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  1. 205 - badly built? unreliable? I no longer own a car but my last car was a 15 year old 205 GTI which I owned for 10 years - it had done 205,000 miles when I sold it. I doubt I will ever own a car for as long as that again - or in fact have as much fun driving it!!!!! IMO 205 's were great cars!!!
  2. The army should get paid more too!! In fact we should all get paid more!!! My old house mate was a nurse in a mental heathcare home for the elderly and got paid about 12k - she could barely afford to live and had to clean up vomit , sh*t and other bodily fluids whcih I wont go into. Still think nurses are underpaid? As for the army - well yeah they need a fairer deal too.....this goverment doesnt give a stink about the welfare of the armed forces. They deserve a damned good pay rise in my book and should be given the right tools to do the job when they are in combat. They should not have to share equipment or buy boots becasue the issued boots are crap etc etc It is a total disgarace - this governemnt needs to be replaced at he next election... ..as for the recent pictures of barracks - I wouldnt put a dog to stay in those places.
  3. NHS desperately needs to be provided with decent management at the top level - the responsibility stops there. If we had a decent management at the top level making the right decisions this should casade dow throughout the organisation - surely thats how private sector companies operate.... As for bringing in advisors - what a joke! ...the mis-management is a disgrace to the tax payers... Nurses deserve MORE not less - give the nursese more money and changing the subject slightly house the ARMY in decent accomodation - we owe these people for f*ck sake! We need to get rid of this useless governemnt - its time for a change...
  4. Well my estate wasnt spinning nothing - he seemed gutted to be losing business being a letting agency....like I said make your own mind up! He told me that a lot of tenants on his books were being given their notice because of landlords wanting to take back possession.... This has happend to me twice within the last 2 years - the first landlord def sold as I saw the house go up for sale and new people have def moved in!!! The second place - not sure not been around thee lately but will keep an eye!
  5. I am not surprised at this at all. I spoke to my estate agent (letting gent) back in December - they told me then that they had had lots of their clients giving notice to perfectly good tenants (me included!) taking back possession of their properties in 2006. I can only imagine why they woudl do this.... make up your own mind!
  6. Wots new - this has happened to me twice now - once 18months ago and then last year. The estate agent did mention that this year (this was in 2006) lots of the teneants on his books were being given notice as the landlords (he is the agent for ) take possession - didnt mention to live in or sell tho I suspect sell.
  7. dotcom analogy souds about right - if everyone and his dog are getting into btl then it is probably time to get out. Problem is people are greedy and only see the potential for returns and NOt potential for losses... this is what happend during dotcom - everyone was gonna become rich beyond their wildest dreams....
  8. I agree - having worked for both private and public sectors - private sector workers in my experience get paid a LOT more than public workers even if they have to work longer hours. Also, most ot the public workers I know have more dedication and loyalty to their jobs than the private workers I have known. I say give the public workers a fair pay rise !!! Here Here!
  9. BTL is the difference this time - the trigger will be when BTL's are forced or decide to cash in...
  10. I noticed this in the local rag in Exeter - seems to be loads of no chain properties... In fact I just moved into new rented accom as my old landlord kicked me out to sell. Estate agent tells me lots of their clients have sold properties this year? Maybe this is the difference ths time - a lot more BTL properties out there which could casue a crash if they all decide to sell within a short spcae of time!
  11. I dont think that this is a good analogy.... selling a house and investing the money is not the same as gambling 100k on the roll of a dice! The problem with some people is that they get greedy - if you are happy with your gains and think that the prices might fall medium term then selling to take the profit and investing it in my opinion is sensible not a gamble!
  12. Epople I know have fixed rate mortgages so they are failry safe - so they say ... ..dont personally know of anyone that is over stretched in fact only know of a few mates/couples that are buying/lloking or just bought!!!! So not sure how true this report is?
  13. All over the front page of the local rag in Exeter express and echo warns of mortgage timebomb with people overstretching and a 25% increase in rep orders in last 6months!
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