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  1. Get your point. Although as we're friends to them, I would really like it if they only had a £70K mortgage debt. And for them to have a £20K cash-lump to go with it, even if the mortgage terms meant could only pay £7K of it toward overpayment. All those scenarios you set out are pretty good. Low debt, cash lumps, and having your own home to live in. No paying up to a BTL landlord. They really had enough of renting and decided to put down all their savings and buy a house that they can live in and raise their family. The choice they made. Just a basic house. All being well they will pay it down within 10 years even if there is a extra early-repayment-charge for doing so, and be in reasonably okay position. http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/mortgages-early-repayment-charges.html I want to be a homeowner as well. It's just these house prices, and I can't pay what they have paid, for such a house. There are all the families paying £900pm and more to a BTL landlord who owns multiple homes, with little security of tenure, and in my view, where BTL landlords have way too much power over tenants.
  2. Friends are 1 year into what I think is a 25 year mortgage, but they are seeking to clear early, and mortgage terms allow for a 10% overpayment per year. They've not overstretched financially, although were it not for BTL and HPI stupidity, well they would be living in a much nicer home today. They've had to settle for something fairly basic. USA.
  3. Agreed. Not just blaming immigration, but also total silence about the millions of BTL landlords and the 5 million properties they've bought up over 20 years. Gen Rent gets given HTB. All the woe about the 'HPC'/'crunch' of 2008-09 and . How "what is best is to just have house prices rise with inflation" after they stopped house prices falling (QE/zirp) and global QE and not stopping the BTL landlords to go on another frenzy of buying up more properties. I don't know if Section 24 is enough. I'm involved on these matters, not just because I have been really negatively affected by them myself (housing financialisation and around 18 years of greed and spivery and let someone else pay for it), but for all the young people who will be entering the system. What it is now. BTL/HPI lockdown. It needs to change. I'm unsure about the pros-and-negatives of Brexit (but not any xenophobe), but national policymakers have really shifted the blame. It's what they do.
  4. You've called me out as one of the main-name BTLers from another forum. Then one of the other BTL contributors from another BTL forum. I only care about the housing/BTL issues. Not any BTLer. I don't own a home and never have. BTLers have bought so many houses I have gone to view down the years, to turn into rental properties with them as landlords. Buying at prices beyond my budget and renting the houses out. On the thread in question (BTL Scum Regrouping And On the Offensive) you were slipping in theories about BTLers as 'mainstream' and BTLers "not thinking" about what they do. Just mainstream and no one needs to think abou this BTL lark for recent BTL buyers with their rentierism. I disputed those conclusions, although it wasn't the best thread to do it on. You lean towards only the BTLers with multiple BTLs as being worthy of criticism, but you have special excuses for those BTLers with 'only' 1 or 2 BTLs, as having just bought BTL as 'mainstream' and 'not thinking'. You also put out there that BTL was advertised as 'low-risk' when it comes to the BTLers. And you seem to worry about these BTLer's situation into Section 24. The suggestion you were making about Ireland in 2008 I found objectionable, if you mean that GenRent should be guilt tripped for hardships and possible dire consequences for some BTLers into Section 24. Gen Rent has its own issues. The BTLers made their choices. I challenged the view that BTL as 'mainstream' for it is not mainstream for Generation Rent. They are captured by housing financialisation. So many are badly priced out of buying. The average BTL landlord is 50 year old+ homeowner. Each person has to think things over about what they do with housing, at these prices, and about what they are seeking to do with a housing crisis for Gen Rent. Those who have been BTLing are responsible for their own choices, and whatever is ahead for them with S24. You made a big-song-and-dance about having me on Ignore and I was fine about it. You then continued to call me out as a BTLer and I responded I was not, and you posted a lot more that I responded to on this thread, where you invited me to, to answer other points you made to me (including Ireland). I then told you to keep me on Ignore and I will Ignore you. I disagree a lot with your conclusions about BTLers and BTL, and that's all there is to it. I certainly don't know if Section 24 is going to cause any significant lowering of house prices. I hold that it's only housing/BTL issues that are of any interest to me. Keep me on ignore. I want to ignore you. I called you out on your theories and conclusions you were slipping into a 'party' thread about mainstream/don't think, and the thread itself being only for criticism of landlords of multiple BTLs. I don't agree with your conclusions on many matters about housing nor BTL and BTLers, and that's all there is to it. I am myself on a forum with a username, trying to positive contribute to getting better understanding of housing market/BTL issues. For a while that also included challenging your theories and conclusions, but you keep to those conclusions if you want. I don't need the hassle. Some people seem to want to obscure what has happened with the housing market for their own VI.
