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  1. lol more than a year and can not get a job. IT systems engineer for 11 years with backlog of so called professional qualification did not get anywhere so far. Maybe me being a muslim and a forginer makes me no longer un-economically viable to UK jobs sector. Can you ask Blair to get out of Iraq so I can go back please? Never mind.
  2. I am out of housing for good. Last year I sold to "sold to BTL" actually a dumb BTL. Since 2004 I was trying to sell my 2 bed semi in bromley. Had nightmares along the way. It took me just over 12 months to sell. Two buyers were complete waste of time. paid all expenses but faild to sign the dotted line. Had to give up work to concentrate on selling and spend sometime with kids. Doing bit here and bit there. It has been 1 year since selling. Went back with kids over the weekend to see what has been done to it. Nothing. absolutly nothing. Not rented not sold just sitting there pritty. Asked close neiboroughs about the house. They said has been empty since we left. Next door old lady also said that more than 3/4 of the road of say around 30 houses sold to BTL. Our house, 4 houses to our left and two houses to our right sold to BTL. We could not believe how the street was so quite. Road full of empty houses. Poor old lady so lonely now. The way it is going by end of year the whole street will be BTL road. I am happy camper living with mum and no need to be chained by death to debt. Houses are places to live but this socity and country we live make people greedy even if it means it hurts and burdens others who want to just start a home. Shame tony blair killing the hopes of Iraqies and now killing the hopes of young people trying to start a home. Anyway. Anyone got a job for me in IT? Can't seem to get one! is the economy that bad?
  3. 100% gold portfolio is best when bought at really cheap prices. Buying £100K worth of bullion at $600 is very brave but adding 1 or 2 shiny nice looking coins won't break the bank. Awesome!!! Selloff today. I hope to see it go down to $575 when I will send my last outstanding funds to buy physical coins.
  4. Big time sell off in Gold. Happy to be out for so long. Could not ever see myself buying at $700 so fast in the year. Sorry for other newbies who bought at $650 - $700. No worries we should be back up again to $1250 in 2010. So hold what you have. Too much ego can get you in trouble. Try to be down to earth and I will not miss too much.
  5. WoW. Better start selling my 240+ stock ASAP. I really do not want to loose out on this paper money inflated bonanza. Sell....Sell....Sell....Prices going back to £315.
  6. Actually I finished with this thread few posts back. But then I had some mocking going on with messangers of God i.e Jesus pbhm. I am sorry but to me to mock any messager amounts to a crime. I can never let someone make a mocking comment and let them go without giving them my piece. I am well open minded with critisism ranging from captial punishments, cultural dogmas, current affairs, faith based questions, etc, etc, etc. but to come here and mock messangers then I will ban myself from any such disscussions. ManyThanks.
  7. The Golden Caliphate uploaded 08 Mar 2006 by Ann Berg As the Dubai Ports World plan continues to simmer, most congressional leaders twittering about security have ignored the potential monetary consequences of nixing the deal. By telling DP World, a United Arab Emirates corporation with willing investment dollars, to "go stuff it," we can stop worrying about the so-called threat to dollar hegemony posed by the creators of the Iranian oil bourse. An improbable senatorial alliance of Chuck Schumer, Norm Coleman, and Bill Frist is beating the Iranians to the punch. How Twin Deficits Have Reinforced Dollar Hegemony American consumers have run a trade deficit (importing more than they export) for 30 years. The trade deficit propels a constant dollar flow into the developing world's central banks. These dollars then recycle into purchases of U.S. securities such as promissory notes (bonds) created by the Treasury to finance the budget deficit. Lagging financial markets in the developing world exacerbate this cycle. Capitalizing on cheap labor pools, most emerging countries are focused on expanding their manufacturing and export sectors. The emphasis on exports retards the creation of U.S.-style banking, capital formation, and risk-management institutions. This asymmetrical economic situation inhibits the access to credit and capital in the home economy. The Modern American Financial Market The collapse of the Bretton Woods agreement in 1971 ushered in a capital markets revolution, marked by the birth of financial futures trading. This innovation sparked an explosion of new products. Parcels of debt (mortgages, credit cards, small business loans) were bundled into tradable instruments. Investments such as stocks, bonds, and real estate were packaged into securities or trusts, then peddled to an international customer base. As a result, a smorgasbord of credit and investment options known by such acronyms as ARMs, S&Ps, ETFs, and REITs now beckons the American public. The system's wealth effect has been staggering. Economists estimate that the cash extracted through home equity loans (HELOCs) lined consumer pockets with $600 billion last year. By spending this money on imports, the American consumer sends dollars to foreigners, who in turn spin the dollars around to fund even more borrowing. Given the foregoing, can the dollar's reserve currency status be vulnerable? Scenarios One possibility often mentioned is a slide in the multi-trillion dollar housing market, which would stanch equity extraction from homes. The chilling effect on the economy is hard to quantify. As sophisticated as the new marketplace is, it does not provide homeowners "price depreciation insurance" or "put options" on their homes. In other words, homeowners shoulder the entire downside risk of any decline in the value of their homes (in sharp contrast to financial intermediaries that can resell the mortgage loans). A dip in home prices could therefore close the door on borrowing against home values and greatly curtail consumer spending. This would reduce foreign bank dollar deposits available to finance both public and private U.S. debt. Most economists posit that interest rates would have to rise sharply to continue attracting investment funds. Nonetheless, it is unclear whether such a scenario would end dollar hegemony. Another possibility bandied about is the switch of petrodollars to petroeuros. This specter has been recently raised by the upcoming launch of the Iranian oil bourse. However, futures markets depend upon transparent legal systems (especially enforceable property rights), institutional trust, minimal state intervention, and a level playing field between long and short players – and the IOB fails on all counts. Furthermore, exchanges do not dictate trading terms; a euro-based oil futures contract will only succeed when the underlying trade switches its pricing mechanism. A third and radical possibility is the emergence of a unified Islamic financial movement that could possibly center on the gold dinar. When Jude Wanniski wrote about this potential in November 2004, he cited the dinar's flawed promotion and the IMF ban on gold-backed currencies in debtor countries as two impediments to success. But several things have changed in the last year and a half. First, the IMF is losing its relevancy as a U.S. policy tool. As the world gets richer, it is starting to reject dollar-based loans. Argentina, Brazil, and Russia have decided to pay off their IMF loans, and Turkey – which suffered economic collapse in 2001 – has asserted it will no longer need IMF assistance by 2008. Also, the dramatic oil price increase has made most Islamic countries much wealthier in a short time span. What's more, the global easing of interest rates has made access to capital in domestic currency far easier and, at the same time, fiat currencies are quickly depreciating against gold. Most importantly, the U.S. is becoming increasingly protectionist. By saying "no" to foreign investment, especially on an idiosyncratic basis, it is throwing down the gauntlet to foreigners, daring them to jettison their dollar-based investments. Therefore, several conditions – both financial and political – are in place to cause a shift in global finance. Significantly, the fastest growing global money field is Islamic financing. Islamic bonds, or sukuks – unlike most U.S. bonds, which pay interest – are securities that pay out revenue streams from rents and leases in accordance with Shariah law. In its infancy, the field claims about a half trillion dollars. If the Islamic nations were to adopt a gold standard as their underlying currency basis, it could have multinational appeal. Moreover, since Islamic financing includes the mainstream retail products of mortgages, small business loans, and consumer credit, its potential consumer market is staggering. (A mortgage, for example, is structured as a "rent to buy" arrangement.) Because its guidelines are religious tenets, its scope would be transnational. Imagine the power of an Islamic financial supermarket, rivaling the sophistication of the U.S. market (itself only 30 years old), to channel dollar holdings into dinars for a billion-plus people! The embrace of a pan-Islamic, gold-backed system would create an unquantifiable financial upheaval. Ironically, this could be the financial free market flip-side to the totalitarian Spain to Indonesia "caliphate" so vilified by the administration. As U.S. lawmakers blithely vote to raise the debt ceiling to $9 trillion while angling for political points over the DP World scuffle, Dubai, coincidently, is sponsoring a four-day International Islamic Finance Forum for the week of March 19. It promises to feature the basics of converting conventional debt into Islamic financing, the techniques of Islamic securitization, and the training of Shariah scholars. Chuck, Norm, and Bill would do well to attend. Source: Antiwar.com
  8. Your first paragraph makes no sense. Your second paragraph makes even more no sense. Your Third paragraph makes me think you are our latest classical scholar of islam of the 21st centuray. Or maybe you are one of the best up and coming student of islam and knows about those apostate, thieving, american lap dogs rulers of saudi, Jordan, Egjypt, UAE, Turkey, Pakistan, etc, etc. more than I. Your well thought out full of knowledge of islamic know hows impressed me alot. NOT.
