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  1. Yeah I think that's the idea. Back to square one basically. Anyone with a runny nose will be getting PCR tested, and self isolating, then we'll have a new booster vaccine ready for xmas, which will be cancelled again more than likely.
  2. This is why it's important to have a control group, so we can see how effective the vaccines are (or aren't)
  3. I think the point was that these stats contradict what's been stated in the media about most hospitalisations and deaths being in the unvaccinated cohort.
  4. You monster, obviously you don't care if old people die !
  5. This is interesting, apparently the vaccinated are twice as likely to die of the delta variant. According to Public Health England. Can't be right surely.
  6. I guess a lot of it would hinge on whether the deaths are truly "independent events", an easy way to screw up probability calculations. That terrible cot death travesty of justice springs to mind.
  7. I suspect Confusion of VIs is 77th brigade tbh, along with Ah-So
  8. 'If we don't fire the Health Secretary we are going to kill people': Cummings accuses 'serial liar' Hancock of 'criminal, disgraceful behaviour' and using Whitty and Vallance as 'human shields'
  9. 83 + 28 + 3 != 126. What happened to the other 12 ? Seems very convenient he can find these stats, yet we're still waiting to find out how many people died within 3 weeks of taking a vaccine.
  10. I've got one theory that it's a way to turn the sheeple against the conspiracy theorist anti vaxxers, divide and conquer. And it provides a nice distraction from elite pedophiles. The MSM aren't even being particularly subtle about it.
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