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  1. I can see why landlords would initially lose out if the government capped house prices, but wouldn't this be damaging in the long term? For example, would it attract new purchases from landlords because of the improved yields?
  2. Just_Do_It

    Tax Relief On Buy To Let Mortgage Interest.

    If a private landlord required payment by direct debit, wouldn't it mean they have a business account, so would probably be declaring it? I agree with you about cash.
  3. I know many people who rent because they have fixed term contracts in different cities. They choose to rent because it suits them, not because they're loaded.
  4. This isn't for new customers, so if the borrower is in negative equity the bank/Building Society has the problem anyway.
  5. Just_Do_It

    The House Price Crash has started ?

    Do you know whether your friend kept up with the repayments? Banks can't demand anyone to make up the difference unless mortgage payments have been missed. If a property has negative equity then it'll be difficult to re-mortgage, but the bank can't do anything about it unless the loan is in arears. I thought this had always been the case. https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/repossession/repossession_rules_mortgage_lenders_must_follow
  6. Just_Do_It

    Budget 2018 announced

    Unfortunately the 'accidental landlords' are probably reasonably happy with the budget because of the Personal Allowance increase.
  7. Just_Do_It

    Rates on the way up?

    According to this report the rental market is in recession: http://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/finance/rental-market-remains-in-recession-for-third-consecutive-quarter.html
  8. I agree with this for most changes, but believe the tenancy deposit scheme is in the tenants favour.
  9. Just_Do_It

    Sipson and other CPOs

    I don't think they should be outlawed, but refuse to vote anything that give the reason that the authorities know best. Could we have another option? What about the offer itself, is 25% above market value, plus some costs fair?
  10. This guy's bought the house he lives in for all the right reasons, and you guys do is have a pop at the quality of the house, the APR, that BOGAA helped him, and that he lives with his mum. It's clearly not ideal for him, and the figures represent a repayment mortgage. I don't think this is as bad as you guys make out. Just out of interest, what's he supposed to do? Wait for the crash? If he's had to go to 'Together' to get a mortgage now, then who'll lend to him after prices crash?
  11. You've got to love tip 4 - buy a property below you in the chain. It'll cost more solicitors fees etc. As well as extra stamp duty. Then you'll be left with a property that no-one else wanted to buy for what you paid for it. How many people would realistically opt for that?
  12. Just_Do_It

    House Prices vs Salaries

    If the percentage or people in employment between 1970 and today are similar, could the extra salaries be caused by population growth?
  13. I don't want to go off topic, but savings and investing are not the same. Saving is putting money aside without risk, whereas investing involves a greater level of risk and there is no guarantee that you will get your money back. Any sensible investor should be looking to beat inflation.
  14. My mistake, I confused the definitions - thanks for the links. I don't recall thinking houses getting more affordable in 2010/12, but that's probably because savings & wages weren't keeping up with inflation either.

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