don't show up -> you don't have to come next day. And the boss handles them like pieces of shit, so the UK construction industry is like a dream compared to where they are coming from. So they actually like and value the work in the UK, that's why they show better work ethic.
  6. I don't really understand what is the plan of the EU. Let's say Le Pen and Geert do not win this time, then what? In 4-5 years time there are election times again and as EU don't want to handle the underlying issues the situation will be way worse, so it's a guaranteed EU sceptic win in multiple EU countries. Instead of bashing the UK they should realise we are right and they HAVE TO deal with the immigration and growing inequality. Even if EU does not fall apart this year, it will in 5 years time...
  7. What we have today is a huge disparity between asset prices and wages. Central banks and gov want inflation. QE and low interest rates intentionally pushed up asset prices to their new, inflated level, lets say its 100% more than before. Their expectations are that sooner or later wages will adjust to this new level, so in the end they created a huge inflation with all the QE and low interest rates. Gov need inflation so it does not need to bear the consequences of taking on too much debt. Due to the growing gap between everything vs wages, the pressure on people is increasing (thi
  8. Everyone on this planet targets the young ones when trying to make money. They have no experience and are unprepared - for them everything is new. You can sell them the "dream", movies, pop stars and a pile of bricks for a million. It is very hard to resist the temptation when you are young and haven't figured out things, especially when even the government pushes them towards taking on unseen levels of debt (in real terms). I can't blame the young ones, it is the older generation who are exploiting their own children and when they can't reproduce themselves in enough numbers due to the f
  9. That was the plan after all, more and more debt for everyone to make bankers rich. We should repay public and private debt, make the inflation target 0% by backing our money with gold, then close down all banks. The ones who cannot come up with people deposits will go to prison for 100 years.
  10. Sorry, I don't read your posts. Hopefully exactly the same happens with a lot more owners, they suddenly realise top of the market is here (well, it's gone) and suddenly they want to downsize and milk someone else for as much as they can. And then millions of houses will come to the market and chains will just fall apart cause people at the bottom with cash will realise if they wait a bit more they will get more for their money. If you check the numbers you have like 1.5 months until nationwide and halifax index turns zero or negative - unless prices start i
  11. Strange that up until now you have been happy with your big house appreciating each year, now that the market turns you are suddenly a poor victim who wants to move, but is not able. Since 2010 prices went up 50% in Dorking, my suggestion is that you lower the price with just half of your mad gainz, let's say 25% and then you will have a taker for sure, but if you lower it with the whole 50% I am sure someone will buy it within 1 day. It's not liquidity problem, there are always takers if the price is right, its a greed problem.
  12. Just plain lies. Yes, you can find a few properties in ANY countries for millions, but the average is nowhere near 300K euros, whatever you say.
  13. If someone wouldn't know these links: https://www.numbeo.com/property-investment/region_rankings.jsp?title=2017&region=150 https://www.numbeo.com/property-investment/rankings.jsp
  14. Lol that 300K euro flat is very close to the absolute top in bucharest, you should compare it with the 3M euro flats in London. That's more closer to the truth: https://www.numbeo.com/property-investment/compare_cities.jsp?country1=Romania&country2=United+Kingdom&city1=Bucharest&city2=London
  15. "BoE feels it has latitude to place a higher value on economic stability" BoE does not care about economic stability, the role of central banks is to provide stability only to the financial world regardless of what happens with people and real economy. Their purpose is to turn off free market mechanisms and make sure no banks can go bust, regardless of how greedy they are, so people do not lose their deposit and does not burn down all banks. So they can just milk us for more and more money forever. That's the big idea, that's exactly the reason central banks have been originally
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