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  1. The continuous paperwork regarding new developments that I see in my work suggests that this is sloblock.
  2. You mean "more gibbering from already disgraced VIs for you to quote and then put a smiley after", surely?
  3. Precisely. The woman evidently knows f*** all about property.
  4. Let's be fair, and and give him the response that my Dad got when his business got into trouble through no fault of his own: Tough ****ing shit.
  5. So these fat pigs are stuffing themselves with public cash while their core voters lose their jobs? And guess what - people will still vote for them!
  6. Shouldn't the title of this thread be "I bought into the bubble, now do I hang myself or shoot myself?"
  7. But is West Pilton doing OK? An up-and-coming area, don'tcha know
  8. I'm surprised it doesn't contain typical VI doublethink like, "worst since the 1930s, but not as bad as the 1990s".
  9. Haven't you heard? The symbol "-" now means "positive". The banks had a meeting with the government last week and decided to switch the meanings of "-" and "+" in order to boost the housing market.
  10. These descriptions are funnier! http://www.framleyexaminer.com/pages/prop002.html
  11. Come on, if he was trying to sell cars like this you'd be laying into him. There's plenty of other property sites he can post on.
  12. I bet he's now saying, "why oh why didn't I put it into property"
  13. Unconventional? Sounds more like childish and stupid to me. It's Rightmove's site and they should be allowed to ban whoever they want if their listings are giving an unprofessional image.
  14. I can't think of a name that would make me hate a company more. Apart from "Free Houses for Paedophiles Ltd".
  15. Great. Now they just need to travel back in time 6 years and print this as a warning against rampant house price inflation.
  16. A good point, but for some months we were guaranteed by the media that it's "not as bad as the 1990s". A graph like this finally exposes the mindless optimists.
  17. Somebody told me the other day not to use reverse psychology, so I did.
  18. You can't slow your way out of a speeding fine - you have to accelerate your way out.
  19. I think the headline should actually be Buy-to-let no longer for shiny-eyed idiots who have spent 2008 saying "yes, yes, house prices are going up aren't they, they always do".
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