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  1. He looks like an 'airy muff, innit. do ya' fink 'e went to a posh univerhsity like wot you were saying about 'em people being like the fury-goblet wot I drinks from on a regular basis, innit. Wos it Hoxford or sommit?
  2. Oh dear, this is a very sad day for the forum. I really wish you hadn't sent that BBB. I think I will be leaving this forum for a bit whilst I try and understand what is going on here. Love and peace to all Ali G
  3. Sure OH, I have friends who live in Rectory Farm. The other side of the GBW. I have seen the gypo's with my own eyes a number of times. I know it gets worse as you get deeper into Ecton Brook, but given the choice I know that they would much rather be on Grange Park, where a few more of my friends live. Anyhow, why not just live in MK? Do you work there? All the best Ali G
  4. What is frightening is the fall back down to almost the start of the bull run each time! Simply no stopping it.
  5. Thing is OH, why did you not see that it was a bad area? There are Gypsies who camp up in the lay-bys on the main road that goes to Ecton Brook (Great Billing Way). There is Billing Aquadrome that is full of pickeys, there are horrible houses just like Coffee Hall in Milton Keynes, and most of Bletchley. You want to go take a look on the West side. It is so much nicer.
  6. Why is it on with 2 agents? Horts and O'riordon Bond? BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS TO BUY IT BECAUSE IT IS IN A SH*T AREA AND IT IS OVER-PRICED!!!!!!
  7. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/rm/template/pub...a_n=1&tr_t=rent Comparable renter... Don't do it! You will not cover your outgoings.
  8. Why do you want to buy a house on the east side of northampton. It's the really rough area. Because of this the property will drop like a stone and you will rent to duffers who will trash it. It has warm air heating for gods sake! It has original wooden window frames as far as I can tell. Don't touch it! Ask yourself why most of the estate agents in Northampton centre have "We do not deal with properties on the east side of Northampton" on their front doors. It's as rough as a badger's ar*e on the east side.
  9. Lets get back to the point of this rather pointless thread. Monkey throws is toys out of the pram and you all give him the attention that he is craving. Why are you being suckered like this? It was a bit like someone saying we are in a 'suckers rally' on a thread somewhere. How can we be when we are still in the upward spurt of a bull run, even if it is the last gasp spurt before the market turns. You can all wish for a crash, you can pull out as much evidence that the market is turning, but until it does and property prices go into free-fall, it ain't a crash. Don't take it all so seriou
  10. My thoughts too, until you think of the baby-boomer gen. moving into retirement in 5 years from now. The last thing that any Government needs is high inflation when 50%+ of the population are going to be getting state hand-outs and free medical care.
  11. If I recall, Rightmove only record the initial asking price for their index. The asking price to sale price is taken from somewhere else. Probably estate agent feedback. Where did the 95% come from?
  12. NO! Asking prices have come down. The market has not crashed. The market crashes when prices are in free-fall. The volumes on the LR show that W9 is still very active for the first half of this year.
  13. If it falls by 30% you can bet your last dollar that it will overshoot to 40%. If the house was £50k in 2000, it should be £60k today if prices had moved with inflation. How would you feel if it was worth £60k in 4 years time? Not good. It's not the fact that you might stomach a drop, etc, etc... In a crashed market nothing sells. You will be holding a 'worthless' asset/liability. Ask BBB. Both he and myself bought up property in the last crash. I didn't see many other people out there with open wallets. Take care Ali G
  14. Indeed it does. The agents need to stop treating people like muppets and start working for a living. Anyhow, it is all changing with out of town call centres and semi-retiered people who will buzz about in cars marked up with the agent's logos to do the viewings. The sales negotiators will be strapped to a PC and a telephone headset and literally sell the viewings to the applicants on the mailing list, as well as a mortgage appointment and conveyencing lead. The key is sticking like glue to your applicants and throwing as much mud at the wall as possible. Once an agent lets an applicant go,
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