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  1. 1. Private 2. £1350 3. 2 4. Battersea 5. 385k
  2. I have very mixed feelings about this. It is clear that she has been a victim of her own greed, but what caused her to think that she could do everything that she has with impunity? So many people are horribly undereducated in running their own finances and are essentially led into trouble by marketing, must-have-now culture and spin. So on that level I really pity her and the countless thousands currently in a similar positions. For me, the reason I have no time for her situation is that she has clearly gone crying to the BBC in order to get sympathy and better treatment by her creditors because she thinks it is an easy way out. She clearly thinks that pulling at heart-strings of the public will grant her leniency from her creditors. So, so many tragic personal stories to come before the end.....
  3. Several bulls have mentioned in the past that if things begin to fall, then the number of people sitting on this site with deposits ready to buy will prop the market up and prevent an outright crash. I suspect that even those with a 100k deposit and the desire to buy will actually sit and wait longer as greed takes over their investment decisions somewhat.
  4. Despite all of the weakness in financial markets at the moment, there has been no noticeable widening in credit spreads for mortgage backed securities in across Europe. Spreads are still rangebound and new issue demand is still seemingly bottomless. It is crucial for problems to appear here in order for banks and building societies to tighten their lending criteria and really trigger trouble. As long as they can sell off the risk and book the arbitrage profit then they will continue to lend money out to whoever wants it. This market is becoming increasingly likely to only react to actual asset pool under-performance and not interest-rate moves themselves, never mind merely the theat of tightening monetary policy.
  5. The City is a very diverse place in terms of where money is generated. I agree with Magpie, things are currently on course for another bumper year as there is relatively little hurt from the small adjustments in equities and commodities we have seen over the last month or so.
  6. There once was a misguided Chancellor Who thought HPI could enhance the poor But it all was a sham "Get cheap debt while you can" Well they bought it all and then went to France for more
  7. So net lending secured on dwellings is up 10.8% yoy, and the Halifax are saying house prices are up 8% yoy. Doesn't paint a rosy picture of the past year when this deficit is less than GDP for the same period, 2.2% wasn't it?
  8. Democracy is the worst form of government, apart from all the others....
  9. Perhaps more damaging than the absolute number of job cuts (which is huge) is the fact that there are no further details until september. If you work for Orange, how confident are you going to be about stretching yourself financially now.
  10. Thank you LivingTheDream, Case closed. No more racist dogma Dogbox.
  11. Where to start? Firstly, I'm pretty sure whatever story you were reading over someone's shoulder will be talking about immigrants to Spain, who are most likely born and bred British over 50's who have had it easy for the last 10 years and not 170,000 people who have moved to England, made a fortune by working 5 jobs and are now buying second homes on the Costa's. Secondly, I've heard rumours that a question about the spelling of the word 'their' will be attached to the next immigration Britishness test, I assume you'll approve of this.
  12. I'm worried that the figure is ONLY £40k. If average house prices are 160k and we see a 25% fall, is the country in negative equity?
  13. I'm a FTB in SW london and am in an interesting situation at the moment and would value some opinions. Been renting a house in Battersea for 2 years (I say house, there is a basement flat underneath us, but front door onto the street is all ours as is the back garden), its just a standard 2up 2down, decent sized rooms (both bedrooms are good size also) in a very nice area. It needs new everything, kitchin, bathroom, bit of a replaster and new carpets throughout, although is clearly comfortably liveable already. Not much change from 25k I'd guess to do it up nicely. Anyway, my landlord is selling and offered it to me at what is a pretty decent price (avoiding agents fees etc), certainly reflecting the work that needs doing. I've got a deposit and remaining mortgage would be 3.5x times salary leaving enough to do the work required. So do I now buy into the market I know is overpriced because of this opportunity or stick to my guns and look for somewhere else to rent??
  14. But are these FTB's who have thought about giving but are now sat in a Bradford & Bingley somewhere filling in a questionaire having given up giving up? "Whilst 43% of first timers we talked to have at some stage thought about giving up buying they have all since bought, or are looking to buy this year."
  15. Of the 4 friends I know that have bought (late 20's), all have only been able to do so having help from parents/inheritance. The problem is that this is arguably sustainable for a 30 year period. The consequences socially are dire and the gap between the haves and have nots will only grow. Unfortunately for the rest of us this government is too blinded by short termism to realise that we are returning to pareto imbalance. Does anyone honestly think that this is going to be any better when over 50% of the voting population are over 50 as we are rapidly heading towards?
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