  5. Some sneaky sneaks, are sneaky sneaky. Hopefully HMRC's own systems, and CONNECT are far more powerful, can piece a lot more together, and can pick up on things like this into Section 24 times. disenfranchised recently posted this on another thread, and I fully agree with it. Yet I would add it goes far beyond politicians. There are so many rotten, corrupt and selfish individuals in the system - including BTLers. Having the party of party time, and all-about-them. Whereas honest and GenRent are expected to always carry it. And they human-shield against any turn of policy on them, claiming suffering, or someone does on their behalf, seeing them as helpless for their own chosen market choices.
  6. Yeah well, that's just like your opinion man. And a few other grouchy types who don't understand the deeper issues and didn't see what I was seeking to push back against, on a thread where they expect to read BTLers being trippy about all things S24. I have to hold that other people understand my position on many a point I held the line on. Low standard of contributions? This from someone who believes that BTL Regrouping thread is only to criticise and have fun about BTLers with 10+ BTLs. And who has special excuses for those BTLers who have recently gone hard into BTL for 1 property, at big high prices and big BTL debt, to join in the awful rentierism. BTL as 'Mainstream' & 'Didn't think' & 'Totally normal people' such BTLers. You really could be a spokesperson for the National Landlords Association with all this. The belief the BTL Scum Regrouping & on The Offensive thread is to be only about 10+ BTLers is a corruption inside your own head imo. It's about all the BTLers who are complaining about S24 and their positions in it, including BTLers who bought took BTL debt out on just 1 property in the last few years. It's the BTLer's £400K or whatever BTL mortgage, and it's all on them as a BTLer. At least HMRC won't be accepting any "mainstream, didn't think and totally normal people," when they come to collect tax on these BTLers. Gen Rent is full of totally normal people as well, and the BTLers choices are intrinsically linked. Tell me more about Ireland eh in connection with BTLers in UK in 2018 and new peak prices reported. You do realise here in UK we had QE and prices up and up again, with more BTLers buying up houses. Gen Rent is not responsible for the positions taken by each BTLer over two decades.
  7. Ah yes Neverwhere. That image is from BTVS (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and the spooky entities which take the voices from people. Neverwhere, I notice you're quite active and insistent on labelling me a troll on another part of the forum, during the last few days. That doesn't trouble me very much, because you continue to also make informative, balanced and honest conclusion posts about BTL and BTLers that I entirely agree with. My HPC honest and pure intentions will shine through eventually to most readers, as I keep plugging away with good contributions in the future - or as and when I have time to be active to read and post on the forum. And hopefully shine through to you as well. You could give me the benefit of the doubt for a while, and be less eager to label me a troll. I am just a HPCer who dislikes everything about BTL, BTLers, housing financialisation...... and false-equivalence maneuvering and unfair/dishonest conclusions. Below is just in fun for it's also from BTVS. It would be the wildest coincidence if and name similarity to yours... Betty/Buffy, for I don't know anything whatsoever personal about you, and would certainly not/never post anything even if I did. It's only about the housing financialisation/BTL/BTLers issues for me.
  8. All sounds good to me. Agree that many grievances could be down to national policies. Didn't highlight the banker part though. Many bankers just trying to earn a living and doing their job. It's certainly not the fault of a housing priced- out banker who, who rents from a BTLer, if a BTLer comes in with an application for a BTL loan. Gov makes BTL legal, and finance is going to compete. It depends on the type of banker and what they've done. However I do know that all the BTLers had a choice and they they are with their BTLs. Also S24 has come in to trap the most greedy of the BTLers, but it needs more than S24. All the tax-relief needs to be taken + real tax imposed on the BTLers.
  9. Same here. Regardless if there are some other rules in force, it seems it can help HMRC have more powers against rogue 'lodger' claiming BTLers; whether that's with 'just 1 BTL' or 10+ BTLs.. https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/community/industry-insights/hmrc-crack-down-on-abuse-of-rent-a-room-relief
  10. HMRC are set to tighten rules around Rent a Room relief, and lodgers. How they will enforce it I have no idea, but surely they wouldn't bring it if they didn't believe they can. I hope it can be used to catch BTLers of multiple houses playing 'lodger' games, instead of ASTs.
