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  1. A normal AST only requires 2 months notice to expire on the last day of a rental period, so your friend is only entitled to 2 months notice (unless his contract explicitly states otherwise).
  2. I am so sorry to hear this has happened to you. It is one of the thighs that caused me endless stress while I was renting. We now have 4 children (5yrs, 2yrs and 9 months old twins!) and a massive mortgage on an overpriced house. Still stressed, but at least I have some control over the situation now. I swore I would never buy at such stupid prices, but the system (AST's mainly) works against families. In the end I decided to exchange the risk of being kicked out for no reason at all! for the risk of increased mortgage payments/defaults etc. I am lucky because I have family who would help us out in the short term if we got into financial problems, but they could do absolutely nothing if we got served a S21 notice. It is a terrible system that values families, security of tenure and local links so low, but as others have said, the ones with the properties make the laws, so it is never going to change. You could fight it, looking for loop-holes or simply refusing to move out, but I would save my energy and start looking for a new home. You could even consider buying if that is an option for you. I was surprised at just what the bank would lend me, so it might be an option, but do make sure you do all the sums/budgets etc. Prices are falling, and interest rates will go up, so it is not a good time to buy from a financial point of view, but with a family to think about, it isn't always about the money, well-being and security are also very important. It really should be a human rights violation to force someone out of their home if they have done nothing wrong. I am so lucky it never actually happened to us. It was stressful enough for our children (and us) when we moved by choice. On a positive note, you might find a really good landlord next time! They do exist. I genuinely hope you find somewhere nice to live, and it isn't too stressful moving. Please let us know how things go. Stuart.
  3. I've had experience of both and my reasons for and against each are: 1- Reason to buy - Advantages - Security of tenure. As long as you keep up your repayments you are virtually guaranteed to be safe in your home, so you can settle down, make it your own and not have to worry about the S21 notice landing on the door mat every day. Having a young family enrolled in the local (very good) school makes security of tenure very high on my priority list. Imagine moving a young family to a new house every 6-12 months (even every 3 years) and possibly to different schools too. That is NOT good for young children (speaking from experience). 2- Reason to buy - Disadvantages - Houses are over priced and all the risk (repairs) is your responsibility, but that's a good reason to get a DIY book and some tools for xmas!. 3- Reason to rent - Advantages - No maintenance/repair costs. 4- Reason to rent - Disadvantages -.. NO security of tenure. Unless you negotiate a clause to the contrary you will have a maximum of 2 months notice to find a new place to live. And the landlord can issue that notice for any reason he chooses (outside the fixed term period). So you could potentially have to move every 6-12 months for any or no reason! not a great way to live if you think about it.
  4. Cheers for the feedback, I hope the TDS see things the same way you people do! This is no scam, I just want to put together a watertight argument to present to the TDS to get my money back. In summary in going with: 1. The carpets were professionally cleaned, but I don't have a receipt. 2. They have not provided evidence that they were not cleaned, they did provide some small digital pics that show some bits on the carpet, but that could have come from anywhere, and isn't evidence the carpets were not cleaned. 3. The carpets were dirty when we moved in. I'm not going to bother with the £0 receipt. even though it's £0 it's too close to being dodgy to bother with. I'll let you know how it goes.....
  5. Hi, The wording in my AST is "...at dates and times mutually agreed with the tenant." Check yours, but if it is the same you must agree otherwise they are not allowed to enter your home. I would suggest a default response like: and just keeps sending the same reply, but always leave it as late as you can or you might end up sending 100's of emails/letters! Obviously if they suggest a date/time that is convenient tell them Hope that helps.
  6. To cut a long story short my old AST agreement required us to have carpets professionally cleaned and I can't get around it easily via the OFT unfair clause route because it was put in as an individually negotiated clause because we wanted to keep a cat. The contract wording is "...have the carpets professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy...." My view is Professionally means "in a professional manner", but the letting agent disagrees and wants a receipt from a carpet cleaning company. The contract does not state that the carpets must be cleaned to any particular standard, or that they must be cleaned by an established or recognised carpet cleaning company, but I doubt that argument would hold much water with the TDS?? Anyway, I professionally cleaned the carpets with a friend with a proper carpet cleaner, but I don't have a receipt, and they are demanding one as proof of the cleaning. Is it legal to write out a receipt (£0 value) without being a registered business? e.g. If my friend sells me his car we can write a receipt and everyone is happy, but is it any different if he sells me a cleaning service? I don't want to get in trouble with HMRC, but at the same time I don't want to pay for the carpets to be cleaned again since they were pretty filthy when we moved in. Any advice greatly appreciated as this is going to the TDS in a few days. Thanks.
