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  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/the-uk-is-a-global-corruption-centre-campaigners-claim-a7058126.html Edit - meant as a reply to happyguy
  2. Ok. Then I'll leave you to your helptoselleconomosupplylogic.
  3. guest_northshore


    Indeed - just corrupt. From a funding rather than do nothing perspective - borrow £150bn for a million council houses and infrastructure on public land (75k build, 75k infrastructure per house) @ 2% for 30 years = £3bn interest p/a. Cost would be covered by average £250 p/m rent, with bonus of slash to PRS housing benefit bill and broader land prices. But house prices and rents remain our national disease, so not sure anymore who to blame.
  4. It's a Gov scheme to provide £1 billion of debt - via Barclays - to developers. How does that increase supply of land and/or housing?
  5. guest_northshore


    Updated: BTL Dual income mortgages Interest only mortgages BTL tax advantages Interest rates Relatively lower Basel capital requirements/risk weightings for property backed assets 'Postponed' council tax revaluations Less regulated BTL lending Funding for Lending Newbuy Guarantee Firstbuy Scheme Homebuy FIRE sector party donations Help to Buy equity loans Help to Buy mortgage guarantee Shared Ownership PFI Housing benefit Support for Mortage Interest Build now pay later Scheme New Homes Bonus Affordable Homes Programme Get Britain Building Fund Builders Finance Fund Right to Buy Proposed building standard and regulation cost cutting Looser residential planning approval rules for offices/commercial property Releasing more public land for private rather than public uplift New homes zero-rated for VAT Build to Rent Fund Stamp duty reforms Rental Deposit Loan Scheme Help to Buy ISA Pension/inheritance reforms 'Discounted' starter homes Expropriating HA properties Raising inheritance tax limit for property Housing Growth Partnership Starter Homes Fund Business Rates reforms Starter Home Scheme Right to Acquire 'Pay to Stay' social rents Preserved Right to Buy Self 'Build' Portal Discounted Sales Part ownership - Resales Part ownership - HOLD Part ownership - OPSO Part ownership - Social HomeBuy MoD Tenancy Deposit Loan Scheme Forces Help to Buy 'Starter' Homes Local Authority Funding Programme The Community Pub Business Support Programme Coastal Communities Fund Term Funding Scheme Home Building Fund Capacity Fund 'Affordable' Housing Guarantees Programme Estate Regeneration Fund Rent to Buy Public land for Housing/Accelerated Construction Programme/Large Sites and Housing Zones Fund Garden Cities Towns Villages Starter Homes Land Fund Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund: phase 2 (private sector developments) 'Affordable' Homes Programme funding expansion Enterprise Zones business rates relief Housing Infrastructure Fund Digital Infrastructure Fund Business rates relief for broadband installers Land Release fund Build to Rent boost Term Funding Scheme (APF) limit increase Northern Cultural Regeneration Fund --------- FTB stamp duty relief £10 billion new funding for Help to Buy Equity Loan Cash boost for garden towns Planning Delivery Fund Housing guarantee scheme - private rented sector Relaxation of permitted development regs for agricultural buildings Statutory business rates exemption for plant nurseries Costal Revival Fund Move On Fund Voluntary Right to Buy Pilot (housing association tenants) Pub is The Hub funding £1.3 billion Land Assembly Fund £630 million Small Sites Fund £1 billion Housing Delivery Fund
  6. guest_northshore

    What is fair value?

    What's 'normal'? Fair value is a function of price inputs. Government has spent 30+ years abolishing regulation that kept land and house prices relatively low. A lower fair value requires unwinding the deregulation, and refocusing taxation on unearned vs earned income. http://www.if.org.uk/2014/07/01/housing-crisis-what-housing-crisis/
  7. LSL Acadata: +3.6% yoy London in July (from revised +1.9% in June) +1.8% yoy England and Wales in August http://www.acadata.co.uk/acadataHousePrices.php
  8. Yeah think of the poor subsidised landowners. We can't have people residing on land for free.
  9. Don't know but the sale isn't economically logical, as only predicated on Network Rail's inability to borrow the money. They're state assets with a perpetual and non-maximised income stream, yet the private equity buyers will likely borrow to buy them at a rate higher than Gov could achieve. 1.5bn * 30y Gilt yield = £27.75m pa interest costs. Current annual profit of £70m and 900/3700 arches currently vacant. Almost by definition has to be bad long-term value.
  10. Makes Injin's rants seem comparatively very slightly interesting.
  11. guest_northshore

    1/3 have no Pension Savings

    Indeed. Smith didn't say the invisible hand solves for efficient outcomes or fairness or social benefit. Just that individual self-interest may result in greater unintended or social ends than intentional non self-interest. Most applications of the phrase today remain conveniently ignorant of Smith's context and wider writings, which are quite cynical on the economic rationales to which it's often applied (e.g. landlords, interest, monopoly, industry cronyism). I think he'd be horrified at the bastardised interpretations of his work today.
  12. guest_northshore

    1/3 have no Pension Savings

    "The Government is announcing today that it will not proceed with the abolition of Class 2 National Insurance contributions (NICs) during this parliament..." https://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/written-questions-answers-statements/written-statement/Commons/2018-09-06/HCWS944/
  13. Hammond: Landlord and property developer May: Landlord Javid: Landord Hunt: Landlord Fox: Landlord Grayling: Landlord Cairns: Landlord Lewis: Landord Mundell: Donations from a property company Johnson: Landlord
  14. guest_northshore

    Interest Hike Aug 2nd - Will They / Won't They?

    Yet the UK 10y yield you highlight is 23bp lower than last time you made the same claim in Feb.
  15. I don't know the specific rules but would have thought State Aid regs are only relevent on those terms when it affects competition and trade across Europe, not just a domestic thing.

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