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  1. I look at different forums and threads like this come up from time to time about exactly the same subject matter... live in Italy for 1 euro or buy a village in Spain for 50 euros etc you get the idea. Behind the headlines is usually a series of commitments to use local labour or be tied into some kind of agreement where you stay x number of years and so on, when you work out the figures in your head it suddenly isn't so appealing. So for myself, instead of doing that or my biannual updating of the what is happening in Nottingham housing market thread, am planning to move to rural Po
  2. Saw this one today which made me laugh: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-81010624.html In the apparently "up and coming area" of the old meadows. For those of you local, the old meadows has recently been made a conversation area, however it is still in close proximity to the new meadows which has a serious reputation as drug and crime hotspot and general ****hole. This price represents a large leap on ceiling price for the street and probably the whole of the old meadows and it will be interesting to see if sticking a photo of a smeg fridge will make it appeal t
  3. Noticed this one coming up today: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-85247828.html Last sold Jan 2019 : https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=74049236&sale=8994874&country=england This is in admittedly a posh part of Beeston and appears to be a good level of refurb but nevertheless a near doubling of price in just 9 months represents quite the mark up...
  4. This one: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-70257379.html Has come back after being SSTC, must have fallen through. Guide price 155-160k. Last sold 57.5k in 2014.. quite the markup. This is in a seriously bad part of town which for some strange reason has become uber hip with young trendy types. It might be close to the lace market but it is a world away. Trust me, I used to live 2 streets away and saw it all. The 300k house in Wollaton is now 270k and still on. I think they have fixed the garden wall though so that's nice. Not much seems to have change
  5. Back on Charlbury road again, this came up today at 300k. Fliptastic! https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-59427249.html Last sold Dec 2017 for 205k https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=59427249&sale=55619849&country=england Love the crumbling garden wall on the refurb, But hey, it is in a "sort" after location so all's well!
  6. Well nearly 2 years after I last posted. We bought over a year ago in Nottingham but the main reason I wanted to post is an update on the Nottm property scene as things have felt differently here now for several months. Nottingham had the dubious honour of having one of the highest annual HPI in the country back in 2017 with family houses priced at < 200k and remotely decent located in a remotely good area generally selling for offers over. It was within this context that we bought... something remotely decent in a remotely decent area. The price was ok and we are paying less than we
  7. To be honest I would question why a supposedly first world country like the UK would be encouraging this kind of building activity. I can see if this was actually given the go ahead then shanty towns full of these types of structures would probably start to appear especially around London and in the south east, what I think would also start to happen is the "value" of these types of structures would sky rocket so that they were more in line with that of traditional housing. What would definitely not happen is the cost of housing decreasing by any significant amount. Unscrupulous landlords woul
  8. https://www.hometrack.com/uk/insight/uk-cities-house-price-index/Print?nodeId=18735&type=methodology According to this they use land reg data on pairs of price points for properties that have sold more than once so in theory should be fairly accurate. I can't speak for the other cities on the report but to be honest what I'm seeing in Nottingham over the last 6 - 12 months reflects what the report says ie strong price growth.
  9. Well 8 months went by and so I thought I would update this. We will start looking to buy around July. We are buyers currently in rented, not looking to sell again in 5 years so would like something that is right long term hopefully until we are 6 feet under. Over the last 12 months unfortunately prices in Wollaton where we are ideally looking have gone up a LOT nevertheless there is still value for money out there. We are a couple both working in reasonably well paid jobs so I feel that there are currently certainly options for us here. We are also looking at the nicer parts of Beeston or Bra
  10. Nottingham. Last couple of weeks there have been a noticeable increase in volumes newly listed all of a sudden, it is suddenly a tap was turned on compared to the drought of the previous ~ 12 months. Prices are a bit meh, some kite flying, but occasionally something comes on that is reasonably priced. Quite a few reductions but as part of that a reduction to "offers over" nonsense so not really a reduction.
  11. Apologies if already posted. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/house-price-index/
  12. I live in Nottingham have been tracking prices for ages. Wollaton has gone up significantly in price over the last 12 months ( i know this because we are looking to buy here soon and am getting pi**** off with 40%+ rises in just a few months!) and anything remotely decent in fernwood catchment is selling for any money. In other areas there are some kite flying prices but also seeing a lot of reductions. I suspect the problem as alluded to before is chains are incomplete. In nottingham as everywhere there is a chronic shortage of anywhere decent so very littl
  13. Hi folks I'm wondering if anyone else is following Nottingham prices lately? We (me and girlfriend) are looking to commit to buy in about 12 months and have been keeping an eye on listings and prices whilst getting deposit money and other matters sorted out. It seems like a mixed story, there are lots of reductions around and and I notice quite a lot of places that get SSTC or pulled and then appear as a new listing a few weeks or months later. These reductions seem to be happening even for "popular" houses in good locations eg granny's 3 bed semi in a nice part of West Bridgford, wh
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