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  1. 14 days sounds like a bad idea; a neighbour could wait until you're going on holiday, apply for something daft, then it would be too late to object by the time you got back.
  2. Get a hot water tank big enough to last the week and a couple of immersion heater elements.
  3. I would disagree that it is true; for example, say a public sector manager in Greece [or any other country] has been promised a £500,000 pension pot by the state. Manager is the creditor, state is the debtor and the £500,000 clearly didn't exist, never existed and never will exist. States can promise $£trillions without actually having the money and they do, usually promising the money in a few decades time. Because $£trillions have been promised that were supposed to be funded by some unknown future perpetual growth this isn't going to come about.
  4. $1 trillion isn't enough. Producing the coin will cause borrowing costs to increase and $1 trillion won't dent the US debt - the loss of confidence would make future borrowing much more difficult. A $16 trillion coin to remove the official US debt in one go, which would be more sensible, US government bond holders like China and the banks would get hit pretty hard. It might still not be enough though. A $90 trillion coin would wipe out the official debt, plus medicare liailities and pensions. They wouldn't have a short-term need to borrow. Or, for a mere $311 trillion coin; a mere 350% more
  5. I agree that UK unemployment figures are misleading, but what leads you to believe that Spanish employment figures have superior integrity? Do Spain include the incapacitated and low-hour workers in their unemployment figures or are you speculating?
  6. My point is that it is not just the minority group of gold medallist winning Olympians that are benefiting from the 5p of your lottery ticket that is spent on sports, it is also: all Olympians that don't win medals; all professional athletes; normal people that occasionally use a funded club; disabled and injured people who are rehabilitated through funded sport sessions (my girlfriend volunteers an evening a week for a disabled swimming group that was started with lottery funding whilst she is building up experience to become a full time teacher); parents with children that use the clubs; inc
  7. Under the system you describe where everyone pays for exactly what they use how would public parks work? Would you eliminate all green spaces; sell them off to the highest bidder? Or put security guards and ticket booths on all the entrances?
  8. I totally disagree with this article. The entire article is based on the entirely false assumption that the only benefit from the lottery funding is gold medals and I think it is really bad journalism. Anecdotally, I live in Nottingham, where the local kayak club has received lottery funding. It has led to British athletes winning medals, but it has also enabled heavily subsidised weekly beginners sessions that anyone can turn up to, with the opportunity to have a go with a huge range of equipment that would normally not be available.
  9. Meat from Kiwi fed cattle tastes so much better than meat from the corn fed cattle.
  10. The main problem with the tariff is that price of panels has halved every 2 years, the price of household inverters has dropped with mass production and solar panel installers have got very efficient at fitting them. Solar PV can only ever provide a very small percentage of UK power because it is a bit unreliable and can't easily be stored, so the uptake has to be controlled. The renewable heat incentive scheduled for the end of 2012 is a much better idea, which will save on gas (which doesn't have the storage problems of electricity), so it will scale better.
  11. No money has been lost, it has just been lent to people that will never pay it back, who have spent it on stuff. The money is still in the system, so introducing new money will be inflationary.
  12. Tax based on fat content is ill thought out; what about avocardo pears and olive oils? Nobody is bothered about free fruit. I recently went and picked over 1kg of blackberries in woodland that was only a mile from a block of council flats. No one else had picked any. There is plenty of free fruit; blackberries, cherries, raspberries, apples, damsons and bilberries all grow in abundance here.
  13. Keep putting in low offers and try not to get emotionally attached to a place. Don't worry about "missing the boat", I don't think houses will go up in price in the foreseeable future. I eventually got a 15 year old semi with garage, front and back gardens, 3 bedrooms and ensuite for less than £100K in Nottingham, but it took over a year of getting knocked back.
  14. This labour leader is wrong, at a time when the deficit is still going on. Our parents and the public have been let down by Brown when the previous government acted in a reckless manor. After today's interview I urge the labour party to get round the negotiating table and abandon this leader to stop it happening again. I think he said that, my computer might be broken, it kept repeating like it was stuck on a loop.
  15. Cancer survival rate would be a better comparison. Life expectancy depends more on a healthy eating and lifestyle than exceptional health care. UK spending on health care is more than 172 'countries' (e.g. Japan) and less than 18 'countries' on the work bank website. Cancer survival rates in the UK have been "amongst the worst in the developed world".
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