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  1. How about "if you don't buy our debt, house prices will go down even more". That'll get the ****ers hammering on the Treasury's front door.
  2. Oh dear. Still, it's just an additional stage in the global phenomenon of being scammed by a property bubble
  3. We've seen the biggest price drops that Haliwide have ever recorded, and people still think there was no crash? ****** me, I think modern Britain is setting new standards for gullibility.
  4. Yeah, the sub-prime lending that we were continually told didn't exist in the UK.
  5. If I was able to print up fake money at a furious rate, I could make a recession go away, too.
  6. It's the thought of these cretins suffering that keeps me going. The IO crisis will mean a lot of stupid people losing their homes. Good, because making stupid bets should hurt.
  7. It's a sad day for our nation when shit like this can be put out and it's not as a joke.
  8. Alternatively, the headline could read "thousands of people in Northampton got stitched up when they bought houses".
  9. So is it not going well for the "just rent it out" brigade?
  10. These homes will never materialise, just like the "three million new homes by blah blah blah" promise.
  11. I thought there was no property crash. Or have I been "Sibleyed"?
  12. Pay!? Nothing in Labourland has to be paid for. Period!
  13. It's a paradox, I suppose - increased car security measures have spelled the end for "low level" car crimes. If you've got a high value motor, watch out - the potential profit makes breaking into your house worthwhile (to them).
  14. Before you know it, Mandelson will be throwing them £1 million in scrappage to buy new planes.
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