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  1. Bitcoin was hated by the media for years. It won over Gold because it is easy to transfer, store (no need for a custodial party), impossible to counterfeit and the supply is a known hard limit. If that doesn't convince you to deliberate then nothing will.
  2. You are the type of evil loser who knows he is an evil loser.
  3. It has a high rate of return but my fear would be a market crash. The bigger coins will lose less value even though they have lower staking rates. A steady BTC rise will not cause such a crash but if BTC rockets in the next few months then I anticipate a year long bear market like 2018. I do plan on staking my holdings too in the next financial year. Right now I can't be bothered with the tax forms. I have staked in the past and my tax is complicated enough already. Anyway good luck.
  4. I would just take it out of the Hex and put it into another coin. Everything goes in cycles. However I think Hex will rise too in a few weeks/months. This will be when the crypto cycle ends just like 2013 and 2017. That's when I plan to sell.
  5. No need to apologise. My fault for getting annoyed. They problem with the China issue was that 2 mining pools had the total hash power. The Chinese government could have used them to do a 51% attack. Anyway I hope I am misunderstanding or there is some sort of fork to change the hashing algorithm. @dannyf too. Antmain and F2pool were controlled by 2 people.
  6. Are you being defensive about the flaws or misunderstanding? I think we are talking about two different things. I am not talking about the China ban. I am talking about how China managed to get most of the hashrate. Remember when ghash.io had 51% of the mining power? What about this? https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=327767.0 Or when Antpool and F2ppol from China controlled over 50%? Bitcoin cant really do much about that. The devs need to sort it out and many devs themselves have said this is a problem that needs sorting. BTW you have forgotten my own bullish predictions in this thread (like I am some kind of noob or bear). I have been a BTC bull for many years (and still am) and I have seen what you and he claim to own from way back, and trust me I am an early BTC adopter too and I also understand the tech because I am a software developer too. In fact it was my CS knowledge that got me into BTC in the first place. BTW my price prediction was more bullish than yours: https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/194150-the-bubbly-bitcoin-thread-merged-threads/page/1075/&tab=comments#comment-1103757495
  7. The point is it can happen again. Any region with cheap electricity could gain a huge portion of the mining power. BTW some prominent BTC devs (e.g. LukeJr) have been calling for a fix for many years but the BTC community gets all defensive about it.
  8. The fact that China had so much of the hashing power is not something to be proud of. This is something that needs to be fixed.
  9. It's not settled yet. We are still too early. I don't think any coin can consider itself the winner.
  10. It's very unlikely that a well known person like Richard Heart would do one. I am not a fan of his but rug pulls are done by people that are anonymous or can disappear from public view.
  11. But the fact is 2000 and 2008 did happen. Eventually there has to be another crisis. Unless money keeps getting printed and the crisis is pushed further back.
  12. This is one thing I like about English speaking cultures. In most other cultures the children are expected to stay with their parents until they get married. In some cultures they are expect to live with them even when they are married.
  13. I wouldn't gamble on that. We are going to get another crash next year. Your 7k a month may go up a lot in the next few months and then drop to 700 a month, never to return to 7k.
  14. https://wsau.com/2021/08/24/trudeau-pledges-foreign-home-buyer-ban-rent-to-own-scheme-in-bid-for-canada-voters/
  15. All LN wallets need a fee to open a channel (and to close it). It's a well known issue. The only way around it is to have custodial LN wallets. Which may be the future. It's good that you can afford the fee to open a LN wallet but poor people in 3rd world countries cant. I sold my BCH. I don't see the need to speak about it when talking about the flaws of LN. BTW I think both BTC and BCH are flawed because they don't incentivise full nodes.
  16. The problem is the fees cost a lot. And with greater adoption they will cost more. That's fine for people who can afford to open a LN wallet. Not good for people in poor countries whose weekly wage is too low for that.
  17. Come on, that's not a serious rebuttal. It's just playground rhetoric. Since when did BCH need a fee to open a wallet? LN needs one. That's a major flaw. BTW I hold 0 BCH.
  18. And then the 2nd video has Samson Mow!!??!! Total loser. Watch him debate Vitalik:
  19. Lighting will not work well enough. To pay an onchain fee to open a LN wallet? Fails right from the start.
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