  11. Some know for certain that I am no troll. Argumentative and passionate about the issues? Yes. Troll, no. Depends what you mean. There have been many fulfilling gains during my time reading HPC that I wouldn't do differently. I feel real sadness about many things around years of BTLers and BTL. And I feel lot of sadness for those who don't make honest conclusions about BTL and BTLers. "Just these multiple owning BTLer - but not my BTLers who need a pass for advertising and mainstream." I'm not in the slightest bit affected by some criticism of me on the thread. I challenged your conclusions because they deserved to be challenged, on the thread you slipped them into. You claim it a row, I say firm disagreement with your conclusions. Yes, the other thread is a fun 'party' thread where people expect to read latest tales from the BTLers. So a few people were annoyed that I got involved with challenging some of your posts (big deal). You got away with slipping in many theories and conclusions I thought worthy of a National Landlords Association spokesman trying to get Section 24 repealed. *"BTL marketed as low risk investment / mainstream - therefore BTLers buyers don't think about what they do - BTLers totally normal people."* It doesn't bother me that some (not all) couldn't understand or see the issues involved in clash of viewpoints, with their minds on hoping to see posts about BTLers getting what they deserve. BTL is not mainstream for GenRent priced out of buying one home with very high prices in the market. BTL has been imposed upon them by BTLers who choose to buy up more houses in their financial speculation, and their choice to leverage up. And why not to not criticise the home-owning BTLers, with 1 or 2 properties rented out? These totally normal BTLers. While multiple property BTLers are the main focus of that thread, that may be because they BTLers with the most selfish things to say are mostly the BTLers with lots of leverage and 'owners' of many properties rented out. Can't be certain that overlander, July 16, 2015 didn't mean all BTLers. I certainly include all BTLers who are complaining about Section 24, and not just those BTLers who have 10+ properties. There have been BTLers with 1 or 2 BTLs there who proved fun on BTL threads with their sense of entitlement. I know of a few BTLers who have 'just one' BTL property, and if anything they at worse end of anything I've read from those on some BTL forums with 10+ BTLs with level of entitlement and how badly they think of Gen Rent and tenants. BTL isn't mainstream for Gen Rent. Those who chose to become BTLers, and even just 1 house bought in say 2014, had to think about what they were doing. It is all upon them if they thought BTL rentierism was low-risk. What I don't understand is why you, Bland Unsight, are so eager to give a pass to the BTLers who 'just' have homeownership for themselves, and bought one or two other properties to rent out, rather than 10+. And many 1-2 BTL landlords will have paid down lots of BTL debt and not be financially troubled by S24. It's only those BTLers who chose to BTL in recent years with 1 BTL who will have more debt. And they have been the very ones competing against FTBs at very high buying prices. If someone bought a new place and rented out their old place (BTL) it was on them. Unfortunately they did have the option to do so (BTL finance) and some took that option. No one forced them to do it, with housing crisis becoming ever worse for others against prices and the BTL landlords. And many BTLers very pleased they did take that option to keep old house (BTL) and buy another. Their choice. Other people lived within their means with 1 property, or priced out altogether and in Gen Rent. Each and every BTLer made their choice to be BTL landlords (apart from those who inherited a BTL). There are homeowning + '1' other property BTLers who still would buy a 2nd BTL if they could, or would have if it hadn't been for S24. I see little difference between a BTLer with 1 or 2 properties rented out, and those with lot more. Hold them just as culpable and responsible to deal with any financial changes that might come upon them with S24 as other BTLers who have 5 or 10+ BTLs. They are not victims. And it's likely that most to 2 owning BTLers are far more financially secure than the 10+ BTLers. If other newer BTLers, with their own home and say one or two rental properties bought in 2014 (investment assets) rented out in the market, are more highly leveraged, it's all on them if Section24/possible 'lower financial asset price changes' puts them under financial pressure. The first response some BTLers are making into S24 is to try and boost up the the rent on tenants. BTLers generally own their own home. Some can sell, downsize, move area, or rent. Renting was good enough for other people, they were active BTL landlords to. Seriously? I really hope there is another way to read all this that I am somehow missing. Bankruptcy is as it is. If it happens to some BTLers it's for them to deal with. Yet suicide? I read about Ireland here on HPC during 2008 onward. There were some people with very high debts in property and some suicides. Suicide is always tragic. Are you suggesting I should be thinking of 'BTLer suicide' possibilities in all my happiness about Section 24? In all my challenges to your conclusions that BTLers just normal people/mainstream/don't think. In my view that I don't see anything so different between many of the BTLers, whether it be 1 or 2 BTL properties in their BTL 'portfolio' or 10 BTL properties in another BTLer's portfolio? Gen Rent has its own challenges to cope with, and BTLers have chosen to buy up properties and be landlords to the priced out. True, but others did not, even if they had the means to do so. Many people I know are satisfied with owning one