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  1. So why is he telling other people his secrets, rather than using them to make more money for himself?
  2. So there you have it - we're drowning in so much debt that trying to pay any of it back will ruin us. We're ****ed.
  3. Please explain how somebody who's overborrowed so much that they can't tolerate a slight increase in interest rates from records lows doesn't deserve to do bankrupt.
  4. So you say rents are rising, then post a link to a story that shows that rents aren't rising. Time to face the truth!!
  5. This happened to us. A month later, and the "sale" fell through last week.
  6. I've found a happy medium - lie about having kids!
  7. Wouldn't surprise me - this was the argument during the last couple of years of ramping. Needless to say, many of these silly sods have experienced nothing of the sort and are in fact looking at wage cuts.
  8. Since lurking on here, I can't help but notice BTL and STR on plates everywhere!
  9. You're going to have to switch to using "^H^H^H" for comic effect, a la Slashdot. Now that's true geekery!
  10. I'll put my "bull" hat on and have a go! Something that there's loads of. See my answer to (1). Do I win £5?
  11. Hang on a minute, my "Cool Analogyometer" has just gone off-scale high!
  12. So what colour are the shoots today if they're not green? Taupe? Burnt sienna?
  13. Remember this every time you watch it: it's made with your licence fee and it's unregulated.
  14. You've got it in one! Staying out of the bubble will have given me a great boost in my quality of life.
  15. Which of these two phrases best describes Kirstie Allsopp? A respected property expert who has made accurate predictions An overprivileged cretin who was completely isolated from the consequences of the unregulated investment advice that she pumped out
  16. Yep - only they could report £1,400 a month being wiped off every house, during an alleged "spring bounce", as positive.
  17. I find it heartening that the only crash deniers left are escaped mental patients.
  18. There was a BBC News feature on this a couple of years ago, because it was the only way that graduates with now-devalued qualifications could get noticed by employers. Expect every graduate to be doing it soon,
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