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  1. So I wasn't familiar with 'heat pumps' but having had a look online it's basically American style air-conditioning which provides heat, this includes having the large external fan people will associate with industrial air conditioning. Or you can heat exchange out of the ground but that system costs 3 times as much as the fan based system. So what we are saying is from 2025 new build houses can't use gas. At some future undefined point Gas will be phased out (like leaded petrol was) but there's little point in moving to the future technology because your it only works if your house
  2. Baffled by that article. At what point will buyers of new home have to pay an extra £20k? New regs apparently requiring a heat pump will come into force in 2025 but it doesn't say they will be retrospective?
  3. This is for positive tests, but don't a lot of people self isolate on the assumption they could have it, without ever actually having a test? Surely this creates extra demand on testing centres???
  4. Doesn't look like that's going to change any time soon - Interesting article today A Freedom of Information request to local councils found that just 9,317 on-street chargers are planned to be rolled out over the next four years. That’s an average of just 35 per local council. There are currently 7,682 on-street points in the UK. Some councils, such as Bridgend, Fermanagh and Omagh, Dumfries & Galloway, Havering and Warrington said they have no plans to install more EV charging points before the end of 2025. Looking at the country as a whole, electric car owners in Northern Irel
  5. West Lothian, about 15 miles from Edinburgh City Centre
  6. I think you have to remember that none of that is taxed and the flip that round and ask how does that compare to a taxed average income. The difference between the take home for working and benefits used to be significant, now its pretty negligible for a single or couple on anything between the minimum and average wages. The benefit cap outside London is equivalent to £15k take home for an individual or £25k take home for a couple. I live in an ex council semi. About half my street is still council tenanted. In the last 2 years 3 houses neighbouring mine have new tenants, 2 are Eur
  7. It's a combination of 3 things I think. - I believe prices have risen to make the pcp/lease deals and future guaranteed values look like they make sense - Low interest rates, though its odd they have converged on these high prices, you would expect as rates rise consumers will expect prices to fall as their lending costs rise as a proportion of what they can afford, and sellers will also try to increase prices as their lending costs rise (for their corporate debt). - No one should be paying the headline price if paying cash. I bought a £19k vw group car for £13k a year and a
  8. According to the FCA 4000 financial services firms at risk of going under, a third of which will cause wider financial harm to the economy if they fail. This is based on data taken before the last two lockdowns, and prior to understanding the impact of Brexit on financial services so could. Now be substantially worse. Looks like a bloodbath in the making. Around 4,000 UK financial services firms could fail due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the regulator has warned He said that at the end of October the FCA had identified "4,000 financial services firms with low financial resilience and
  9. The problem there though is that these providers charge through the nose for electricity. The current lamppost installations in London at at the very top of the charge rate, Iirc 19p per kwh which is over 3 times the rate usually quoted for households (circa 6p) Developers are building flats near me with a guaranteed electric charging point per basement parking space.... But they will be tied to eo energy chargers which, according to this page, seem to being sold as a service to builders where leaseholders can manage and charge what they want for electricity. Another leasehold scandal?
  10. Abundance is perhaps overstating it. The cheapest comparable petrol supermini I could find was a chevrolet spark at £95 a month including vat, a Corsa can be had for another fiver. Both deals with just a month up front. Insurance will be higher, road tax lower and fuel costs lower. When I've looked seriously the road tax saving is more than offset by the increase in insurance cost. Checking the zapmap electric journey calculator the annual saving against a petrol Corsa would be just £420 for 8k miles annualy. There is a long way to go before electric competes with petrol in
  11. Having ready this thread earlier it jumped back into my mind when I read this article which claims that the Dutch government are allowing driving instructors to teach lessons in return for sex. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/driving-instructors-may-offer-lessons-154439144.html The government in the Netherlands has clarified that it is legal for driving instructors to offer lessons in return for sex, as long as the students are over the age of 18. However, it is illegal to offer sex in return for lessons.
  12. Birth rates is one element of the puzzle but what if life expectancies increase significantly. These scientists claimed 2 weeks ago that they may have extended peoples lives by 25 years. They've certainly reversed the shortening of the teolmeres which 'cap' the end of chromosomes and are generally attributed to being an important part of the ageing process. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/anti-ageing-reverse-treatment-telomeres-b1748067.html This time last year I'd have said a pandemic in modern Britain was science fiction but look where we are now, pe
  13. I'm a chartered accountant working in finance and also as a Business analyst in finance IT. Its getting harder and harder to get promoted internally in finance and to move to other roles elsewhere if you want to be a 'normal employee'. From my experience more and more jobs are going 'contract' or pseudo self employed and if you can't manage an agency and the agency application process you are in trouble. Before I went contract I was being surrounded with more and more contractors and picking up a lot of the crap work they wouldn't do but I was finding fewer and fewer PAYE jobs listed. Th
  14. There's a preventative element to snow ploughs that isn't being considered. In Central Scotland i'll see snow ploughs gritting the roads anytime the overnight temperature falls below 3 degrees. They'll be available and out working overnight 4 months of the year if required. Perhaps only 1 in 10 times I see a snow plough running its actually icy or there's snow on the ground.
  15. More than a few of my English friends living in England have suggested they should have been able to vote on the Scottish referendum In your scenario where would that start. Would you let the English vote if Scotland and Wales had a referendum at the same time.... What if Scotland, Wales and NI all had a referendum on the same day. Where would the line be where the proposed changes were so significant that the English get to vote as well? What happens if Scotland, Wales and NI have all left 'the UK' already then Northern England votes to separate from Southern England but Southern
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