  9. Personally I'd rather have a Democratic society and be free from some dumb religion telling me what I can or can not do. Guess I'll go to hell now anyway coz I've got a mortgage. LOL....no one will be forcing anything onto you. You can be just left alone and no one would attack you at nife point, through chips at you in the bus then stabb you to death, take your 6 year old daughter (if you had one) from the bath tub to some 60 miles up north and rape her, etc, etc. etc. etc. "If you could but see when they will be held over the (hell) fire! They will say: "Would that we were but sent back (to the world)! Then we would not deny the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, revelations, etc.) of our Lord, and we would be of the believers!" ( سورة الأنعام , Al-Anaam, Chapter #6, Verse #27) "Nay they deny the hour (of the judgment to come) but We have prepared a blazing fire for such as deny the hour. When it sees them from a place fAr off, they will hear its fury and its ranging sigh. And when they are cast, bound together into a constricted place therein, they will pLead for destruction there and then! This day plead not for a single destruction plead for many destruction"
  10. Indeed. Andrew_Uk is what I call the perfect example of a person who is fair, just, well balanced, well thought out non-muslim. These are indeed the people we need in today's world. Well educated in other people's believes, backgrounds and world history. Can use their brains and think for themselves and not depend on "the sun" and "the daily mirror" newspapers. I am not expected of you to believe in everything I say but as long as we agree on major concepts then that would be a world of difference. Peace be upon the one who follow the true guidance.
  11. Otherllo, No worries mate. those who you are referring (Muslims) that recieve interest and pay interest are indeed the ignorant, stupid, backward bunch of people who came here some 40 years ago only for money. They sold their religion for pounds. They to this day still teach their grown up kids to free mix, live it to the max, etc, etc. They left the most terrible hatefull image of islam in the west. They bloody stupid ediots mixed their backward medievil culture into this beautifull prestine way of life and show it to the people around them in the west. they have the cheeks to go round calling themselves muslims. Shame on them. They are the ones making my life double extra difficult to convey this strightforward message. what a bunch of ignorant wirdeos. " These are the same ignorant so called muslims in islamic lands. They left behind their true teachings and indulged in life's games and fun. They apostate saudi kingdoms for 1 of 1000 of examples care about no one expect their big bellies. While they are loaded with much gold and silver leave their starving nioubhours kids in africa to death. Bunch of weak wasted in the dust bins of history. They left their deen so the humalation brought to them. They left their true way of life so the endless tribulation will keep befalling them till they turn back to their teachings" What you are looking at and at anyone you speak to of my brothers. you will see the true uncomprmised message. Raiser Sharp well balanced well informed students of islam. I am not showing off but there are 100's of brothers with this new bread of islam. They do not worry, be scared of anyone accept their creator. They do not care of the blame from the blamers. I hope you do not compare me to those ignorant people. Warmest regards.
  12. Mr Rich, No disrespect to you mate. But you are not even worth Jesus dusty slippers. Actually you are not even worth his toe nail. Do not be angery as it is not befitting for you to mock him. Indeed ignorance is the main cause of our problems today.
