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  1. LSL Acadata: +1.8% yoy London in Sep (from revised +3.0% in Aug) +1.0% yoy England and Wales in Oct http://www.acadata.co.uk/services/house-price-index/ http://www.acadata.co.uk/assets/uploads/2018/11/LSL-Acadata-EW-HPI-News-Release-October-18.pdf
  2. guest_northshore

    Budget 2018 announced

    Tax rules for second-homes to be reviewed by ministers https://www.gov.uk/government/news/tax-rules-for-second-homes-to-be-reviewed-by-ministers "A business rates ‘loophole’ which could be costing English councils millions in lost Council Tax is to be reviewed by ministers with a consultation launched today (7 November 2018). Currently, second-home owners pay Council Tax on their properties including when the property is available to rent infrequently during the year. Properties are valued for business rates when owners declare their property is available to let as ‘holiday accommodation’ for 140 days or more in a year. Any property registered for business rates, rather than Council Tax, is likely to qualify for small business rate relief. This provides 100% relief from business rates, so no tax is due on properties with a rateable value of £12,000 or less. Around 47,000 holiday lets in England are liable for business rates, of which circa 96% have rateable values of £12,000 or less. Currently there is no requirement for evidence to be produced that a property has actually been commercially let. Genuine businesses can claim the relief to which they are entitled. However, the government is aware of concerns that owners of second homes which do not fall into this category, could exploit the system by not paying Council Tax, whilst still using local services."
  3. guest_northshore

    Budget 2018 announced

    Not forgetting his land option agreement: http://www.channel4.com/info/press/news/secrets-of-britain-s-new-homes-channel-4-dispatches The adjacent development by Martin Grant Homes looks to be ongoing/complete now: https://www.martingranthomes.co.uk/location/woodhill/ Oudated aeriel photos but that's the area of development, and house to NE with pool is his according to public Companies House info. So assume the optioned land is to the east or south of the main property. Map Matter of time.
  4. Yes good spot. '...Budget announces that from April 2021, a new Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme will run for 2 years before closing in March 2023. The new scheme will be available for first-time buyers only, and for houses with a market value up to new regional property price caps, as set out in Table 4.2. These caps are set at 1.5 times the current forecast regional average first-time buyer price, up to a maximum of £600,000 in London. The government does not intend to introduce a further Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme after March 2023.' https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/budget-2018-documents/budget-2018
  5. guest_northshore

    Budget 2018 announced

    It's the equity loan scheme (HTB1), which is just for new builds. The mortgage guarantee scheme (HTB2) now closed was for existing properties. Still corrupt as fck, but not quite as much.
  6. guest_northshore

    Budget 2018 announced

    Letwin's report on build out rates: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/independent-review-of-build-out-final-report Summary: http://www.civitas.org.uk/2018/10/29/letwins-vision-is-impressive-but-he-has-ducked-the-big-question/
  7. guest_northshore

    Budget 2018 announced

    He's also introducing a new Structures and Building Allowance: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/capital-allowances-for-structures-and-buildings-technical-note Relief for non-residential construction. Castlemead do healthcare and nursing home construction, and don't think they're defined as residential.
  8. guest_northshore

    Budget 2018 announced

    Possibly. http://www.wrexham.gov.uk/assets/pdfs/housing/documents/affordable_housing_leaflet.pdf
  9. guest_northshore

    Budget 2018 announced

    Unfortunately he's not a moron. For example I'm sure further business rates relief wasn't for the benefit of his own property firms at all, like last time.
  10. LSL Acadata: +3.9% yoy London in Aug (from revised +3.0% in Jul) +0.9% yoy England and Wales in Sep http://www.acadata.co.uk/services/house-price-index/ http://www.acadata.co.uk/assets/uploads/2018/10/LSL-Acadata-EW-HPI-News-Release-September-18.pdf
  11. guest_northshore

    UK earnings growth accelerates

    But not in real terms.
  12. Offer price would just rise to previous + tax break/2. Not corrupt at all.
  13. I'm a non-interventionist so find all offensive armies unpleasant. Also quite sceptical about our press and have more time for peace attempts than war attempts whatever the group. Hamas is the Government in Gaza, the EDL is the EDL. Not comparable in terms of scope or the underlying conflict. We could extend that perspective to the Israeli Government's view on Palestinians, or the Egyptian Government's view on Christians etc etc which would bring many more politicians into a similar problem mix. I don't like selective criticism and certainly won't take sides based on whether the oppressor/oppressed are State services or non-State actors.
  14. I still think a lot of the Corbyn controversy is selective reporting. I've yet to vote for him but agree with some views, disagree on others. Perhaps the approach to dialogue changes with progression to leader, I don't know. On your 'unpleasant' examples - frankly the older I get the more I question accepted historical narratives written by the winners, like the distinction between freedom-fighter and terrorist. If I'd been born in Ireland or Israel/Palestine at a certain time I'm not sure where my sympathies would lie. I don't agree that murder's only ok when committed by a State employee, and would argue that's primarily a righty perspective not lefty. Many South American/African/Middle East resistance groups were left wing due to authoritarian right wing Governments, but that doesn't make the notion of fighting subjugation and hierarchy necessarily rose-tinted or partisan. I have no idea if that's how Corbyn and core supporters view it, but think those particular criticisms of him pander to the idea of unquestioning faith in authority opinion. I'm not into that.
  15. My politics depends on the subject matter, but yes I'll believe it when I see it. Landownerism and rent-seeking seems core to Conservatism so I suspect that even a program to build will actually mean a program to build and sell-off for votes.

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