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  1. Good luck........ Will we see you swinging from Jabba's roof terrace
  2. Mega property tycoon TTRTR has gone back to Sweden
  3. I expect you to be buying them up before they go into hyperdrive then........ Not. You are looking up your own brown washer Expecting others to believe your sh!t smells of HPI
  4. Ok.... What about 'Twattish' Investment opportunities ? All well and good..... But who remortgages to buy bonds FFS ? The most important thing about 100k (of MEW) is 'you gotta pay it back with interest, it isnt yours'
  5. I think he is too....... Chormondly warner (excuse spelling) is a much better sketch (It is actually funny too)....
  6. She is 'behind' all this MEWing for WIDEscreen TVs Not suprisingly she doesnt like HIPS (Probably will get hers sucked out for the price of a backhander) Cream cake anyone ?
  7. I sold the goose to somebody who probably still believes in fairy tales........ (No dead goose here) Hows your GCSE maths revision coming along ?
  8. In the English language, "Killing the golden goose" has become a metaphor for any short-sighted action that may bring an immediate reward, but will ultimately prove disastrous. A bit like MEW
  9. GOOGLEB-OLLOCKS This is not an advert post which helps to pay for the running of this website
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