  13. You welcome......no worries. True islamic state economic system would never allow for house to inflate but would have a standard price for centuries. Becasue their whole economic system is based on Gold. Gold can not be created out of thin air. What you are talking about above is of the case currently with western banking systems (World banking system) to make more injustic to the masses. HSBC would buy the house for people nowdays and add a big lump of INTEREST on top. It is well known by nessecasity that any contract involves a third party (Bank. Broker, etc) is forbidden. I am sorry but I can not go into details becasue I do not know the scripture refernces, etc. I am not a deep learned scholar but only a youngster learning as much as I can. Not allowed to use those third party contract must have some wisdome behind it but I do not know them yet. The issue here is that the third party gets involved (banks) they buy the house for you specificlly and then they add the one big lump of (INTEREST) on top fo the price of house. You pay back the money as rental payments. There is an argument that it might be acceptable in only one case and that if the BANK buy many houses for many people not just for you. You come along and you buy one of those houses and the bank can add a modest and fair 20 year house price increase. in this case some say it might be acceptable. But THEN. I am only lieying to myself by buying their words. if in doubt I stay away from their evil. Believe me mate I tried to get rid of my house as soon as I found out these evil issues. I sold promptly and was compensated for this issue very nicely. Eveyone situation is different. I really hope and pray that the Golden Islamic State comes back to evaporate all this misconception and missunderstandings around the world. The drums of wars are beating again and getting louder and louder by the day. Protect yourself and be prepared. REALLY HARD TIMES AHEAD. No Joke. The malhamah is on its way.
  14. Yondras.......This is the second artical and that is it no more from me for a long time promise. Which society would you prefer: Islamic or Capitalist (Democratic, i.e. Non-Islamic)? Islamic Society No Mortgages Islam forbids dealing with interest, so people wishing to purchase houses, or take out loans will not be required to pay any interest whatsoever. No homelessness on the streets The Islamic government is obliged to provide food, shelter and clothing for all citizens, if they do not have any. In fact Muslim countries used to build hotels for travellers to stay for FREE! No Inflation Because the Islamic economic system is based upon gold reserves, the prices of commodities remain stable. No VAT Islam does not put taxes on unnecessarily. No pollution Islam will ensure the environment in which we live is safeguarded; from the Ozone layer to the Amazon rainforests. No lying, deceiving politicians The Islamic ruling system is one which enforces the law of Allah, so politicians don't have to lie about their policies. The Islamic ruler, who is called the Khaleefah, is not in for a four or five year term, but for as long as he can fulfil his responsibilities. Reduced robberies The Islamic punishment for the thief ensures that thieves will think twice. Reduced rape In an Islamic environment, women are honoured and not paraded as mere sex objects for the desires of men. Any sexual offender will receive harsh enough punishment to ensure it cannot recur. No racism Muslims are so diverse, from Turkish, Arabs, Asian, far Eastern, Chinese, African and Europeans. This is aided by Islam being the fastest growing belief in the West today, with many people accepting Islam each day. The Muslims are one brotherhood. Capitalist (un-Islamic) Society Mortgages and high interest rates The average family in the UK is steeped in interest, which they will be paying off for the rest of their lives. In many cases, it is the cause of robbery, or other crime. Homeless people living on the streets Homelessness is now a feature of modern Britain (and Europe), with the only concerted effort to house the homeless is for a few days over Christmas. The rest is left to independent charities. High inflation A litre of petrol or a can of drink would have cost half the price 10 years ago. 17.5% VAT The average Briton pays 17.5% extra tax on many items. Rampant pollution In capitalist countries there is little or no regard for the environment in which we live. Lying, deceiving politicians There is no doubt about it that Western politicians are liars, “Read my lips, no more taxes”, “I did not have sex with that woman”, “I knew nothing about the shipment of arms to Iraq… or arms shipments to Sierra Leone…” etc. Excessive robberies The latest figures from the British police confirm that robberies and burglaries are dramatically increasing every single year. Epidemic proportions of rape Last year saw thousands of convictions for sex offences, ignoring the thousands that went unreported. There is no doubt that as the pornographic nature of this society flourishes, so will sex offences. Racist society There is no doubt that the Western world is arrogantly racist, regarding the Third World citizens as inferior. Despite all the rhetoric or anti-racism, even the police forces are known to be institutionalised racists.
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