home, would never do BTL, and they have nothing good to say about those in BTL; the BTL landlords. It's ALL upon the people who did make their BTL choices, seeking to choose rentierism and financial speculation on homes. Just because finance was available to do it, is not an excuse for all those individuals who chose to do it (BTL). If S24 affects them (or HPC) - if ever - it's all on them. Priced out renting tenants didn't make them be BTLers. The BTLers and BTL VI have frequently made the argument that more solvent BTL types will buy up the properties of BTLers who sell up. Or that financial institutions will buy individual houses from them, and my understanding is that actually happened in the USA from 2008 onwards. Then sold into REITs on the US stock market. There's nothing I can do if you want to use low tactics that I am 'despising' you and play the victim that way. I have no rancour to you either. Even with your ignore outburst, I told you didn't want to report it, just sought assurance you would not do it to any other person. What people use the forum for and get out of the forum is for them to decide. Someone else recently told you that you don't get to decide what the forum is about, and also told you the issues and the conclusions from discussion actually matter to them in different ways that it seems they matter to you. By your logic you could say your book doesn't matter either, but you set you your position and put time into it for your conclusions. Seems to me you think housing matters, but when it comes to the conclusions you want to be your way. I simply care about the issues. I called out some of your conclusions as very weak. I know the conversation here does little to change anything, and that offers me some hope for in reality HMRC will do whatever needs to be done with Section, even if it's to a homeowner BTLer ,who bought at 3 bed semi in 2014 at £400,000 with 75% LTV to rent out at £1,200 pm. "Mainstream sir? Didn't think? To gift your son a home when he reached 25 years of age?" Just keep me on ignore if you want, and I will do same for you. I won't pull you up on your weak BTL conclusions either, 'none of it matters' and 'all fun' attitude.
  12. Read something similar, and the top investor saying that with stockmarket investing what matters is being able to see and read the main trends. To have the patience. Resisting the urge to react to all the day to day noise, and not to trade day-in day-out. Although none of it has served me well tbh. House price bubbles and BTLers. Full on Global Central Bank QE and zirp. Even worse house price bubbles and BTLers.
  13. Would like to see/find data on whether more homes are coming to market. Express said it was new record lows March 2018. Just finding myself reading a few more stories where a BTL landlord is selling up, but then it seems still buyer viewer interest at price being asked.
  14. There's a brilliant thread here where Kibuk won compensation. I haven't read it for some time but I learned a lot from it. Wasn't claiming it was about 'forum-bravado'. Just empathy for the position Sausage is in as a tenant, and the jump rent rise the BTLer wants to impose. I know a BTLer who got a tenant in straight away for £50pm when tenant hoped they would back down. Tenant power isn't that easy when you're actually in such a situation of a BTLer seeking their 'more money' rent-rise. This BTLer came around seeking more money, to a renting HPCer. And the other post that went with it was something about the BTLer buying the house in 2001.. ah actually it's already in the post. BTLer bought in late-90s for under £60,000 and clearly mewed it out, for either lifestyle or to buy moar houses to rent out. Active BTLism their choice. BTL landlords seeking rent-rise, not great rental properties, often with some disrepair and not big on making improvements. With Sausage having a young family and messed around so much by BTLers (who do think - think very much about themselves), and with Sausage having a full and busy working life of his own, trying to live by real earnings and income.
  15. +1 Sausage. BTL and BTLers. The damage that is done in BTL people-farming. It's just a lot easier to post about tenant-power than for some tenants to tenant to do it. Yes, seemingly some power to me power to claim about deposit protection at some point. Doesn't solve the BTLer and their eagerness to bump the rent up some... was it £75pm? Even with some really difficult problems and disrepair, some tenants feel have to put up with them, not cause a fuss, self-repair where possible. Settled. Children at school. Some tenants don't want to feel like causing trouble by escalating it to force the BTLer to spend and repair. Not wanting to be in a situation where BTL landlord feels grudge at having been forced to do what they didn't want to do, and perhaps cause you problems or later be S21'd. There's not much you can do when got a landlord who doesn't really care. Not much you can do after moving in and find you have a BTLer who is always seeking to up the rent. Family went through months of damp issues with their rental house. With letters and photos submitted about main problem. They are not plumbers. They recently moved to a new rental in the end. I sent them some good inf (below) but still they won't make a claim. They don't want any trouble with the BTLer and perhaps not sure of reaction. It also means more of them 'thinking on what happened' when they do not want to stew in negative, don't want to file claims and work out overall damage they think they should claim for, but just have more moments of feeling better with their young family. At least for now. HPI, BTL all around. No idea what new landlord will end up being like. Maybe another who will be looking at rent-hikes down the line.
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