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  1. My point is the statistics are deliberately being presented in a way to cause the maximum terror, to people that don't understand statistics.
  2. In the UK at least they breakdown excess deaths by location of death, there's been ~40,000 excess deaths at home in 2020, from untreated medical conditions no doubt.
  3. They've refreshed those stats since I last looked at it. Anyhow if you adjust that for population size: 92,185 / 9,971,638 = 0.93% 97,941 / 10,099,265 = 0.97% In 2018 deaths that would be 92,185 vs 96,724 or 4539 excess deaths If we generously assume that all those excess deaths are covid deaths and not caused by lack of medical treatment for other conditions that would imply about ~60% of the official swedish covid death count (~10,000) is deaths that would have happened anyway. That's the worst case the number is likely much higher.
  4. It would be an asthma-related death, according to covid logic.
  5. https://nypost.com/2020/03/18/over-99-of-coronavirus-patients-in-italy-who-died-had-other-illnesses/ Or look at excess deaths, Sweden had fewer deaths in 2020 than 2018.
  6. Concentrations camps seems perfectly normal and reasonable, don't know what you're getting so worked up about
  7. https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/over-50000-restaurants-italy-declare-i-am-open-defying-lockdown-measures
  8. 99% of those deaths are reclassified deaths that would have occurred anyway
  9. On the positive side, Italy has had enough, 50,000 restaurants have just opened up defying lockdown orders
  10. I would LOVE to see that deaths within 28 days of COVID-19 vaccination statistics, along with daily fear porn announcements to go alongside the COVID-19 related deaths. Maybe I'll start a petition.
  11. Hopefully I've got that about right. So we can expect the next "wave" to be approximately 7 times worse.
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