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  1. So it's a twenty thousand pound bet that house prices will return to near-bubble levels, then?
  2. What, so something done by Labour turns out to be a thinly-disguised, half-arsed "bailout"? That must be Green Shoots Masterplan #3,894 by my reckoning.
  3. Being pissed on is what any FTB from the last 5 years should be used to.
  4. Stupid people will always queue up to have their money taken off them. That's business.
  5. Nail and head again! My old Rover may need replacing soon, but I'd need to spend 8 grand to get something similar under this half-arsed bailout.
  6. No, but the people they're trying to placate are, hence why do it any other way?
  7. These old threads are a great confidence booster, aren't they?
  8. Hilariously, the other "new" property in the latest alert is pictured in the snow
  9. One more "removed and put straight back in" house appeared a couple of days ago, but how can this have appeared as "new", when it's only had a price change?
  10. Exclusive tomorrow: Is it dangerous for the Hindenburg to be filled with hydrogen?
  11. You have to wonder why the media have seized on this "green shoots" meme, given who said it and when. It's like having the phrase "peace for our time" inserted into every story about Afghanistan.
  12. So much for FTBs, then, although I suppose mummy and daddy could splurge all their cash for their deposits.
  13. My grandad bought a new car last week. There were no sales of new cars in his street the previous month, therefore car sales are up by infinity!
  14. What, you mean that people wanting a business loan are having to put some of their own money in, instead of just having cash thrown at them? Disgraceful!
  15. Hopefully, the cretins who fought each other to pay top whack for shite housing will now realise that they were completely and utterly tricked. At least they'll be trapped in their unsellable slaveboxes, leaving the proper houses free for the rest of us.
  16. The US auto workers should Google for anyone who's used the phrase "thriving knowledge economy". They should know exactly what to do next, now that manufacturing is finished.
  17. I've got no objection to more state aid for banks, provided that for every £1 that the taxpayer puts in, every shareholder has to put in £1 as well.
  18. I'm using the most powerful screen magnifier you can get, and I still can't see the recovery. What am I doing wrong?
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