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  1. Bullseye Please don't assume that any reasoned argument will change the views of those who firmly believe in and desire hpc.
  2. Sam, Agree entirely. That's why it's so nice to see the results of those who build / refurb their own to an imaginative design & high quality.
  3. They do it because it works! (until the bubble bursts)
  4. Just been looking at house price data. http://www.odpm.gov.uk/index.asp?id=1156110 (table 512) This is the data provided by our Civil Service - current to 2004. http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/historical.htm - dta from Nationwide Build Soc - includes 1st quarter 2006. Does this tell us something aout the differences between private & public enterprise?
  5. I suppose it's about the same as saying that inflation is only 2%
  6. Paperclip - thanks for your reply. I understand where you're coming from & i suspect there are many with similar feeling. If the politicians are able to (which i doubt) they need to get to grips with this situation soonest.
  7. What prompts you to think up schemes like this? I'm very interested in the human behaviour that drives the housing market. Would you be kind enough to explain your life philosophy?
  8. Before you do anything consider what, if any value will be added to your house (especially if you are not certain of staying long term). Leaving out the emotional aspect it all comes down to ROI (return on onvestment). eg if you were to spend 10k to get back 5k more on sale - it's gonna cost ya. If on the other hand for a project of 10k you sell the house with 5k discount to cover "work needed" you have saved money. Also, whenever you have work done you (ie the contractor) will always find something else that also needs doing. When buying a house it's nearly always cheaper in the long run to get somewhere where the work's been done (properly) & you miss the hassel. For your needs MEW is the best bet (but get the best deal out of whatever lender). Always get decent professional advice on what actually needs to be done. Watchout for the "dryrot cowboys" type of contractor who always find work that needs doing. Never ask a contractor & beware surveyors who have (behind -the-scenes) links to the local contractors. Personal recomendations are often worthwhile.
  9. Sound very boring & very sad to me! The expression "Sour grapes" did cross my mind.
  10. Enjoy the crash?? A crash will be accompanied by recession and all that goes with it. House prices might be lower but I don't think there will be much to enjoy.
  11. Well done Dubai Exile - the above quote says it all. You've exposed prejudice and ill-reasoned thinking which is sometimes evident in this HPC forum. The readers' task is to separate the worthwhile stuff, of which there is still plenty. Some HPC attitudes are typified by the 1960s anecdote of the factory gate scenario: The boss turns up in his posh car: UK - "why's he got that, he should have a bike same as me" as opposed to USA - "I'm gonna have one of those one day" Still waiting for proper explanation of Blair's £14mill.
  12. Dubai Exile - you're not saying what they want to hear. Doesn't go down too well with some readers!
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