  7. Not sure I get your point, but I would consider housing essential. Council tax is also essential (legally anyway), though to pay someone a benefit just to pay the tax seems stupid when you could just reduce the bill accordingly. (or that might be how it works already, I don''t know) Benefits are a safety net, a last resort. something to keep you ticking over until you get back on your feet, and as such should not be spent on Sky TV or beer and fags.
  8. [RANT mode ON] FFS take off: £20 Ents £15 Sky £15 Public Teansport £32 Mobiles £19 Energy £80 Beer and fags And you have a weekly saving of: £181 That took me all of 5 minutes, and they have all day every day to do the same calculations This is exactly why benifits NEED to be paid in vouchers only redeemable against ESSENTIALS. and instead of a cap, a team employed to get these people walking/energy efficient etc would save billions! £780 for water. There are 6 in our house and we use around a quarter of that. [RANT mode OFF] Ahh, thats feels better, nowe back to work to pay for someone else's beer, fags and sky TV :angry: :angry: :angry:
  9. [RANT mode ON] Long story short. Went to view a place, the price is good and our first offer was rejected. I made a new offer on the condition that the property was removed from the market and the vendor agreed to not accept another offer while my offer was proceeding to exchange. No chain either end, so it should be quick. Agent kept saying my offer had been accepted, but refuses to remove it from the market, and simply ignores any reference I make to my request for a bit of paper saying they will not accept another offer while we are getting a survey, solicitors etc. I would love to say FU to the agent and walk away, but this will be our family home, and it is very near perfect and a bloody good deal too. part of my reason for requesting a little commitment from them. I have met the vendors and they seem like nice people, but the agent is a complete [email protected] I'll probably end up doing it anyway, but I felt the need to let off some steam with a short rant about how SH1T estate agent are and how they have no shame at all lying to people and shafting them to make a few quid. I bet they haven't even told the vendors of the conditions to my offer. I'm tempted to go round and have a friendly chat with them. [RANT mode OFF] That's all folks.
  10. This is on the fringes of the area I am looking to buy into one day, so I have a little more than a passing interest. Anything we can do to turn sentiment is very welcome, but I fear Shrink Proof may be right, a tiny correction hidden away near the back is all the PCC seem to be able to enforce.
  11. Good find. I'm not into European law or human rights, so this is a long shot, but might it be possible to propose that having "virtually no security of tenure" in your main home is a breach of your human rights? Even if it doesn't break any laws its disgraceful that one person should have so much power over another person or family just because they chose(or are forced) to rent their home. I would love this to be the case here, but sadly I don't think it will ever happen. That's just put the last nail in the coffin. If there is no way to "make" money speculating in bubble markets the UK won't be interested. Translated: I know(hope) it had to come crashing down one day, but for the sake of my children and their children (if they can afford to have any) I hope we see a move towards a better regulated rental market, and hence a less volatile housing market.
  12. +1, although I only thought it, I didn't say it to anyone!
  13. And who is going to pay for the work? Tenants, through increased rents. 7 F**k**g years! how long does it take to throw some loft insulation in? And it only applies to the lowest two bands. They may not be able to refuse a reasonable request, but they still have the right to evict you for making that request.
  14. my comments to the BBC via their website: "£250m package designed to help 10,000 first-time buyers will help no-one but the broke builders and the bankers. LOWER house prices will help first time buyers purchase a house. I'm only in my 30's, but I can remember a time when a house could be bought on a single income at multiples around 3.5x salary. If prices were allowed to fall to sensible levels then people could once again buy. Please Mr Osborne stop trying to prop up this over-inflated ponzi market and allow prices to fall so hard working people have a chance to purchase a modest home for their family." I suspect it will get filed in the bin and never make it to the comments section.
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