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  1. Well, 14 months later and it's still for sale, and at the original price, too!
  2. Well, that's the business world for you. Some make it and some don't.
  3. That hasn't stopped Stuart Law from making a living!
  4. This question would be better directed at the hundreds of businesses that I won't be spending money at for the next 25 years, thanks to the massive mortgage I need to pay just to have shelter.
  5. So in other words, the BoE is predicting the opposite of what the Chancellor is predicting?
  6. How about this: A bank can lend any mortgage it wants. But if a mortgage falls into arrears for 6 months, it is written off and the directors, employees and shareholders all have to equally foot the bill for the shortfall.
  7. If their customers don't like it, they can always go somewhere else. Oh wait, they can't, because they're subprime toxic wasters!
  8. Sales down and prices down, and this is a recovery!? I'll take it!
  9. 2,222,222: Saying the word "recovery" over and over again will make the property crash go away.
  10. I get the other format it if I enter the forum via a Google search. It seems to stay permanent until you reset it via "options", so the format must be set in a cookie, and this corrects it.
  11. Stuart Law's predictions have proven to be so ludicrous, I'm surprised they don't come with a canned laughter track.
  12. On the contrary, this completely qualifies them to present a TV property programme.
  13. Even downsizing doesn't always make you money. 2-bed bungalows around here are the equivalent price of half-decent 3-bed semis, even with good supply - presumably because the market has factored in the "gains" that people retiring would have made. It's that blasted free market working against you, again!
  14. And should it ever run into trouble, the authors can just create more money via Quantitative Programming.
  15. BTW, it's funny how there are no sympathetic stories in the news for me, given that the bubble has trapped me out of living with my partner.
  16. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be like their What Makes Britain Rich? mini-series, a programme that managed to conclude that a house price bubble was giving us all untold wealth.
  17. So in other words, predictions on this site about it came true. Again.
  18. I don't know, but if they did, I'd want to split up, too!
  19. That's the magic of property! (in his mind)
  20. Nuclear expenses incident London Underground terror terror terror sleeper cell rehearsal this Saturday. Bring your own sandwiches.
  21. So all it took for the public to turn against Labour was for them to destroy the economy, bankrupt the country for a generation and gorge themselves on taxpayers' cash? Is that it?
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