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  1. Black Lives Matter of Greater New York leader blasts vaccine mandates as racist and disrespectful Turns out I was right, vaccine mandates/passports and anyone who supports them are racist and disrespectful.
  2. Do you know how many of these 1600+ deaths on MHRA yellow card website have actually had a post-mortem ?
  3. If we're talking about excess deaths, couldn't these have been caused by the lockdowns / Midazolam overdose ?
  4. I'd just rather not die of a blood clot. Auto erotic asphyxiation would be my preferred method. I believe in the right to choose.
  5. I've still got that bridge for sale if you're interested It seems like this was something that's been planned for sometime, you only have to look at the murals at Denver Airport, or the Rockefeller Lockstep document from 2010. "They" think so little of us it might as well be hidden in plain sight. The thing that triggered the plan to be operational seems to be a combination of the current financial system coming to the end of its life, something weird happened in the fed repo markets just before the covid got kicked off. The covid is a perfect scapegoat for the financial collapse. Alternative theories is the COVID was a great way to get rid of Trump (who apparently isn't one of "Them") , and also too many people were waking up to the whole elite Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia thing. Hope that answers your question.
  6. 1. Yes, somebody has to look out for the civil rights of the BAME community 2. Wrong https://www.gov.uk/government/news/first-monoclonal-antibody-treatment-for-covid-19-approved-for-use-in-the-uk
  7. Probably about 1%. In which case that would be about ~3.5 million cases.
  8. So he wants predominantly black people, to die. You support this ? Both of which are FDA-approved medicines. This seems like medical misinformation.
  9. More coercion to have a medical procedure. I look forward to Nuremberg Trials 2.0.
  10. #naturalimmunity banned now as well, can't have people talking about such things
  11. You'd think such a policy would be indirectly racist, same as vaccine passports. Will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.
  12. There's a video out there somewhere (heavily censored) of Mark Zuckerberg pointing out the obvious, that we have no idea what the long term effects of an mRNA injection will be.
  13. I would agree. Unfortunately the statistics on both side of the equation have been deliberately fudged (to make the vaccine look good), so we will keep going around in circles like this. If we had accurate honest data, it would be clear that the risks of the jab outweigh the benefits. The truth will come out in time.
  14. They deleted the COVID19 VACCINE VICTIMS AND FAMILIES group with 120,000 members. Can't have victims spreading misinformation about the vaccine now can we.
  15. It's not really a test according to the inventor Kary Mullis. "If you do it well you can find anything in anybody" as he famously said. But the Kary Mullis denialists such as yourself will never accept this truth.
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