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  1. This is the main reason why I won't ever have a private plate. The other is that they are easy for psychopaths to remember, should your driving ever piss one off.
  2. Hmmm. The most annoying thing about this is that not only do arseholes like him lose all their money, but then they become even bigger arseholes.
  3. And the ones that the VIs wanted to lock out of home ownership forever. Bastards.
  4. This is one year after making a record profit? "No return to boom and bust", as if.
  5. +1 Every time I used to see Digby Jones on the news, he was begging for lower interest rates.
  6. Congrats - DB you ignored the media hype and stayed out of the bubble. You won! Enjoy your new place
  7. On BBC News ticker. No story yet. In the interests of fairness I think that this is news, given the ramping that's been taking place giving similar sized ticks upwards recently
  8. Once again, my point was that the article was more concerned with house prices rather then anything like this.
  9. Don't waste your time discussing something written by Britain's wrongest man.
  10. Strange. You've spent the last 6 months telling us that house prices aren't falling.
  11. Estate agents and TV property gurus will be saying "there's never been a better time to buy" for the 22nd month in a row.
  12. Unless he announces massive public spending cuts tomorrow, no.
  13. My point was that the article blurted out "won't somebody please think of the house prices" straight away, rather than tackling the social issues first. It's the same with anything - don't build a factory nearby or you'll lower house prices. Don't build any roads nearby or you'll lower house prices. Don't build any more houses nearby or you'll lower house prices. It's never about quality of life, it's always about some theoretical pot of cash, and that careless talk lowers house prices.
  14. In just 9 words, this sums up everything wrong with Britain today.
  15. NFPMINO (95% mortgage in name only). The Telegraph article is another pathetic ramp. Verdict: FAIL
  16. I had absolutely no idea that this programme existed until 10 minutes ago. I can only conclude that it's a desperate attempt by the BBC to make up some mileage after all that property porn they've pumped out over the years. The continuity announcer mentioned "taking the housing market head on"! Yes, that's right, two people are going to turn round an entire multi-billion pound market all by themselves, and make it alright again! Plus, there's all your favourite crash euphemisms, e.g. "tricky market". As a bonus, I see it's co-presented by the sister of everyone's favourite disgraced TV property expert. ****ing licence fee grabbing drivel.
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